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Madagascar is a magic casting island which is said to be the fourth largest internationally located approximately 400km from the eater coast of Africa. Wrapped in a very natural setting rich with attractions like wildlife, beautiful landscapes and the very immaculate sandy beaches; the island is one of the most toured destinations and has attracted thousands of tourists lured may of then to fly to Antananarivo. The well serviced, modern day and very luxurious accommodation facilities on the island have turned Madagascar into a haven for luxury that is not worth missing out.

Where To Stay In Madagascar Hotels

Relais de la Reine: Located close to Parc National d’Isalo which is the most cherished and famed reserve, is owned by one of the French communities. Through the extreme comfort, relaxation plus tranquil in the lavish rooms, the place offers a homely experience to its visitors. In addition to the extensive fun plus entertainment at the bars well as dining area, you will left in awe. There is a huge horse stable at the lodge so visitors can any time be treated to an exciting horse ride.

After any tiring activities, visit the spa where the professional and very hospitable masseuse will readily sooth your body and nerves or alternatively walk by the pool side or decide to sit all for leisure. In the adjacent area, you will sight at chameleons, several lemurs, verdant and leafy succulents and swinging stems. The accommodation is very affordable and enjoyable and overlooks the scenic surrounding terrain.

Jardin du Roy: Situated adjacent to Parc National d’lsalo is an elegant and very stylish guest house and is managed by the renowned Relais de La Reine. Jardin du Roy also prides in about twenty luxurious and spacious rooms with personal fitted bathrooms and a terrace climaxed with a breathtaking view of the surrounding terrain. The four villas in which these rooms are found are strategically located within the spectacular verdant gardens.

Best Cheap Hotels In Madagascar

These villas where uniquely constructed with rocks that portray their alluring sensation and the crystal clear swimming pool waters make the place an ideal destination to escape from the tropical heat. The gleaming bar offers an excellent collection of exquisite cocktails not to forget the opulent dining area that provides a rich menu with very lip-smacking dished.

La Croix du Sud: situated in a half-circle outline neighboring a huge and verdant garden is a marvelous settlement. It holds twenty comfortable rooms each complemented with a terrace, shower, balcony and a fitted bathroom. They are fitted with an air-conditioner, fridge and television. The hotel lies in a very scenic area of Fort Dauphin which is a town found on the sea-side and also referred to as “the Place of Dreams”.

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