libya photoWhat would you want to visit in a country as dry as Libya…someone may ask? 90% of Libya is under the Sahara desert but this doesn’t mean that’s all it has to offer. You can visit Leptis Magan a UNESCO World heritage site that has remains dating back to the early Roman Empire east of the capital Tripoli. Check out the Amphitheatre and fossils of Arch of Septimius and Severan Basilica.

From Tripoli the capital, also the largest city, you can visit the National museum, medina, the red castle, mosques of Gurgi and Karamali and many other places.

Flights to Libya

There around 12 airports in Libya with schedules of business flights as well as for tourists. However 2 of them are international and the rest serve domestic flights within the country. Tripoli international airport (TIP) is the busiest Libya airport and the largest of them all. Benina International airport (BEN) located in the town of Benina serves flights to Benghazi and other neighboring towns.


libya photoOther airports In Libya include;

  • La Abraq Airport (LAQ) from Al Beida
  • Agedabia airport
  • Al jufra Air base
  • Birak airport (BCQ)
  • Martuba airport/ airbase from Darnah
  • Ghadames airport (LTD)
  • Gaht airport (GHT)
  • Houn airport (HUQ)
  • Kufra airport (AKF)
  • Misrata airport (MRA)
  • Marsa brega Airport (LMQ)
  • Habit Awlad Muhammad airport in Mizdah
  • Sabha airport (SEB)
  • Gurdabya airpot(SRX) in Sirt
  • Tobruk airport (TOB)
  • Mitiga airport (MJI) in Tripoli
  • Ubari Aiport(QUB)
  • Nanur Airport in Wadi Maymun Darraj
  • Zwara airport (WAX)
  • Ras Lanuf Airport in Surt

Regular fliers to Tripoli include Afriqiyah airways, Buraq air, Libya Airlines, British airways, Lufthansa, BMI, KLM, Turkish Airlines, Emirates, Austrian Air, Alitalia, Air Malta, Egypt Air and others

libya photoCheap flights to Tripoli Libya are available on advance booking with KLM, Afriqiyah, Alitalia and other small air carriers. Direct flights are available to Libya from all major departure points of UK with leading domestic and international air carriers like; Libyan Arab Airlines(national air carrier) offers direct flights to Tripoli Libya from Heathrow and Manchester air port, while British Airways offers the same from Heathrow, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow Air port with stops in Cairo or in neighboring countries.

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