Malawi Walking Safaris

Walking and Trekking

Malawi possesses such beautiful as well as diverse scenery all through, that walking in addition to trekking is well-liked in almost all of the areas, as well as along the lakeshore. Walks through all of the national parks as well as wildlife reserves are common for game viewing although trekking is normally through the cool, shady forests that cover the hills as well as the plateaux.

Mulanje Massif provides the best choice and supports a complex of huts for brave explorers to reside in. the Marked pathway offer a number of routes and as well the guides together with the porters offer their services at very affordable prices.
The Nyika Plateau is not very rocky although walking is unquestionably among the finest ways to actually explore this exclusive and wildlife swarmed wilderness. Furthermore, there are clearly marked trails available for those ready to hike as well as camp for a number of days. These trails cover the diverse peaks plus valleys at the same time as offering opportunities to come across the animals within the park at very close proximity. The Guides are readily available and will eagerly offer you all the information you need.

In addition in the northern region are the Viphya Highlands that are  roofed in forests and as well offer charming trails, among which are those off the impressive highlands and as well down the stunning  escarpment of the Rift Valley all through to Lake Malawi’s shores. An additional that presents an exploration of the   Great Rift Valley escarpment is the Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve. This area of is a rugged wilderness in which rivers smash into and make their way through the dense forest. It is presently starting to become accessible to the different visitors for tourist activities.
The peaceful forests, Zomba Plateau streams plus hills, and the outlook from it, present an additional attraction for hikers.
lastly, several of forestry reserves in the country offer enjoyable walks through the shady locations. Ntchisi Forest is without difficulty reachable from Lilongwe and a breathtaking serene retreat. The Dzalanyama Forest Reserve is yet still nearer to Lilongwe (but in the opposite bearing). In addition to the magnificent panorama, its hills along with forests are habitat to a prolific birdlife. The hills that surround Blantyre are as well popular for hikes.



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