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Malawi Car Hire and Rental Services

Getting Around
Presently, there are several companies within Malawi which arrange tours and or even safaris for travelers. These offer various services including simple accommodation reservation to full extent, customized guided tours. Their great knowledge on Malawi is outstanding and they certainly will suggest itineraries that suit all your preferences, desires as well as budgets.

Car Hire in Malawi
The Car-hire companies are majorly in Lilongwe as well as Blantyre, holding desks at the different airports. The Cars can actually be delivered to as well as collected from whichever destination. Vehicles Standards vary and also hiring may be expensive. The 2 dependable, well-costed companies are SS Rent A Car plus Sputnik Car Hire.  Many of the local Tour and Safari Operators also offer good car hire services.
Driving within Malawi
With moderately short distances connecting sites of interest, sensible road surfaces as well as less traffic, Malawi is a wonderful country to self drive. The majority of the najor roads are tarred although narrow, with sensibly maintained surfaces. There are Potholes on some road therefore speeds should be attuned keeping this in mind. Nonetheless, the general road quality is good based on African standards. Driving is done on the left. Anticipate to find people as well as animals on the roads. Avoid Driving at night. Breakdowns are usually signified by placing tree branches or even bush at the road side behind your vehicle, although red triangles are firmly required. Petrol is generally available although tanks must be filled when the chance occurs immediately the indicator drops below half.  You are required to have An International Driving License even though national driving licenses may be accepted if they have a photograph. In current years, regulations concerning use of the safety belts as well as speed limits have been further strictly enforced. Regular roadblocks may be met, especially close to the borders, although should not require a stop of several minutes.
Tourists who opt to hire a personal vehicle within Malawi, break-down cover is availed by AA Auto club at very reasonable prices. Temporary full-membership is offered allowing tourists to free-vehicle recovery as well as additional services while within the country. in case you are one of the members of AA within your own country, you will have a  50% discount offered for all AA services utilized while in Malawi. So as to benefit from this discount you should prove membership to AA within your home nation, while in this country.
Air Travel within Malawi
Nyassa Air Taxi plus Bush and Lake Aviation are air-charter companies that connect to of the tourist locations within the country and to the major towns. In case you are using a light aircraft for local transport, there is a possibility of a baggage restriction of 10 to12 kg per individual.
Public Transport
There is a splendid network of reasonably priced public buses all through the country. tiny mini-buses serve local journeys whereas the larger coaches serve the longer routes.