Mahale Mountains Weather

Due to its location close to the equator, the climate of Mahale Mountains is warm and hot with high humidity. For most of the year, the weather remains the same. The evenings are usually warm, unlike the national parks found in the northern part of Tanzania, while the low temperatures drop to around 15°C or 59°F. The Average temperatures are around 25°C or 77°F in the day. Because of the altitude ranges (between 757 meters and 2474 meters / 2484 to 8117 feet), there are common Climactic variations. For each 100 meters you climb, the temps drop by approximately 6.5°C 3.5°F or each 1000 feet by 1000ft).

Mahale experiences a dry season starting in May to the end of October. Then the wet season continues in November up to April. In the afternoon they get some rains in the form of thunderstorms and these hardly ever rain for the entire day.

Dry season

(May to October)


this is the finish of the wet season which occasional rains happening.

June, July, August and September

– it is sunny and the skies are clear with the afternoon temperatures rising to 26°C or 79°F. During this time it never rains and if it does the rains are minimal. The nights are coldest in month of June up to August with the temperatures dropping to 13°C/55°F.


– this is the end of the dry season. There will be some occasional rain showers.

Wet season

(November to April)

November, December, January, February, March and April

– the humidity is high and this gives an uncomfortable oppressive heat, however it is somehow cooler during the wet season. it is not usual to rain for the entire day although there main be some showers in the afternoon in form of thunderstorms. The Afternoon temperatures are normally around 25°C or 77°F however at night theu may drop as low as 16°C or 61°F.

Guidelines for viewing Chimpanzees

Keep a distance of about 10 meters from the chimpanzees always. This reduces the chances of transmition of diseases from humans.

At all times wear the mask (provided by the guide) over your mouth plus nose when near the chimps.

DO NOT eat or even drink in the presence of the chimps.

DO NOT leave any personal belongings littered on the ground or in any place inside the park accessible to the chimpanzees. They are very curious animals so your belongings may transmit disease. In case you need help assistance lifting you bags, the guide will assist you.

DO NOT forget any rubbish in the park. It may be harmful to any wildlife species in the park or even transmit diseases to the chimpanzees.

In case you want to cough or even sneeze while in the vicinity of the chimps, please cap your nose plus mouth to minimize the spread of germs.

You are not allowed to visit the chimps in case you are sick or having an infectious disease. Please personally be responsible and inform the camp managers that you don’t feel ok. Once you visit them when sick, you are putting the health of the chimpanzees at risk. The manager will access and make the appropriate decision.

Those below 12 years are not allowed to visit the chimpanzees.

A maximum 6 visitors and one guide are allowed to reach close to the chimpanzees per each visit.

The maximum time for viewing the chimpanzees is one hour.

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Mahale Mountains Weather

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