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Snorkeling and Diving in Malawi

Snorkeling and Diving
The tide less, clear, shark-free, calm and warm waters with plentiful fish populations (of more than 600 species), as well as attractive rock formations brand Lake Malawi an outstanding destination to dive. The country is extensively known as one among the finest freshwater diving destinations in the whole world. Furthermore, Visibility can extend up to 30 meters during the best times in the year; that is between August and December. Actually, mere snorkeling offers wonderful results within the correct places. A much loved pastime on Lake Malawi is Swimming besides the fish.

It’s probable to dive at Mango Drift as well as Kaya Mawa on Likoma Island plus Danforth Yachting in addition to Mumbo and Domwe Island camps in Lake Malawi National Park -Cape Maclear. 1 to 6 day courses are offered with qualified tuition as well as NAUI / PADI certification. on the other hand, sailing tours are offered and these include night or day time dives.

Despite the fact that equipment is readily offered for hire, it is preferable to carry your personal flippers, mask as well as snorkel. A 3mm wet-suit is suggested for the waters at 22°C to 27°C. The altitude of the lake is 474 meters above sea level and necessitates suitable alteration of the decompression tables.