Mount Meru Hiking

Mount Meru

This is among Africa’s highest and yet very stunning volcanoes. On its bottom, you will see a variety of more than 450 species of bird plus animals which have turned this into their habitat. baboons, rhinos, duiker ,warthogs, white and black Columbus monkey, elephants as well as buffaloes are the commonest wild animals that you will find on the mountain foothills. You will journey through the montane forest park-land as you head to the summit. This area is a vast moorland as well as heather zone. There is a slender, unfertile ridge that offers splendid views into the Ash Cone that lies numerous thousands of feet below down into the crater and mountain Kilimanjaro in the backdrop as you ascend to the peak.

In addition you will see several flamingos plus other wildlife within the Ngundoto crater as well as the Momella lakes. The scenery is very stunning and worth experiencing! You will be accompanied by a park-guide plus a porter as you attempt to conquer the mountain. Up the mountain you will be accommodated in huts structured in dormitory like form. However you are recommended to carry sleeping bags plus mats to use while in the huts. You also have the option to select to have the overnight at Momella Lodge situated in Arusha Park. The itinerary normally begins with your arrival in a hotel adjacent to Moshi town. While there you will spend the overnight and then have morning breakfast there too.

The next day in the early morning, you will drive to Miriakamba Hut going past the park gate going  through a terrain bursting with wild animals. This Miriakamba Hut is located at 2470 meters high.  While at the hut, you will be able to enjoy sights of the legendary Mount Kilimanjaro. You will go on to the Saddle Hut located is 350 meters higher  and is approximately three hours away.  The next day you can begin the day early to enjoy the breathtaking views along the edge of the crater. You will continue higher to an open ridge which will guide you to the mountain summit. This will be quite a very memorable experience that you can enjoy while in the country. At the summit you will be allowed time to enjoy the beautiful picturesque surrounding before you finally walk back to the Miriakamba Hut and continue out of the  park-gate to Moshi town for an overnight in one of the  hotels in the town.  In the morning you will then depart for your onward journeys. You will spend the night there and leave in the morning.

Fortunately you can book a safari to enjoy an adventurous hike on Mountain Meru through any of the tour companies, tour-agents or tour operators across East Africa who offers these safaris at very affordable prices.  So don’t waste any time today as book yourself any holiday package that will allow you adventure yet another of Africa’s high mountains especially in East Africa.