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The most significant tourist attraction in the Mahale Mountains National Park is its resident population of chimpanzees. There are about 800 chimpanzees living inside this park, and close 60 of them have been habituated to receive human visitors. Your safari guide will lead you on a foot expedition along the trails in the forest as you search for them. The Mahale mountain eastern slopes are covered by a savannah and a woodland that are home to such as elephants, lions, wild dogs, roan antelopes, buffaloes in addition to giraffes, however they are hardly ever seen by visitors. On the other hand Warthogs are usually seen walking near the camp.

Wildlife In Mahale

Besides chimpanzees, there are 8 other types of primates that have been documented in this park and on a started visitor, guests may be able to see a minimum of 5 primate species among which are:  vervet monkeys, yellow baboons, red colobus, red-tailed monkeys as well as blue monkeys.

Other species also living inside Mahale National Park include: bushbabies, porcupines, big squirrels, bush pigs among some others. Within the park, leopards have also been recorded although these are pretty challenging to see. Hippos as well as crocodiles may be spotted during your boat trips on River lubulumbu.

in the park there are about 230 species of birds among which are the crested marimba, the crowned eagles, trumpeter hornbills, scaly francolins, blue cheeked bee-eaters, crested guinea fowls as well as the big kingfishers.

The finest time for game viewing

In the dry season that starts in May to the end of October is the best time to tracking chimpanzees. During this season the chimpanzees normally live near the shores of the lake making it much easier to see them. The park remains open all year round however, during the heavy rains; some of the trails are challenging to traverse.

 What to do in Mahale National Park

The park offers thrilling Walking safaris plus boat trips as well as treks to search for the chimpanzee families as well as other primates living inside the park. You can also go swimming, boating, snorkeling, trekking or even  fishing, in addition to visiting the nearby fishing villages particularly  Mwamgongo.

What we recommend

In case you are interested in chimpanzee trekking, this park is the best option during your stay in Tanzania as it will offer you the most rewarding views. So in case you have some spare time, it is worth dropping by the Mahale National Park for a unique enjoyable experience.

The park is well known for having some of the last surviving wild chimpanzees living in their natural environment. You can also remember this park from the remarkable research carried out by Dr. Jane Goodall, who performed an extensive research for about 40 years inside the park. It’s as well a nice opportunity to explore the renowned Lake Tanganyika since the park is found on the shores of this lake. Although this is the smallest national park within Tanzania, it is the sole destination on the planet where you will have guaranteed views of chimpanzee families.

Mahale Mountains National Park

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