Malawi Cycling Tours and Biking

Cycling and Mountain Biking

The alteration in scene over moderately short distances, as well as the varied landscapes, makes Malawi a wonderful country to enjoy cycling. The commonly good quality tar of the major roads permits for cycling excursions for a number of days, for instance, along the beautiful lakeshore.
Further challenging mountain -biking is offered within the forests as well as on the plateaux. Several of the recently privatized forest – lodges provides mountain bikes to guests for hire and as well there is an rising number of tracks to explore.

Quad Bikes & 4×4 Trips

With rough landscape and a number of ‘challenging’ trails previously off the major highways, large off-road vehicles plus quad bikes present a motorized way or even reaching places or else just reachable on foot. Sadly Quad bikes are not many and distant between – at present only found on Likoma Island as well as at Tyholo Tea Estaes. 4WD tours are offered across a number of the forested high-land locations.



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