Located in West Africa, Liberia is a country that was basically by slaves who had been freed by their colonial masters during the 18th and 19th century. After the colonialists left, the country faced a lot of coups, wars, revolutions and the scars that were left behind by the various wars can be seen when you get to the country. The country has also been under attack from the various diseases especially Ebola although at the moment it is trying to get back on its feet.

Even though Liberia and the people in the country have been through a lot, there is no denying the beauty that is found in the different tourist destinations that are found in the country and some of the places that you should check out while in Liberia include:


Monrovia is the capital city of Liberia and a top destination for many tourists. The city is filled with a lot of things that you can try out like shopping malls, important offices like the UN and it is also a place from where you can easily meet up with the locals and get to know more about their way of living and their cultures. One might ask whether Monrovia is safe to visit since it is the capital city of Liberia and the answer is yes. The capital city is a safe place to visit and besides the mugging and pick pocketing, there is nothing to worry about while in Monrovia.


Yekepa can be found as you head up northwards of Liberia and it is a mining town. Many of the locals who live in the area work in the mines and you will find that most of them actually live below the poverty line. Besides exploring the mines, you will also have a chance to get to what is known as the highest point in Liberia that is the Guesthouse Hill.

The Liberian national museum

Going to the Liberian National museum is like taking a step back in time to look at Liberia through the lens of a camera in the different years. The first floor of the museum is filled with historical artefacts, papers and photos that show the historical part of the country, the second floor is filled with archeological findings whereas the third floor of the museum showcases different exhibitions from the different explorers.

Kendeja cultural Centre

The Kendeja Natural cultural Centre was constructed in the year 1964 and it is where most of the ancient artefacts that showcase the culture and history of the Liberia people like woven baskets, pottery, regalia that they used before the colonial ear and many more other things that came from the different tribes of Liberia.

Lake Piso

The lake Piso is located just a few kilometers from the capital city of Monrovia. This is the largest lake in the country and its connection to the Atlantic Ocean makes it a top destination for tourists especially those who would want to learn how to fish using the local fishing methods that the local fishermen use.

Ganta town

Ganta town is located at the border of guinea and Liberia and one of the many places that are worth visiting while in the country. The town is just three hours away from Monrovia and it is a stopover for many tourists either driving into the neighboring country or the nearby towns as well. There is not so much to see in Ganta but it is a good stop for all those wishing to refuel, get more supplies in terms of food, clothes and water before continuing on your journey.

The main activities that you can carry out while here include shopping and meeting the locals. There are several market stalls from which you can get a lot of goods at an affordable price and if you plan on spending the night in the town, you also get enough time to chat up some of the locals.

There are quite a number of guest houses that are a bit budget friendly that you can try out if you are to spend a night in Ganta but the best is the Travelers motel. The Traveler’s motel unlike the others has some good clean rooms that offer warm water, has electricity almost throughout the whole day and is not dirty as compared to most of the budget friendly local motels located in the country side of Liberia.


Zwedru is also another place that should appear on your bucket list for when you travel to Liberia. Although just like most of the places that are found in Liberia with no specific tourist attraction, it is the fastest way to get to the Sapo National park where you get to see the wildlife that habitates within it. You can also go shopping around the town and relax at the bars that are located within the area in the evening as you meet out with the locals.

Things to do in Liberia

Explore the Mountain Woligizi

Mountain Woligizi is located in the Northern part of Liberia and it is the highest Mountain in the country. Hike up the Mountain and get to see some spectacular sightings from the neighboring countries like Sierra Leone and Guinea and not forgetting Liberia itself. As you hike up the Mountain, you will pass by unique vegetation types and a waterfall which will add to your adventure.

Go for a cultural tour in Liberia

There is no better way of enjoying your trip to the Liberia without getting to know more about the culture of the people who live in the country. You should remember that most of these people were former slaves and keeping up their culture is extremely important to them and that is why they have different festivals that they engage in both cultural and religious so that they do not forget their humble beginnings.

Experience Monrovia

Monrovia is the largest city in Liberia and worth a visit from any tourist who visits the country. Monrovia also acts as the capital city of Liberia and has quite a lot of tourist attractions that will keep you busy from the time that you join get into the country until when you leave. The Monrovia capital city is the one stop center for all those that love shopping as it has a cloth market from where you can get souvenirs, it is filled with bars from where you can dance the night away, the Freemasons temple which is worth exploring and not forgetting a hub for all the expatriates working in the country.

Explore the Harper

The Harper town was once an exquisite town that was constructed by the president Tubman but at the moment most of the buildings have been turned into shelters for the poor people who have nowhere to stay while others are now ruins. An exploration of the Harper city will be like stepping back in time and while there you will also be able to go to the different beaches in the area and do some dolphin watching in this ancient city.

Go surfing in Liberia

Surfing in Liberia can be done at the numerous beaches that are found in the country however the best surfing destination is the Robertsport found in the Grande cape county. Most tourists love surfing when the waves are high and if you are not so good at surfing, the locals with experience offer lessons for a small fee.

Try out hippo hunting

Hippo hunting is mostly done at the Nimba Nature Resreve which is located in the Northern part of the country. The Nimba Nature reserve is a home to different types of animals but the most astounding one is the Pygmy hippo which cannot be found in any other part of the country and that is why you should check it out while in Liberia. You can easily drive from the capital city of Monrovia to the Nimba reserve and you will find many locals there offering to take you hippo trekking.

Things to note while in Liberia?

There are a lot of things that you should note especially if you are a first time traveler to Liberia but the top things that you should really consider include:

  • Never roll your car windows down especially if you are in a crowded place so as to avoid your items from being snatched.
  • Avoid travelling at night in order to avoid being robbed at gun point.
  • If you are women, it is better if you travel in groups so as to keep safe.

Accommodation facilities in Liberia?

There are several accommodation facilities that you can try out while in Liberia and these come in three categories that is the basic budget friendly, mid-range and luxurious accommodation facilities and these are found in the different parts of the country. If you are not a fun of hotels, you can try out camping at the different tourist destinations in the country and although it might be cheap, you will need to prepare for the camping experience extensively.

Best time to visit Liberia

Liberia is an all year round destination although the best time highly depends on the season and the activities that you would want to carry out while in the country and that is why the best time to visit Liberia is during the dry season which is experienced from November to April although you can visit any time that you feel like traveling.

What do I need to know about the Liberia Visa?

Even most Nationalities do not visas to enter Liberia, you must make sure that you belong to such nationalities and ensure that your passport is at least valid for six months from the time it was issued.

What is the climate like in Liberia?

Liberia has two weather seasons that is the dry and wet season. The dry season is experienced during the months of November to April and the wet season is experienced between the months of May to October. And Liberia also experiences heat waves all throughout the year so you should look out for them.

Do I need travel Insurance for when I visit Liberia?

Yes you definitely need travel insurance while visiting Liberia and this is because of the constant mugging, scams and assaults among the crimes but you will also need medical insurance for when you fall sick while in the country.

What is the currency of Liberia?

The Liberian dollar is the official currency and it is used all over the country. Make sure you exchange your money before you start your adventure and in most parts of the country, it is only cash that is allowed.

What is the official language in Liberia?

English is the official language in Liberia although there are other languages that are spoken by the locals as a way of communication.

How are the people of Liberia?

The people of Liberia are extremely welcoming to the tourists but if you want to take photos with any of them, you will first need to ask for permission so that you are not labeled rude.

Where is Liberia located?

Liberia is found in the western part of the African continent and the countries neighboring it include Sierra Leone and Senegal.

How do I get to Liberia?

The best way of getting to Liberia is by flying into the country. The country has an international airport that is the Roberts International Airport where most flights from other countries land.

Is Liberia safe?

Liberia is a safe country to visit despite being next to countries that have political unrests. But there are still petty crimes that are committed within the country like scams, pickpockets and tourists are advised to leave their valuables in their rooms as they head out.


How is transport within Liberia?

Road transport is used in Liberia but since the roads are filled with potholes and muddy, it is better if you get someone to drive you around.


Liberia is another charm from West Africa safari and travel, if not for the holidays. Liberia is from years known as a state for freed slaves and it’s a country growing slowly for the tourism sector! Even with decades of political unrest, Liberia is worth dollars in tourism and holidays

Some of the interesting places to visit include Sopa National Park found south of the capital Monrovia. As liberia’s only wildlife reserve with nests for hundreds of birds, lush rain forests, elephants, short hippos and so much more. Monrovia itself has other attractions such as bustling markets, National museum and Blo Degbo Rock found in Paynesville a village not far from Monrovia.

If you are flying to Liberia for holiday, Roberts International airport (ROB) in Monrovia is the main aiport that handles all traffic in Liberia. Airlines with flights to Liberia include Air France, SN Brussels, KLM, Royal Air Maroc, South Africa Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Delta and Kenya Airways. There are no direct flights to Monrovia Liberia from Europe or America but there are stops in Accra Ghana, Lusaka in Zambia, Dakar Senegal, Addis Ababa and Nairobi. Nature Air flies within Liberia taking you to more than 10 different places within Liberialiberia photo

Watch out for cheap flights to Monrovia with travel agents or online travel websites for Royal Air Maroc and KLM. Monrovia hotels are not as developed, some have just basic facilities.


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