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Flights to Malawi

For international flights from South African Airways, Europe, Ethiopian Airlines and Kenya Airways –plus KLM, offer great alternatives to Malawi, and routes including an aircraft change within their respective country centers hubs which are Addis Ababa, Nairobi and Johannesburg. Regional connections between Malawi – Kenya, Zimbabwe, South Africa as well as Zambia are served by Air Malawi and the different national airlines in these countries. Such links may from time to time be used in combination with any of the European airlines coming from Europe to any of these countries. The air charter companies based in Malawi like Nyassa Air Taxi also connect to countries neighboring Malawi.

Entering Malawi using Road

There are several roads into Malawi from Mozambique, Tanzania and Zambia. Suppose that border-posts will be blocked from about 18.00 hours and reopened at 07.00 hours. Visitors needing a visa may actually find this challenging to get at border and are recommended to get the documentation in earlier. Necessities for vehicle documentation must be checked prior to travelling

International Tour Operators

the majority operators who arrange trips to southern Africa will provide Malawi itineraries, or offer a sustom-made service. All Information regarding these companies can be got in the any of the segments of the Travel Directory: UK Tour Operators; Worldwide Tour Operators; European Tour Operators and North American Tour Operators;.

Duty Free

All International travelers above 18 years may bring in, duty free: a “sensible” amount of consumable items, 200 cigarettes / 225 gm of tobacco; one liter of wine; one liter of spirits and one liter of beer; to meet the immediate needs whilst in Malawi.
Passports and Visas
An entirely valid passport is needed to enter Malawi. However, tourist who are citizens to some Commonwealth countries will Not need visas on their visits, and among these are USA, Japan, the majority of European Union states and some other countries. Please refer to the nearest Malawi diplomatic mission, to obtain more visa information.

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