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The biggest urban area within Malawi, the metropolitan area of Blantyre and Limbe, is actually the commercial capital of the country. Today with a population of more than half of one million, this city has its originated from the Scottish missionaries who visited during the era of David Livingstone – It was actually named after birthplace of Livingstone in Scotland. At present it is indisputably the centre of industry as well as commerce in Malawi. Firmly 2 towns, Limbe & Blantyre form an unbroken urban area and at the same time retain their uniqueness as well as separate cores. Actually Blantyre holds the status as well as most of the administrative roles however Limbe is more of industrial.
The majority of the latest development in the city has been done between the conventional centers of Limbe plus Blantyre. New shopping areas have been constructed, with one actually housing a cinema. There is a smaller mall, although one providing good quality souvenirs of Malawi is the stunning Ute Waleza Centre, just off Kidney Cresent. Through the day, the shops which are actually a obligatory include African home, with locally crafted beautiful ornaments as well as furnishings, plus the Central Africana Gallery – well stocked with absorbing books plus modern as well as historical maps in addition to prints. During the evenings, the L’Hosteria Restaurant plus the Twiga Lounge come to life too.
Blantyre holds several historical buildings of great interest. Among these is the authentic town hall (also known as the Old Boma) as well as the Mandala House, constructed in 1882 and served as the head offices of the African Lakes Company. This was the initial 2-storey building in Malawi and is supposed today to be the oldest house in the country. Possibly the most striking is St Michael plus All Angels church, constructed by men who had no prior learning in architecture, brick-making or even construction.
Tours can in addition be made to the fascinating Museum of Malawi as well as to Carlsberg Brewery, which are found between the 2 town centers, and the tobacco auction -floors at the border of Limbe. The two towns have a great diversity of services, shops as well as markets. Blantyre-Limbe holds its personal international airport found at Chileka.
There is a large hotel close by which offers high quality accommodation and it is called Protea Hotel Ryalls. Optional lodge accommodation can be accessed at Fisherman’s Rest, only a twenty minute drive just southwest of Blantyre, and it overlooks the Lower Shire Valley. From the city heading south you will find the newly constructed Game Haven lodge, just not so far away and head to Thyolo.

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