Lesotho Flights

Lesotho is called the kingdom in the sky because of the rugged terrain of the Drakensburg and table mountains that extend through it borders with South Africa.

Your Lesotho Holidays will include hiking to the great mountains, visiting


the capital city, Katse Power dam,

Maletsusunyane Falls

, and many other interesting places.

Lesotho flights

If you are travelling to Lesotho by air, there are no direct flights from Europe or America. You have to connect to South Africa via Tambo International Airport Johannesburg or to Cape Town for direct flights to

Moshoeshoe International Airport

located in the capital city Maseru.

South African Airways operates regular flights to Maseru. These flights to Lesotho take off from the South African city of Johannesburg twice every day.  Alternatively you can travel by road using taxi, bus or hired vehicles from South Africa, jus tin case you are looking forward to adventurous country trips like from Cape Town to Swaziland and then Lesotho. Airlink also has flights to Lesotho

Although there is no much traffic to Lesotho, you ought to book your Lesotho flights through a travel site online or through Lesotho Travel and tour operators




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