Like Morocco and Swaziland, Lesotho is one of only 3 remaining intact kingdoms in Africa and is known as the kingdom in the sky since it is tucked within massive mountain ranges. Lesotho is totally bordered by South Africa and several majestic snow capped mountains.

Maseru Lesotho is the capital city and is the main town bustling with activity, business and travel. You’ll find plenty of accommodation like from Lesotho Sun hotel with affordable accommodation.

Lesotho LandscapeLesotho safari and tours is in most cases an add-on African safari destination on any south Africa safari itinerary

Lesotho tours

The people of Lesotho called Basotho are one of the friendliest people you’ll meet on your Africa safari. The Basotho are skilled craftsmen often clad in the famous Basotho blanket. They are the only African people to adapt to a climate that is often below freezing and snow falls in the mountains at any time of the year and in the lowlands from May to August. Many of the men wear beautiful multi colored traditional blankets & conical basket hats to keep them warm.

The Lesotho plateau spreads the entire western border to a 6,000ft and the highlands to the east rising to 7,00ft. The rolling foot hills are rich volcanic soils separating the low highlands and the mountains that form part of Maluti Mountains and then the Drakensburg Mountains in the east. Semonkong and Malealea are also rugged mountains offering breathtaking views of the traditional Basotho Villages at the base.

Sehlabathebe National Park is Lesotho’s only national park occupying 6500 ha in the south eastern foothills of the protected area of the Drakensburg. Situated on a high plateau, scattered with small lakes, the Park offers fabulous views of the Drakensberg Mountains and Natal. The Park is home to abundant bird life, eland, reedbuck, wildebeest, baboon and oribi. It is more frequently visited for its scenery than for its game viewing.Lesotho wildlife Safari

Birding is also another activity to enjoy on Lesotho safaris with rare sightings of the bearded vulture, wattle crane and many other birds. Fishing is good on Tsoelinkana River and the lake.

Lesotho travel

Lesotho travel is good in the summer months of November to March when the temperature is quite warm between 18ºC and 30ºC. The rains appear October to April with heavy thunderstorms from May to September. Getting around is reasonably easy with Hired cars will get you most places. Hiking or pony trekking from village to village is the best ways of visiting Lesotho.

Lesotho hotels and accommodation

Sehlabathebe Lodge, which is the only accommodation Sehlabathebe park with a large self-catering house enough for max. 12 people, support staff and clean accommodation. Malealea lodge is located in the west part of Lesotho and gives you excellent facilities and closer interactions with Basotho people living nearby.


What to do on a Holiday in Lesotho

Lesotho is an African country found in southern Africa that has a number of natural wonders that have attracted several tourists from all corners of the world.  The natural beauty of the country is complemented by the moderate weather within the country. Listed below are some of the main attractions in Lesotho that you can visit throughout your stay.

Sehlabathebe National Park

black-JackalThis national park was started in 1970 and is situated in south east Lesotho. The park covers a total expanse of 6500 hectares and has a diverse abundance of wildlife among which are the black backed Jackal, Eland, Wild cat and Oribi.There is also a wealth of bird species that have made the park a very ideal spot for bird watching among which are the Cape Vulture, Drakensberg Rockjumper, Yellow-breasted Pipit, Drakensberg Siskin, Southern Bald Ibis, Ground Woodpecker, Mountain Pipit and many others.

Mohale’s Hoek

This is supposed to the among the major towns in Lesotho. The town is very rich in agricultural produces with crops like wheat, maize and sorghum being the most cultivated. Special about this town are the foot prints of the long ago dinosaurs which are opened to the public for viewing. There are quite a number of guest houses plus hotels to offer accommodation to tourists. The surrounding Mokhele Mountain adds glamour to the beautiful town.

Thaba Bosiu

Thaba Bousiu is another tourist destination found in Lesotho. The flat topped sandstone plateau is situated in a secluded area 24 km east of Maseru the capital of Lesotho. This popular tourist destination has an information center that clearly answers all the questions about the history of this country. The hospitable guides take you around the area detailing you on the historic events that occurred in this area.


The city of Butha-Buthe was named after the Mountain of Butha-Buthe which is found in the close by area. Located just adjacent to the border with South Africa, this city is famous for its booming cross border trade.  Several traders frequently journey to thus city to be part of this business with the neighboring South African country. There are numerous public taxis plus buses to transport you around and very affordable accommodation facilities.


Lesotho has a very interesting nightlife with various nightclubsLesotho-Nightlife plus casino to entertain you all through the night. As the sun begins to set, so do the happy people of Lesotho plan to enjoy themselves as they visit different clubs, bars and casinos. The skilled DJs spin music all through the night as many take on the dance floors.  Furthermore there are quite a number of restaurants all with yummy cuisines that operate all through the night.

Museums in Lesotho

Lesotho’s rich historic and cultural heritage which the people of Lesotho pride is well preserved in its Archives and Museums found in different parts of the country. The most prominent musesma include the Lesotho National Museum found in the capital Maseru which houses an assortment if geology, archaeology plus ethnography items, and the Morija Museum and Archives located in Morija which was majorly established as an educational centre for innovation plus excellence.

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