Top 15 Luxury Safaris To Africa

Luxury Safaris in Africa

A luxury Safari is something that cannot be afforded by everybody, however those who have had one will testify to the privileged and high quality service they received during their adventure in Africa. Dissimilar to the false assumption by some people up to today that Africa is a dark continent, well am glad to inform you that you can explore the wilderness while staying in a lavish 5-Star accommodation right in the middle of the African jungle.

Top 15 destinations to enjoy a luxury holiday in Africa

Botswana Safaris

botswana safari

Botswana is one of the well-kept treasures on the African continent offering quite a number fascinating places to explore such as Chobe National Park; Moremi gave reserve and the Okavango delta which offer several natural habitants a very large diversity and number of wildlife. Unique about Botswana is that it has successfully achieved a tourism policy which they enacted of high- income with low volume of tourists. Today this country is home to some of the best Safari lodges and finest camps in the whole world.

The country offers its holidaymakers quite a variety of remarkable Safari activities they can engage in while on holiday among which are seeing large prides of lions, enjoying a cruise on River Chobe, quad biking in the salt puns of Makgadikgadi as well as walking with the giant elephants.

Chobe National Park

The Chobe National Park which covers about 11,700 square kilometers is one of the most recommended wildlife habitats on the continent.  For tourist enthusiastic about wildlife this amazing game park to visit as its home to more than 100,000 elephants. The park is in addition Home to lions, several antelopes and zebras what are commonly seen roaming through its terrain. Because of its location you will be able to enjoy boat cruises at sunrise as well as at sunset on River Chobe.

Moremi Game Reserve Safaris

The Moremi game reserve offers amazing views up close encounters to wildlife throughout the year thanks to the numerous permanent water sources found within its boundaries that act as natural magnets which attract very large numbers of animals especially during the dry season.

The number of lodges found within Botswana’s game reserve is low as a way of keeping in line with the country’s tourism approach. Consequently this offers holidaymakers who go to this country very rewarding and personal wildlife viewing experiences with utmost privacy that leads to higher chances of having an up close encounter with some of the large mammals leaving here.  The reserve is also popularly known for having the second largest population of rhinos in the country which together with leopards, elephants, lions and buffaloes you will be able to see on your Safari there.

Another outstanding feature that you will find in Botswana is the Makgadikgadi salt pan the covers an expanse of about 6200 Miles. Previously this was a lake (Lake Makgadikgadi) and it was assumed to be bigger than the country of Switzerland. In the dry season this area becomes extremely sunburned and there is barely any form of life. Consequently this offers an opportunity to tourists to enjoy different activities like a quad biking in the pan, tours to Kuba Island or even sleeping out within the salt pan. In the rainy season it is very rewarding as well to visit this salt pan as its surface is normally covered with lush green vegetation and the pans are filled with water. Consequently, large numbers of flamingos, zebras and wildebeests together with other grazers congest here in large numbers to drink water.

Okavango Delta Safaris

The Okavango Delta which is pact of River Okavango – one of the renowned rivers on the continent is found within Botswana this is the largest Delta found in-land in the whole world with  islands, streams, lagoons and channels that offer as one of the finest  natural habitat in Africa perfect for birding and game viewing. The Delta can be explored in a mokoro which is a traditionally made canoe in which you will sail and explore the different aspects of the Delta and most of all enjoy the breathtaking sunrise or sunset in this part of Africa. Impressively this Delta eventually comes to an end and disappears into the Kalahari Desert dry lands in which the native Bushman have lived to date

Interesting things to do on a luxury African safari in Botswana

Enjoy a Mokoro boat cruise: this offers holidaymakers a romantic getaway as they sail down the different water channels in the delta. these two-person canoes are piloted by a native guide who will details you with the legends of this place as well as inform you about all the interesting wildlife found in these tranquil waters as you sit and relax well enjoying the breathtaking sights and humming sounds of the gifts of mother nature. You will definitely forget all your worries and enjoy the serenity of river chobe

Bush walks these are ideal for adventures holidaymakers. led by a guide who is a highly knowledgeable Bushman you will set out to some of the best places to track down and see different animals. This adventure will also give you an insight of the culture of the Kalahari Bushmen

Enjoy a walk with the elephants: by visiting Stanley’s Camp which is a private wildlife area, you will get an opportunity to have an up close encounter with the largest land mammals in the world. They are also mokoro cruises down the river as well as a campfire lit in the evenings where you get an opportunity to meet other like-minded holidaymakers.

Game viewing to see hippos, elephants, cheetahs, wild dogs, lions, wildebeests and hyenas

Holiday experiences to enjoy include:

Taking sunset mokoro cruises

Tracking wildlife with the bushmen

Quad-bike in the dried Makgadikgadi Pans

Cruising on River Chobe

Walk with the elephants at Stanley’s Camp

South African Safaris

south africa safaris

South Africa is one of the most luxury destinations you can visit while on Safari in Africa. This beautiful country has everything that you will ever want to enjoy on your holiday ranging from the large empty spaces, beautiful beaches, dried out plains, vast wilderness and the dramatic scenery. This is the only country where two oceans the Indian Ocean as well as the Atlantic Ocean meet to form a very beautiful coastline ideal for beach holidays. The country has very rich soil despite the fact that its home to the sun burnt Kalahari Desert.

In addition, South Africa is home to a very large number of wildlife and its one of the best destinations you can enjoy a wildlife safari in Africa. It has a very large numbers of lions, elephants, thousands of different antelopes, wild dogs (which are an endangered species), leopards, zebras, giraffes and wildebeests not to forget the large number of birds living in this beautiful country. This is as well a perfect destination to see the rich marine life as well as watch the whales especially when in season. South Africa offers very remarkable snorkeling and diving experiences as well as offends you one of the few opportunities in the world to see penguins within their natural habitat.

Activities to do on a Luxury African Safari in South Africa

This beautiful holiday destination has a very diverse range of exciting safari experiences, remarkable scene and a very scrumptious cuisine.

Food Tours in Cape Town: Within Central Cape Town you can enjoy a fascinating food tour during which you get a chance to experience the behind-the-scenes of food preparation as well as explore fascinating rich cultures which comprise this cosmopolitan city.

Horse back and Wine land Tours: One of the unique ways to explore and experience the breathtaking scenery of South Africa is by taking a horseback tour, or visiting the Wine lands where you will get an opportunity to taste some of the fine wine from leading brands in the world, or explore the majestic Drankensberg Mountains.

explore the Western Cape: you can also explore the Western Cape which will give you an opportunity to discover the botanical beauty of this country as you walk into a carpet of vibrant colors of various wildflowers that thrive from the month of August September.

Wildlife Viewing: For those of you enthusiastic about wildlife, well South Africa has something special for you as well. Viewing of wildlife can be done either in the sea or on a safari on land. fortunately, most of the tour operators organize very exciting and very rewarding wildlife adventures across the country during which you will see Africa’s big 5, we will head out to the Sea to see the southern Right Whales, together with the humpback whales during line cruises whereas dolphins, sharks, seals, penguins and a very rich marine life all await to be explored by you. Wildlife found in South Africa

As part of the wildlife you will encounter while on Safari here are: the big 5 which include Lions, buffaloes, cheetahs, elephants and rhinos, giraffes, Whales, zebras, sharks, dolphins, different antelopes and several birds to mentions just a few.

Beach Holidays and water adventures: with miles and miles of Coastline, South Africa offers some of the best beaches in the world with fine white sand, lined with beautiful pal trees and nice weather with warm crystal clear waters touching its coast. There are a number of adventurous activities you can enjoy here such as swimming, diving, snorkeling and a wide range of beach games like volley ball. The beaches are served by very luxury all-inclusive resorts and hotels that offer you a forefront access to the waters.

Experiences include breathtaking views from the Peak of Table Mountain

Enjoy Exciting game drive tours to view Africa’s big five animals

Explore Robben Island

Watching whales at Walker Bay

Wine testing within the wine region

Seasons in South Africa

Summer season: this begins in the month of November to February. The days are normally very hot the coastal areas normally experience a cold breeze the nothern parts of the country experience thunderstorms in the afternoons

The autumn: this starts from the month of March to May, the temperatures generally begin to drop which implies that it’s the best time to take a safari especially within the Kruger area. The coastal area has become dry during this time of the year making it very conducive to engage in outdoor activities.

The winter season: starts from June to the end of July. In the mornings and evenings it becoming extremely cold while during the day the skies are clear the temperatures are warm and it is a good time to enjoy your Safari. at this time of the year, the first group of Right Whales begins to reach at the southwestern coast.

Spring season: It begins in the month of August to the end of October during which the days begin to warm up and the northern regions begins experiencing some rains. The spring flowers are flourishing within the areas found north of vibrant Cape Town. This is the perfect time to take a tour in The Garden Route.

Some of that luxury places to explore your Luxury Safari in South Africa include

Cape Town,

Eastern Cape,

Garden Route and Klein Karoo

Wine lands

The Kruger National Park

The Northwest region

KwAzulu Natal

The cities of Johannesburg and Pictoria

Namibia Safari Tours

namibia safari

The magnificent country Namibia is situated in Southern Africa and it got its independence in 1990. It is one of the most ancient places / areas in the world however it is among the newest independent countries on the continent.

The country is a truly exceptional place that is extremely stunning, extraordinary as well as enigmatic. It is popularly known as the land of two deserts. The two deserts, Kalahari and Namib are miles and miles of pristine golden sand merged with the astonishing coastline where the frozen waters of the Atlantic Ocean embrace the intense heat of the deserts in Africa.

During your Namibia Safari holidays explore the inland to experience Damaraland that has an exceptional abundance of scenery such as the astonishing Petrified Forest, plus the one thousand year old Welwitschia plant. Damaraland also has memorable views of the threatened desert elephant as well as the black rhino on a captivating game drive. When you tour Sossusvlei which is one of the most ancient and arid eco-systems, make sure that you hike to the peak of the most elevated sand dunes.

You can also explore the well-known salt pans of Etosha National Park which are also rich in wildlife, as well as the wilderness of Kaokoveld to the north plus the Fish River Canyon in the south, which is preceded only by the legendary Grand Canyon in size. Discover the Caprivi Strip which is a thin stretch of luxuriant wetlands expanding along the top of Botswana to the spot that River Zambezi and River Chobe come into contact.

Experiences to enjoy on your luxury safari in Namibia

Spend a night under the stars

View the diverse wildlife including rhinos, Onyxes, cheetahs, elephants, zebras, springboks among others

Climb the highest sand dune in the world

Trek Fish River Canyon

Take a dawn balloon ride over the dessert

Search for the rare desert elephant

Places of interest to explore include:

Etosha National Park

The Skeleton Coast plus Swakopmund

Windhoek and Central Namibia

Kaokoland plus Damaraland

NamibRand plus Sossusvlei

Fish River Canyon plus the Southern area

The Caprivi Strip in the Zambezi Region

When to visit Namibia | Seasons to visit Namibia

The country experience two major reasons which are : the Rainy season that starts in the month of November to March, and then the dry season which begins in April all though to Octobers.

Kenya Safaris

kenya safari

Kenya was among the initial countries to offer safari holiday by displaying its exceptionally beautiful wild to tourists. It was the first to initiate the idea of the Big Five, a collection of animals that include the rhinoceros, leopard, elephant, buffalo plus the lion.

Safaris to Kenya enable you to discover the huge expanse of land which extends from the Indian Ocean to the low plains. This guides us to Lake Victoria, which is on the boundary with Uganda and continues up to the central Highlands. These highlands are cut through by the Great Rift Valley up to Mountain Kenya which is the most elevated point in Kenya.

Kenya is made up of more than 70 native tribes and farmers. It has among the most spectacular national parks and national reserves in Africa. You will explore Amboseli National Reserve which is situated at the base of Mountain Kilimanjaro or even Maasai Mara national park which is situated in the northern part of Serengeti and is the stage on which the great migration takes place, which involves multitudes of antelopes, wildebeest as well as zebras moving in search of pasture and water.

Discover the desert-like Samburu Reserve plus the Rift Valley Lakes abundant with freshwater and salt water which are popular for the high concentration of different bird species, crocodiles as well as hippos. You should make sure to check out the impressive beaches as well as the Indian Ocean resorts.

Interesting things to do on a luxury African Safari in Kenya

Vacationing in Kenya provides you with the opportunity to enjoy a diverse number of activities in one visit as highlighted below:

Hot Air balloon ride:  You can fly over Maasai Mara in a balloon ride while enjoying the majestic aerial view of the wild as you see Africa’s variety of wild animals wandering around the park.

Wildlife viewing: embark on the very rewarding game drives in some of the game parks and reserves  found in the country during which you will encounter several wildlife among which are Africa’s Big Five, crocodiles, giraffes, hippo, cheetah plus hyena in addition to several species of birds.

Rhino Tracking: The astounding Sera Conservancy situated in Samburu-Land is a sanctuary for the endangered black rhino and visitors at Saruni Rhino can focus on the exciting adventure of tracking the threatened animals on foot.

Walking Safaris: You can also opt to take a walking safari in the Lakipia area in the heart of Kenya. Your luggage including tents will be transported by camels as you appreciate the picturesque scenery that lies around you, the diverse bird and wildlife and the unique native culture.

Visit the “singing wells: Discover the “singing well”, 50 springs where the Samburu farmers take their animals and sing indigenous melodies while they fetch water from the springs.

Explore Kenya’s underwater world: In case you would like to discover what is beneath the water surface in Kenya, you can plunge off Mombasa coast and take a look at the aquatic life in the Indian Ocean which has pristine blue waters which make it a perfect place for divers to explore.

Experiences to enjoy on your luxury safari in Kenya

Follow the annual Great Wildebeest Migration

Take a hot air balloon ride over Maasai Mara National Park

Dive off the coast of Mombasa

Visit a traditional Maasai Village

Have breakfast with giraffes at Giraffe Manor

Places of interest to visit include:

Nairobi City

Masai Mara Game Reserve

The Coast region

Laikipia & Great Rift Valley

National Parks including: Samburu, Meru, Amboseli and Tsavo

When to Visit | Seasons

The country can be visited all year round, however it experiences two main seasons: the Dry Season which is the best time to visit that starts in December to February as well as from June to October, and then the wet rainy Season that starts in March to May and November     .

Uganda Luxury Safaris

gorilla safaris

Uganda is one of the smaller countries in East Africa especially when compared to its neighbors. This however does not in any way affect the glamour, drama and beauty of this amazing country also known as the Pearl of Africa.

The country is home to a number of breathtaking sights and sounds among which are the beautiful yet powerful Murchison waterfalls, several lakes including Lake Victoria (the largest freshwater lake in Africa), the majestically high mountains like the snow capped Rwenzori mountain, several beautiful rivers including River Nile (the longest river in the world) and not to forget the remarkable diversity and large numbers of wildlife including Africa’s big 5 plus several unique bird species.

Uganda prides in a number of national parks that serve has home to more than half the total population of the endangered mountain gorillas in the whole world, thousands of chimpanzees, the uncommon golden monkeys, lions, hippos, elephants, zebras, antelopes, and more than 1,000 bird species making it one of Africa’s best bird watching Paradise.

Unique about Safari holidays in Uganda is that they have been popularly known as offering holidaymakers a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see and come up close to the endangered mountain gorillas during the gorilla trekking tours carried out in the impenetrable Forest of Bwindi National Park. other insights in the country include Queen Elizabeth National Park where you get an opportunity to see the unique tree-climbing lions in addition to several other big animals like lions and elephants to mention but a few. in Uganda wildlife viewing is most rewarding during the dry season which starts in the month of  January and February as well as from June to July, despite the fact that  game viewing can be done all year round

The country also offers holidaymakers a chance to encounter chimpanzees within their natural habitats Kibale National Park, kyambura gorge and semliki wildlife reserve.

The special Kibale Forests are home to thirteen different primate species including approximately 1500 chimpanzees, living within a habitant of more than 203 different tree species on a dramatic landscape. This offers the country the status of having the most diversified and largest number of primates across the East African region.

Putting wildlife aside, Uganda is full of other remarkable sights such as the powerful Murchison falls which are found within the country’s biggest conservation area. These falls are found down the course of River Nile whose river-banks are commonly visited by several animals such as the giant Nile crocodiles, buffaloes, elephants, giraffes, hippos and several bird species including the shoebill stork.

Further exploring the country you will find the renowned majestic Rwenzori mountain located not far from the equator crossing whose peak is covered with snow; and according to National Geographic’s this mountain offers one of the most challenging hikes in the world.

Experiences to enjoy when on your luxury Safari in Uganda

Gorilla trekking in the Bwindi impenetrable Forest

Game viewing in the different wildlife parks like Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kidepo NP, Murchison Falls National Park.

Chimpanzee tracking in Kibale NP, and Kyambura Gorge

boat cruises on in the Murchison falls National Park and kazinga channel

Tracking the tree-climbing Lions in the Ishasha region

Enjoy water adventures on River Nile such as scuba diving, swimming, white water rafting, bungee jumping among many others

Mountain climbing on mountain Rwenzori and mountain Elgon

Best time to visit |Seasons

Also destination Uganda can be visited all year round the country experiences two (2) Major seasons which are the dry season and the rain season as detailed below. The dry season which is the perfect time for game viewing begins in December to February as well as from June to August (however game viewing can be done all year round). The wet season starts in the month of March to May as well as from September to November.

Zambia Luxury Adventures

zambia safari

A trip to Zambia will bring you to a country with majestic waterfalls, huge lakes, abundant wetlands as well as a conserved wilderness. The name Zambia comes from the stunning Zambezi River which means “God’s friend”.

The astonishing landscape of Zambia is unmatched in the continent because of the great Victoria Falls which are referred to as “Mosi-oa-Tunya” by the natives which translates to “The Smoke that Thunders” plus the beautiful Zambezi River as well as Luangwa and Kafue National Parks which are among the biggest wildlife reserves in Africa.

Zambia is popularly known as the best choice for walking safaris. You can tour the bush while hiking and get a different outlook compared to what you would see during a game drive plus looking at the wildlife while walking is very thrilling.

Zambia is becoming well-known among perceptive visitors because of its accommodation facilities which focus on a small very personalized scale and this makes your vacation in Zambia very opulent with luxurious lodges and camps.

Interesting things to do on a luxury African Safari in Zambia

Explore the Victoria Falls: When you visit Zambia, you will have the opportunity to discover a number of very exceptional sights such as the famous Victoria Falls which are located on the boundary of Zambia and Zimbabwe. David Livingstone named the falls after the Queen of England and was the first European explorer to discover them. The beautiful Victoria Fall is very exceptional in Zambia and is highly popular among tourists.

Besides Victoria, there are a number of waterfalls to visit while taking your holiday in Zambia which are excellent for people that love the wild as well as explorers. Most people that visit Zambia ensure that they reserve a guided tour of the waterfalls which is a great way to unwind after you have spent the day game viewing or taking walking safaris. You can opt for a helicopter ride to have a panoramic view of these extraordinary falls.

Experiences to enjoy on your luxury safari in Zambia

Dive from the world’s highest bungee jumps

Hire a rain cape and walk the length of the Victoria Falls

Enjoy a canoe trip on the River Zambezi

Diverse wildlife viewing of species such as the African buffalo, hippos, lion, cheetah, spotted hyena, leopard as well as Nile crocodile

Join a walking safari in the South Luangwa

Take a helicopter flight over Victoria Falls

Places of interest to visit include:

South Luangwa National Park

The Victoria Falls

Lower Zambezi National Park

Kafue National Park

When to Visit | Seasons

Best time to visit is in the dry season which begins in April to October despite that tourists can visit the country all year round. From November to March, the country experiences the rainy season.

Zimbabwe Safaris

african safaris

A vacation in Zimbabwe will involve numerous memorable moments from the diverse wild life to the breathtaking landscape. It is landlocked and it is popularly known as the most beautiful country in Southern Africa. It has the great Zambezi in the North West and Limpopo in the south west. While in Zimbabwe, you can explore the impressive Victoria Falls, acres of the wild savannah as well as the enchanted Mana Pools National Park.

Lake Kariba as well as Matusadona National Park are excellent places for water enthusiasts and Matobo National Park is the destination for the ancient San paintings as well as a great spot for birding since it is a home to about a third of the eagles’ population in the world. Hwange National Park is a home to over 30,000 elephants that wander around the park and Matobo National Park is a haven for rhinos.

Zimbabwe is blessed very abundantly in terms of nature with a high concentration of plants as well as animals. Its rainforests inhabit about 60 different types of mammals, over 500 bird species as well as more than 130 different fish species.

Interesting things to do on a Luxury African Safari in Zimbabwe

Enjoy the Elephant Express tour: You can take a trip on the Elephant Express while you cross over from or to Hwange National Park as you take in the beautiful landscape as well as see a number of wild animals on these guided game drives. The Elephant Express is a one of a kind railcar trip that you can take as you move along one of the world’s most lengthy extension of a straight railway line.

Explore the Victoria Falls: Most people that visit Zimbabwe are mostly interested in exploring the Victoria Falls while taking a guided walk or while in a helicopter. This is the widest waterfall in the whole world.

Cultural Tours: At Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge in South-East Zimbabwe, you will get the opportunity to tour the surrounding village for a genuine feel of the way of life of the village people.

Game Viewing: visit the numerous wildlife parks and reserves found in this country and get a chance to see the different birds and animals including the big game during the guided game drives. The wildlife you are likely to encounter includes the big five, multitudes of elephants in Mana Pools and Hwange National Park, crocodiles, giraffes, antelope like the roan and rare sable, wild dogs, cheetahs, hippos, as well as zebras.

Visit Mana Pools NP: While visiting Mana Pools National Park, you can improve your adventure by taking a canoe trip on River Zambezi .You will more often be able to see hippos as well as crocodiles in the water and elephants plus buffaloes on the lake shore.

mountain biking: You could also opt for a vacation at Jozibanini where you will have the chance to discover the secluded area of Hwange National Park and become one with nature on a guided mountain bike trip.

Experiences to enjoy on your luxury safari in Zimbabwe

Watching elephants in Hwange National Park

Hiking through the bush in Mana Pools

Bird watching in the Gonorezhou with more than 500 species to see

Canoeing along River Zambezi

Catching a beautiful sunset over Lake Kariba

Experience the bushveld led by the popular Zimbabwean Safari Guides

Explore the breathtaking Victoria Falls

Exploring San rock art at Motopos

Places of interest to visit include:

Harare city

Victoria Falls

Lake Kariba


The South

Mana Pools

When to Visit | Seasons

The park can be visited all year round however the peak tourist season is in the dry season from May to September. The rainy season starts in November to March.

Tanzania Luxury Safaris

tanzania safaris

This large country found in East Africa prides in large open plains filled with large number of different wildlife, it has beautiful coastal beaches that offer several water activities like diving and not forget the Phenomenal annual Wildebeest Migration takes place here.

Interesting things to do in Tanzania

View the Big Five animals:  the large number of wild animals found within the national parks and game reserves in this country attracts the largest number of tourists into this country every year. Wildlife like lions, zebras, wildebeest, giraffes, elephants, chimpanzees and many others can easily be seen here.

Explore the Zanzibar Islands: the beautiful islands of Zanzibar offer a perfect escape with idyllic beaches, crystal clear warm waters of the Indian Ocean and very lavish beach hotels and resorts. The island has some of the world-class diving sites.

Explore Stone Town: this will give you a great insight of the vibrant culture and way of life of the coastal people of Tanzania.

Wildebeest Migration: watch the annual wildebeest migration that sees nearly two millions animals marching through the vast plains of the Serengeti National Park

Enjoy a Hot Air Balloon Safari: one of the most rewarding ways of seeing the rich wildlife on the continent is by riding in a hot air balloon. Join these amazing expeditions in Serengeti National Park

Climb Mount Kilimanjaro: Known as the rooftop of Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in the whole of Africa. It offers very rewarding mountain climbing experiences to hikers as they attempt to summit it through its various routes.

Maasai Cultural Tours: get a chance to meet the amazing Maasai people of Tanzania. These natives who have guarded their culture and heritage for decades have quite a fascinating way of life worth exploring

Visit Olduvai Gorge: where fossils dated to two million years ago of the nut-cracker man were found. You can combine this with a trip down to the floor of the Ngorongoro Crater which is the largest intact caldera in the world, and hosts one of the largest populations of wild animals on the African Continent.

Mozambique Luxury Safari Holidays

visit mozambique

Mozambique is best known for its beautiful serene beaches with fine white sand that are met with the warm water of the Indian Ocean. a beach holiday in Mozambique can easily be combined with a traditional safari to offer you a more complete holiday experience. You may choose to simply soak into the sandy white beaches as you enjoy the African sun or set to Bazaruto Archipelago to enjoy world class diving and snorkeling to explore the rich marine life there. the country is also a perfect place to enjoy big-game fishing

Interesting things to do in Mozambique

Enjoy the diverse cuisine of sea foods: Mozambique holidays will give you a chance to enjoy the various freshly caught sea foods prepared to perfection among which is a lobster meal.

Sailing tour: Enjoy a sailing tour in the traditional dhow to some of the different island nearby on the Bazaruto Archipelago

Explore Maputo: this is the most popular and the capital city of Mozambique whose beautiful architecture is a blend of European and African influence. it has vibrant markets, wide roads, cafes and lively nightlife.

Snorkeling / diving: explore the coastal underwater world to explore the rich marine life that includes numerous beautiful coral reefs. You might be able to see dolphins during this adventure.

Cultural Tours: there are guided cultural tours conducted within Maputo during which you will learn and engage in the thrilling culture and traditions of the natives.

Best time to Visit | Seasons

Mozambique experience tow main seasons: the Dry season which is the best time to visit the country, and this begins in April all through to October, and then the Wet Season which begins in November until March.

Madagascar Holidays

madagascar holidays

Madagascar is a large expanse of extraordinary beauty in the east coast of Africa and popular for being the fourth biggest island in the whole world.

It was colonized by France and provides a wide range of spectacular activities to get involved in as well as amazing views and a number of spots to tour and discover. This marvelous island has an abundance of plants and animals which are mostly unique to the island which makes vacations in Madagascar an unforgettable adventure.

An ordinary safari to Madagascar involves the chance to see the lemurs at the Perinat Reserve, the baobab trees of Morondava as well as the whales of Sainte Marie as you take time to discover and admire the streets plus alleyways of the delightful Antananarivo as well as the extraordinary rugged Isalo National Park.

When you visit Madagascar, make sure you explore the Great Reef which is ranked the fifth-biggest coral reef on earth. Madagascar’s south-west coast provides you with a view of more than 450 kilometers of sea life, with over 750 species of fish, turtles plus sharks.

The gem in Madagascar’s crown is Nosy Be, an offshore island as well as its distant neighbors. The scenic island is endowed with a number of pristine sand beaches which makes Madagascar an ideal destination for a beach vacation.

Picture perfect warm sand hugging your feet, as the water washes up on the shore while you watch a beautiful sunset over the horizon and to top it all off a tranquil pristine beach that inhabits nesting turtles as well as playful dolphins.

Interesting things to do in Madagascar

Tourists love to spend their vacations in Madagascar because it offers a lot in terms of encounters, experiences as well as adventures.

Enjoy the beautiful Beaches: unwind at the beach as you see a number of humpback whales come into view from the ocean, diving in and out of the pristine waters searing your mind with memories that will last a lifetime.

Whale watching: this is among the numerous activities you can indulge in while on your holiday in Madagascar. This beautiful island has a few unexpected spots such as deserted beaches as well as remote islands.

Water Sports: you can opt to enjoy a peaceful and tranquil day at the beach or you can choose the thrill that comes with the numerous water sports available which are suitable for all visitors therefore making Madagascar a very popular holiday destination.

Experiences to enjoy on your luxury safari in Madagascar

Take a sunset cruise dolphin spotting

Game viewing of Tenrecs, silky sifakas plus the different species of lemurs.

Track turtles as they come ashore

Spot a variety of lemurs

Take a tour on a vanilla farm

Marvel at the baobab landscape

When to Visit | Seasons

The best time to visit is during the dry season which begins in April to November. From January to March Madagascar receives rainfall. The southwestern part however can become very hot during the summer months. in the winter months, the skies are blue, there is minimal rainfall and its generally cool. From May to October, the central highlands become cold with unexpected rains, and windy conditions.

Seychelles Holidays

seychelles holidays

The Seychelles is made up of more than one hundred islands distributed over 455 square kilometers of the Indian Ocean and holidays here are a dream come true. The natives describe them as being one thousand miles from anywhere which paints the perfect picture of these small islands since they are a thousand miles from the African mainland while the Indian subcontinent is two times the distance in the opposite direction. They are strategically located to enable you to fully unwind and lie down under the sun at the beach with a drink or enjoy the water in the sea at the perfectly beautiful beaches in Seychelles.

Mahe islands – the biggest island on Seychelles extends for about 68 square kilometers and has over 77,000 inhabitants which make up eighty six percent of the total population of Seychelles. For those that are seeking an adrenaline rush, you can hike up to its highest point, Morne Seychellois found within Morne Seychellois National Park. The highest point stands at a height of 3000 feet offering sweeping views of the beautiful island that will definitely reward you with breathtaking memories.

Seychelles is also paradise for nature lovers since it has a number of dolphins, very old and huge tortoises, huge fruit bats (one of the loudest eaters on the planet) as well as a variety of bird species that are rare in other parts of the world.  Other rare birds here include the white throated rail which is a younger version of the dodo and the only flightless bird in the Indian Ocean.

There are also a number of luxurious resorts and elegant hotels that are found in Seychelles. If you would like to treat yourself to a five-star experience, go ahead and make a reservation at any of these fancy hotels which provide excellent service and pamper you.

A vacation at Seychelles involves relaxing and unplugging from your daily stresses as they have the perfect environment for tourists to take a break and not have to worry about doing anything. The numerous pristine beaches for example Sourced’Argent enable you to chill out and enjoy quality time with your friends or family as you bask in the sunshine with the soothing sounds of the ocean in the background. Literally every island in Seychelles has a beautiful sand beach for travellers to discover and have fun in the clear blue seas.

Interesting things to do in Seychelles

There are a number of relaxing activities to get involved in while at Seychelles on a vacation. Boat Tours: You can soak in the scenic island on a hopping tour or take a boat tour of the different islands. This adventure offers you the chance to sail along the coastline in a boat and admire the exceptional beauty of the sea as well as the land.

Visit the heavenly La Digue: this will enable you to take a ride on a local oxcart and explore the magnificent villages plus the countryside. Since there is no airport and a limited number of cars, this is the most used means of transport on this marvelous island. La Digue has a population of about 2000 people which implies that this place is very private as well as tranquil.

Explore Valle de Mai nature reserve: A vacation in Seychelles will offer you the opportunity to tour the highly popular Valle de Mai nature reserve. The forest is made up of a variety of indigenous plants and is among the world’s untouched forests. Sainte Anne National Marine Park extends across various islands such as Silhouette and Round which makes it suitable for lovers of water sports like snorkeling plus diving.

Cultural Tours: Seychelles also has a diversity of culture. When you visit, make sure you take a trip to Victoria’s Natural History Museum plus the city’s busy market where you can engage with the local people.

Be part of the Carnival International de Victoria: when in season, a very large number of holidaymakers sail into the Seychelles to be part of this carnival to enjoy the nice music and eat tasty street food.

Experiences to enjoy on your luxury safari in Seychelles

Look for the Coco de Mer nut

Wildlife viewing for species like the Giant and ancient turtles, Dolphins and rare birds

Sail around the beautiful islands

Ride an oxcart on La Digue

Explore the capital city (which is among the smallest capitals in the world)

Malawi Safaris

malawi safaris

Popularly known for having the 9th largest lake in the world, Malawi is another destination worth explore in Africa.  Exciting fishing trips are conducted on its lake (which is home to over 495 different species of fish), whereas the beautiful beaches found on the lake shore offer a perfect escape from the busy hassle in the large cities.

Early explorer Livingstone named Lake Malawi as the ‘lake of stars’ a thing that ca vest be seen at night when millions of stars are reflected in its glimmering waters. In the month of December, several orchid species are easily seen on its shores. The beautiful scenery that includes vast plains, anthropological sites plus archaeological sites with rock paintings, fossils and Iron Age works, mountains and forests are all worth exploring. Within Majete Wildlife Reserve and Liwonde National Park, you will enjoy good wildlife game drives.

Interesting things to do in Malawi

Visit St Peter’s Cathedral found on the beautiful Likoma Island

Game viewing in the national park and wildlife reserve to see various large mammal species such as zebras, Hyenas, Black Rhino and Buffalos in addition to Birds

Enjoy trips to view elephants in Liwonde National Park

Take memorable diving tours to see the various tropical fish

Trips to the tea estates

Rwanda Safari Holidays

gorilla safaris

Located within the eastern part of the African continent, Rwanda is the smallest country in that region. This small but beautiful country is known as the ‘country of a thousand hills’ due to the nature of its topography. It is popularly visited for its mountain gorillas as well as tours to visit the Dian Fossey Museum.

A holiday in this country will reward you with great wildlife views, cultural expeditions and offer you good accommodation.

Interesting things to do in Rwanda

Gorilla trekking adventures: This activity is conducted within Parc National des Volcans and it’s the primary tourist activity in the country. In addition you can see the golden monkey as well as visit the museum of early primatologists Diana Fossey.

Chimpanzee trekking: this is done in Nyungwe National Park home to other primates and large profusion of bird species.

Beach holiday: explore the beautiful beaches on Lake Kivu, there are several other activities like Kayaking ad mountain biking which can enjoyed there.

Game viewing: the Akagera National Park is offers holidaymakers an opportunity to engage in game viewing during which they will see some of Africa’s most popular wildlife. The park also has a big number of bird species making it a good bird watching paradise.

Visit the Genocide Memorial Sites: in 1994, Rwanda suffered a fateful genocide that saw thousands and thousands of locals killed. There are various memorial centers and a museum within the country where you can get detailed information about the happening that occurred back then, and even see some remains.

When To Go | Season

The best time to visit Rwanda is during the Dry Season which begins in the month of June to September while the short dry season starts in December to February. From March to May, the country experiences a rainy season and in October and November, the short rains start.

Mauritius Holidays

Mauritius holidays

Mauritius is an island on the Indian Ocean that is exceptionally beautiful all year long for people with various tastes. For hundreds of years, Mauritius has adopted the cultures as well as traditions of its many tourists from all over the world such as the English, Indian, French, Dutch, or East African culture. These cultures are picked up from people who passed by, settled or looted their property. It is therefore the most inclusive of all the Indian Ocean islands. While the coastline is almost perfect with pristine beaches as well as secluded caves, a trip further inside will reveal waterfalls, sparkling rivers, mountains, an often dormant volcano plus forests. The lush fertile soils are the reason for the thick vegetation which is comprised of over 1000 local plant species. This is the reason why the island got very wealthy from sugar crops plus plantations, the remainders still exist up to date.

Interesting things to do in Mauritius

Cultural Experience: Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius, has a number of different cultures with inspiration from India, China, Africa, Middle East as well as Europe. While in Mauritius, you should take a trip to the market in order to enjoy shopping as well as try out new food such as the local creoledish. You can as well take a morning trip to Port Louis and then later in the day visit Pamplemousses botanical gardens which have been in existence since the 1720s. It is famous for its huge lily ponds that have tadpoles and frogs.

Beach Holidays: Mauritius is popular for its pristine beaches with nice resorts and hotels that offer various beach activities

Hiking: you could go for hiking at La Vallee de Ferney which is a wildlife as well as a forest reserve situated on the south east coast. While there, you will get to see the huge tortoises as well as the thriving plants and animals. It is a vital home for the Mauritius kestrel which is among the highly endangered birds in the world.

Experiences to enjoy on your luxury safari in Mauritius

Hike through the forests and beautiful mountains

Visit the endangered Macaque monkeys

Souvenir shopping at Port Louis market

Scuba dive

Viewing the Mauritian Flying Fox

Explore the Botanical Gardens found in Pamplemousse

Taste the Creole cuisine

Sao Tome and Principe

Sao Tome and Principe is a beautiful island nation off the coast of West Africa popular for its hospitable people and spectacular sea life. It is the second smallest country in Africa and gained its independence from Portugal in 1975 and is made up of two main volcanic islands bordered by eight islets. It has a number of sites including fascinating volcanic peaks, amazing fishing and marine life as well as a calming ‘leve leve’ atmosphere. The island’s tranquil relaxing vibe is elevated by palm-lined beaches and thriving forests. Sao Tome and Principe which is also known as “the Galapagos of Africa” has more than 143 bird species as well as the huge leatherback turtle and humpback whale watching. It boasts of great weather throughout the year which makes it ideal to visit at any time of the year.

Experiences to enjoy on your luxury safari in Sao Tome and Principe

Explore the exceptional volcanic peaks

Wildlife viewing of species like: the Cobra Bobo, Palm forest tree frog

Perfect for whale and turtle watching

Enjoy the crowd free beaches with a relaxed atmosphere

Explore the excellent fish and marine life

14 Most Luxury Accommodation in Africa

For those ready to spend some extra dollars to enjoy the top notch quality services offered in the Five Star luxury accommodations while on your safari in Africa, below we have brought you some of the most luxury African Accommodation:

  1. Angama Mara – Kenya

Angama Mara is one of the most exceptional and lavish safari lodges in Africa and its rugged part of Ngong Hills situated in the western suburbs of the Maasai Mara National park featured in the epic movie “Out of Africa”. The proprietors Steve and Nicky Fitzgerald acquired some of their knowledge and skills from andBeyond after they spent some time there before opening the lodge in 2015. Angama Mara has set the bar high for other safari lodges all over. It is comprised of two distinct camps which each have 15 tents and an exceptional view of the Great Rift Valley. Angama Mara has picturesque scenery which can be seen through the floor to ceiling windows with balconies that overlook the Oloololo Escarpment on which wildebeest and giraffe wander.The cost of a room at Angama Mara goes for about $1,136 and you will have the best moments of your life here.

  1. Royal Malewane – Kruger National Park – South Africa

Within South Africa’s Kruger National Park is the Luxury Royal Malewane which has hosted several personalities including Paul Allen (Microsoft billionaire) and Nicolas Sarkozy (former president of France). Among the highlights here are the personal butlers, private infinity pools, window-side baths and well guided wildlife game drives and tracking. Rates range from $1,197 per individual per night

  1. Tswalu Kalahari – South Africa

De Beers diamond magnate Nicky Oppenheimer owns the Tswalu Kalahari which can accommodate as many as 30 people at a time. Each tent has a private fire place and mini-bar, and guests receive a private Land Rover with a guide. There is a well stocked bar and a communal dining areas where guests can enjoy their meals. Rates range from $933 per individual per night

  1. Khwai River Lodge – Moremi Wildlife Reserve – Botswana

This safari camp is operated by the renowned Venice Simplon-Orient-Express. it offer private wildlife view platforms with Zeiss binoculars. There is an intercom system in the rooms to enable you request for room-service. Its private suite comes with an infinity pool that overlooks the riverbank in which guests can watch different wildlife on the river side. Rates range from $875 per individual per night

  1. andBeyond Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge – Botswana

andBeyond invested a lot of funds into reinventing Sandibe Okavango Safari and had exceptional outcomes. It is raised with curved wooden exteriors which were inspired by the appearance of pangolins and they fit almost flawlessly with the wild. It is comprised of 12 suites which bring the wild of Africa inside with pelt rugs plus items made from chopped trees. Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge is situated in an exclusive concession in the core of Kalahari Desert. It has a diversity of animals like wild dogs, lions, baboons plus elephants. You can windup a long day of exploring by taking a swim in your private swimming pool or having a massage in the comfort of your room.

  1. Mahali Mzuri – Motorogi Conservancy – Kenya

This offers 12 spacious tented suites set up in the tree canopy each with a spacious verandah completed with a bath tub having a roll-top. Every evening at the end of your day’s adventure, enjoy a Nasaro spa treatment that includes amethyst plus rose quartz. There is a communal dining area, bush champagne barbecues as well as private candle lit dinners. Rates range from $800 per individual per night

  1. Miavana – Madagascar

This 14 villa lodge is situated on an undamaged island called Nosy Ankao which can only be accessed by a helicopter. It provides visitors with an extraordinary tour of the tropical island part of Madagascar, as well as the chance to take part in activities like diving, snorkeling, lemur trekking, whale watching plus deep sea fishing. After retiring from a day well spent exploring the jungle or unwinding at the beach, you can take time later in the day to take a look through the main lodge’s cabinet that has relics such as dinosaur bones and many others, take a walk through the French garden or just chill out in the 5000 square-foot beachfront villa which is equipped with a swimming pool.

  1. Tongabezi – Zambia

Your search for opulence in the centre of Zambia ends at the edges of River Zambezi which is exceptionally stunning. It has six houses (plus the open-front tree house) as well as five chalet like huts of Tongabezi Lodge which cling closely to a curve in the river. This takes advantage of the neighboring fluvial forest. Private balconies stretch above the water as shrouded king beds are set up on all sides of huge tree boles. Every room is given a local guide that is in charge of making all your safari dreams come true be it setting up a candle lit dinner on a boat or having a tour of the Victoria Falls at night. A room at Tongabezi goes for about $576.

  1. Lake Manyara Tree Lodge – Lake Manyara National Park – Tanzania

Lake Manyara is the only permanent lodge found in Lake Manyara NP and it offers ten 10 tree-house suites set within very old strong mahogany trees. Each has a bath-tub that is free-standing and very spacious bathroom with a twin sink. The rooms are very spacious well decorated and the large beds covered with fine linen. Rates range from $555 per individual per night

  1. Cottars 1920s Camp – Masai Mara – Kenya

This golden age facility is found on the immediate boundaries on the Masai Mara reserve, and offers ten luxury sleeping tents that include a honeymooners’ tent, family sized tents and doubles. There are fire places in there to keep the guests warm while the interior decoration will offer you a true feel off the African Motherland. There is a communal dining tent where guests can enjoy their meals, or have private candle lit dinners in your tent. Rates range from $520 per individual per night

  1. andBeyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge – Tanzania

The edge of Ngorongoro crater in Tanzania is difficult to access however andBeyond tackled this issue by establishing this lavish lodge precisely on the rim of this crater. Ngorongoro Crater lodge is a magnificent intricate place whose 30 suites are adorned with Victorian furniture as well as Persian rugs in the hemispherical dining room that overlooks extensive vegetation which extends until the skyline. You can take the opportunity to view rhinos and zebras while you relax in your room. Later in the evening, make sure you grab dinner where you will be served pan-African meals like duck with kumquat plus chili marmalade on silver platters by white-gloved staff.

  1. Singita Serengeti House – Tanzania

Serengeti House is a prized possession of Singita Grumeti Reservesand it is comprised of two tented camps, two lodges as well as a private use retreat in Serengeti National Park. These lodges receive awards almost every year as a result of the privacy and opulence they provide. Serengeti House also provides you with the utmost comfort while you are in the wild. It has four bedrooms that accommodate eight guests who will also have access to the infinity swimming pool, the property’s tennis court as well as horseback with professional guides. You will also have access to a private vehicle for trips that you may need to take every day. After a long day, you will be greeted by a host, personal staff as well as a chef to ensure that all your dinner expectations are met.

  1. Singita Boulders Lodge – South Africa

Singita Sabi Sands Game Reserve has one of the largest populations of wild animals in the whole of Kruger National Park. If this factor alone does not attract you to these lodges however,maybe this will change your mind. The two lodges are extraordinarily lavish and are among the most fancy in all of South Africa and probably in Africa generally. Singita Boulders Lodge has an outstanding modern style equipped with a full gym, variety of luxurious treatments like deep tissue massages, body polishes, 12 swimming pool suites plus world class wine stewards who take care of South Africa’s foremost wine cellars.

  1. Wilderness Safaris Bisate Lodge – Rwanda

Most safaris in Africa involve getting a glimpse of the famous “Big Five” however Africa’s most private animal sighting is secluded in the foggy highlands astride Uganda and Rwanda. The price of a permit to spend the day touring Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park which inhabits the threatened mountain gorilla is about $1500 per individual however this is a truly unforgettable experience. Wilderness Safaris Bisate lodge stands out as one of the lavish and elegant safari lodges you will come across once you are there. The 12 Rwandan-style tapered thatched villas occupy about 67 acres of replanted forest land and its preservation strategy involves engaging with the native farm owners to conserve the neighboring ecosystem.


5 things that define a luxury safari in Africa

One would wonder ‘what makes an African safari luxury’? Well we focus on five major factors that will define your safari to offer you the very best experience in Africa as highlighted below.

  1. Positioning

At all times, a luxury safari will offer you quick access to the most prime areas and natural wonders in the country you are visiting. majority of the traditional itineraries include just two safari activities in a day however, with a luxury safari you will have so much more to do such as water excursions, fishing trips, sunset-boat cruises, sightseeing, to mention but a few.

  1. Luxury accommodation and Privacy

Accommodation within a private game park or reserve implies more privacy and intimacy. Because of the fewer suits normally offered, it means there will literally be no crowd through your stay. During your luxury safari the game drives will be limited to a minimal number offering you a rather private and more intimate wildlife viewing experience. In addition, your luxury accommodation will offer you a personal butler to attend to you.

  1. Be handled by Professionals

Among the highlights of any luxury safari in Africa is professional service you will receive. Beginning with the professional highly trained guides who will lead you on your wildlife adventure, you will get a chance to learn so much and see the world through the eyes of a highly skilled guide with several years of bush experience.

At your accommodation, you will be attended to by professionals at the spa, the waiters and the chefs who will world to ensure that they satisfy your food desires beyond expectation.

  1. Mode of transport

Remember that majority of the safari destinations including game parks and reserves are located quite a distance from the major cities. So instead of driving for long hours along the dusty roads in Africa’s countryside, you will instead catch an in-bond flight to the nearest airport /airstrips to these destinations.

  1. Quality of Vehicles

When it comes to ground adventures like the game drives, you will be provided with the best quality safari vehicle that will offer you enough leg-room through your adventure. In some instances you will find additional privileges like a well stocked small refrigerator, wi-fi (in case there is connectivity out there in the parks) inside your car.