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Andringita National Park Madagascar

Andringitra National Park is located in south eastern parts of Madagascar sheltering Mount Boby, which is the highest peak in Madagascar at 2658m above sea level. This Madagascar Park is important in the traditional life of the people of Madagascar at the same time offering much in terms of tourism in Madagascar.

Andringita is located 47 km in the South of Ambalavao in the region of Haute Matsiatra. The park covers an area of 3116 sq km of high altitude zones between 650m and 2658m above sea level.

There are 1,000 plant species in the National Park of Andringitra with much of the vegetation dispersing in the high altitude forests and the dense humid forests at the mountain foot slopes. Some of the exotic species in the park include the Aloe of Andrigita which blooms in June to September, Rhipsalis Baccifera, a cactus with luscious green leaves, the immortal (Helychrisum mirabile) with white flowers that open in July and August and the Osbeckia andringitrensis which is an endemic bush of Andringitra. The lense of a camera captures the best of Madagascar’s blossoms and palnts when you travel around June to Spetember


Andringitra National Park is home to more than 200 bugs, 7 crustaceans, 788 species of amphibians and 54 different species of mammals. Some of the regular sights of mammals in the park include the brown fur Lemur (Lemur Catta) which has a black and white tail often seen in Ocotber and November, Buteo Branchypterus-which is a white chested raptor found in the high altitude rain forests and many other animals.

The Furcifer campani chameleon is one of the colorful sights in the park. it has three yellowish strips on the flank and a medio-ventral light band. This reptile lays eggs in rainy season from January to March.

There are more than 100 different species of birds in the park including the Yellow bellied sunbird
(IUCN threatened species), Red Feathered Alectroenas Madagascariensis, the pollen (Threatened Vangidae family species), Madagascar blue pigeon and the rufous headed ground roller (IUCN thereatened species) among many others

Travel Guide

Several places are sacred in Andringitra National Park and its surrounding areas are sacred top the local people. Like other palces, tourists are not allowed to enter the park with pork while washing is the river is not allowed with moruning clothes and black pots.

Bring hot clothes and a raincoat in your suitcases, the time is fickle in Andringitra. A pair of comfortable walking shoes is an investiment for trekking and hiking adventures on Madagascar holidays. Refreshments and soft drink are available in the nearby towns of Ambalavao and Fuarantsoa.