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Madagascar…Madagascar!! With more than 18,000sq miles of beautiful white sand and palm beaches to enjoy, Madagascar has more.  Think of the rare Lemurs only seen in Madagascar, exotic unique plant species that thrive only on this island, chameleons, butterflies, insects, beautiful coral gardens and so much more…all found on one beautiful island Madagascar.

Making a choice on

holidays to Madagascar

may not be as easy, seeing that there are many places to visit in so little time yet all of them equally beautiful. If you choose, you can travel to Madagascar by sea, on an adventurous journey just like the early explorers. The are cargo ships to haul you here from Mombasa or Zanzibar, or use yacht from South Africa, Reunion islands of from Mauritius.

Air Madagascar

Flights to Madagascar

Think of Madagascar travel by air, you have unlimited options of airlines to Madagascar and airports to fly.

Air Madagascar

is the national airlines with flights from Antananarivo to Jo’burg, Nairobi, Mauritius, direct flights to Bangkok. You can also fly to Antananarivo Madagascar from New York USA using cheap Madagascar flights with stops in Paris, Johannesburg from where you pick direct flights to Madagascar with Air Mauritius

Some of the airlines with flights to Madagascar include

  • Intercontinental Airways
  • Air Austral
  • Air France (three times a week between Antananarivo and Paris
  • Air Mauritius
  • Corsair
  • Interair
  • Airlink
  • South African airways (flies direct to Antananarivo from Johannesburg)

Airports in Madagascar

There are several airports in Madagascar but Ivato Airport in Antananarivo the capital city is the busiest and handles more than 2,000 flights a week, from Europe, America, Asia and African cities.

Airport Name

Airport Code

Ambanja VA
Ambatolahy AHY
Ambatomainty AMY
Ambatondrazaka WAM
Ambilobe AMB
Ampanihy AMP
Analalava HVA
Andapa ZWA
Andriamena WAD
Ankavandra JVA
Ankazoabo WAK
Antalaha Antsrabato ANM
Antananarivo Ivato TNR
Antsalova WAQ
Antsirabe ATJ
Antsiranana Arrachart DIE
Antsohihy Ambalabe WAI
Bealanana WBE
Befandriana WBD
Bekily OVA
Belo BMD
Beroroha WBO
Besalampy BPY
Betioky BKU
Doany DOA
Farafangana RVA
Fianarantsoa WFI
Ft. Dauphin Marillac FTU
Ihosy IHO
Ilaka ILK
Madirovalo WMV
Mahanoro VVB

Airport Name

Airport Code

Maintirano MXT
Majunga Amborovy MJN
Malaimbandy WML
KWL Guilin
KWE Guiyang
HAK Haikou
HLD Hailar
HMI Hami
Manakara WVK
Mananara WMR
Mananjary MNJ
Mandabe WMD
Mandritsara WMA
Manja MJA
Maroantsetra WMN
Miandrivazo ZVA
Morafenobe TVA
Morombe MXM
Morondava MOQ
Nossi-Be Fascene NOS
Port Berge WPB
Sambava SVB
Soalala DWB
St. Marie SMS
Tamatave TMM
Tambohorano WTA
Tanandava TDV
Tsaratanana TTS
Tsiroanomandidy WTS
Tulear TLE
Vatomandry VAT
Vohemar VOH


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