Liwonde National Park

This Malawi national park is located in Southern Malawi on the banks of Shire River and south of Lake Malawi. To the north, Liwonde Park is bordered by Lake Malombe. The area covered by entire Park is estimated at 580sq km.

Much of the bank is under dense woodland forests, swaps, lagoon, and grasslands near the riverbanks. There are many trees and notable species in Liwonde include sausage tree, baobab and palm trees among others

Game viewing

Liwonde National park is one of the popular parks in Malawi.  You’ll find elephant cross the river, hippos and crocodiles on the river banks while the different species of antelope roam in the swamp and reed beds Duiker, kudu, oribi, sable, reedbuck and the waterbuck are the antelope species in the park. Other mammals in the park include lion, hyena, leopards and many others.

There are several birds in Liwonde National park including fish eagles, jacana, white bellied cormorantPel’s fishing owl and the rare Lilian lovebird among others.

Boating is exciting on the upper shire valley that stretches east of the Liwonde National park. Visiting the park during the dry seasons reward with many Birds and animals on the water holes while the rainy season makes the park impassable

Getting there

Liwonde is accessed by road 120km from Blantyre and form the north 60km from Zomba town while from Lilongwe, Liwonde National Park is 236kms. There is an airstrip near the Mvuu Lodge for charter flights  from Blantyre


There is a luxury safari lodge in Liwonde National Park- Mvuu Lodge and a campsite all overlooking the winding water stream of Shire River.

Even though just 220 square miles or 580 square kilometers, Liwonde is probably the most renowned of all national game parks in Malawi. The park is approximately 100 miles or 160 kilometers north of the town of Blantyre and just a little over half that very distance from the various hotels along the southern Lake-shore. in addition, game viewing is improved since River Shire cascades along its border on the west, enabling boat safaris in addition the standard foot safaris or game drives in 4WD.
The Wildlife here comprises of rather huge populations of elephants and as well the river draws several hippos plus crocodiles. Among the Antelopes are the bushbucks, kudus as well as the sable. Additionally leopards plus hyenas as well as the unusual visiting lions are seen. Black rhinos too have been re-introduced. The Birdlife is remarkably diverse. The river draws fish eagles as well as weaver birds construct their nests within the slim woodland. Pel’s fishing owl is frequently spotted at sunset along the edge of the river.
The Accommodation offered is top-notch with the lavish Mvuu Lodge plus the close by Mvuu Camp and a camp site, right on the banks of the Shire and within the park. To arrive at riverside lodge, visitors may approach using road and later be ferried crossways the river, they may drive all the way through the stunning park or may use an arranged boat sailing from the town of  Liwonde. Furthermore There is an airstrip close to this lodge, and it is served by various charter flights.

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