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Madagascar is an island that was separated from Africa many years ago. The Island can be seen and accessed by either air or water transport and it has different unique and almost extinct species that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The Uniqueness of Madagascar has made it one of the best destinations for all safari tourists to this island which is considered by many as the eighth continent.

The different organisms that are found in Madagascar can be found in the different National Parks that are located in the different parts of the country. The vast landscape which is bit hilly has enabled a few wild species to habitate in the different parts of National parks some of which include the famous lemur which can only be found on the Madagascan Island.

Note that you will not see any predators like lions and leopards on the island as most of them became extinct and that is why there are many small vulnerable wild animals in the parks. Some of the best parks to visit when you go to Madagascar include:

Madagascar safari

The Kirindy Forest

The Kirindy Forest is located in the south Western part of Madagascar and it can be visited in the two different seasons that it experiences. During the wet season, the forest is filled with lush greenery that comes from the baobab trees that can be seen lined up. And during this season you will be able to see various lemurs jumping from one tree to the next, different reptiles and many more other animals that come into the forest in search of food and a place to stay. If you are a fan of nature walks, the best time to take these walks is during the night as you will be able to see all the nocturnal animals as you enjoy the cool breeze given off by the trees.

When it comes to the dry season, you will find dry trees and leaves plastering the whole ground and during this period, the best thing you get to see are the shell versions of the forest that was during the dry season.

The Isalo national Park

The Isalo National Park is considered to be one of the best parks in the country and has four different routes that can be used to access it and all these have wonderful sceneries that they provide. The park is a home to a number of birds and animals and all these can only viewed when one travels to the park and sees the beauty by themselves. The different trails that are used to enter into the pack include:

  • The Masalo route is the easiest route into the Park and it is located south of the park. Most tourists use this route because it gives you a big view of the park when you use it.
  • The Piscine naturelle, this is normally used because it has a lot of canyons that can be found along the trail and tourists can refresh themselves from there but you will need a guide to go with you.
  • Namaza circuit and this is the longest route that enters the park but you will have a great view of the various caves and canyons and not forgetting the lemur. Although you should note that using this route will be much more expensive as compared to others.

The Ranomafana National Park

The Ranomafana national Park is located in one of the remote parts of the country and it is home to numerous lemurs. These lemur species are known to be endangered and finding them anywhere else in the world is close to zero as they can only be found in Madagascar. The Park is filled with rain forest trees that create a dense feeling to the park making it almost hard to penetrate it. The rain forests raise up to 1500 meters high and this is what gives the lemur chance to hide in the trees and jump from one tree to the next.

There are several trails which you can use to explore the forest and it is extremely advisable to go with a tour guide who will take you through the easiest routes when it comes to trekking and be sure to put on appropriate clothing so that you avoid scratches from the tree branches.


The Andringita national Park

The Andringita National Park is located near the Andringita Mountains which rise up to 2658 meters. The park has the Lemur species that habitate in the forests and it also has a lot of Flora that you will be able to see as you trek along the different routes that lead into the forest and you will also enjoy the view of the Mountains. The different routes that can be used include:

  • The Imaitso route and this is almost 18 kilometers long but it provides you with a good scenery of the lemur in the trees and the various types of birds that are found in the park.
  • The Diavolana trail and this goes through the forest to the lunar landscape. It is only 13 kilometers long.
  • The Isahavato trail is 15 kilometers long and the good thing about using this route is that it has a swimming pool where you can rest after trekking through the forest and it is decorated with a lot of palm trees that give off an exclusive feeling to the trail.
  • The shortest route with only 6 kilometers to it is known as the Asaramantira and along this route you will see the different caves that are located in the area.

All these routes show you the vast nature of the park and with whichever route that you use, you will not be disappointed as you explore the Andringita national Park.

The Andasibe National park

The Andasibe national park is located almost 150 kilometers from the capital city of Madagascar and it is a home to one of the rare lemur species known as the Indri. The park is filled with canopy trees that give off a willowing sound especially when the wind passes through the trees. The most accessible trail into the Andasibe National Park is called the Analamazoatra and when you use this trail you will be able to see the various wildlife that is found in the area like the endangered lemur that is the indri, the various reptiles and the Sifaka which habitate in the forest. Your hike will be worth it when you visit the Andasibe.


The Tsingy de Bemaraha

The journey leading to the Bemaraha Park is quite a long one and it can take you over eight hours to get there. It is located in a remote place where and can only be accessed from Morondava. Tsingy can loosely be translated as w here you cannot walk barefoot and this is due to the fact that there are two River crossings and of which these two Rivers are all infested with crocodiles. A visit to the National park will have you see the Sifaka, the various flora found in the forest, the crocodiles that are found in the River and the Lemur but these are hard to see. It is not an easy journey getting to the park and even the routes that are found in the Park are not easily passable but if you have love for adventure, then you should visit the Tsingy and explore the National park.

Ankarana National Park

The Ankarana national park can easily be accessed if you take a booking from Diego Suarez and it is located in the southern part of the country. You will be able to view the different bird species that are found in the area and the unique flora that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. And Park also has campsites that are found in the center of the Park where you can rest from after a long day of exploring. These camp sites offer exquisite resting bedrooms that are self-contained and you will have enough rest after the long day in the park. Their location makes it easy for you to access the park and enjoy the nocturnal life.

Marojejy National Park

Locate in the North Eastern part of the country, Marojejy National Park is one of the best parks to visit in Madagascar. It is not as big as the other parks but you will be able to enjoy the view given off by the numerous rainforests that are found in the area and not forgetting the Lemur species that live in the Park. A tour guide will take you the park explaining the different species of animals and trees that you will find.

Madagascar doesn’t have many national parks and wild animals to view but the few that are available provide the best of which you will not experience anywhere else and that is why you should book a trip with us to enjoy the country’s uniqueness from the other countries.