Malawi Wildlife Safari

Malawi is one of the countries with wide ranging diversity. The flora and fauna is distributed into its nine national parks, reserves and botanical gardens from the escarpment of the Great Rift Valley to the shores of Lake Malawi. There are increasing conservation efforts in Malawi National parks and reserves.

Game viewing

Liwonde National Park in southern Malawi is one of the popular national parks offering unbeatable game viewing. You will find the black rhinos; a species almost wiped out in Africa’s parks and reserves, to the open grasslands and near shire river banks are the African elephants and crocodiles that measure up to 6m in length.

Nyika National Park is situated on the abundant plateau called Nyika that stretches from the borders of Tanzania into northern Malawi. The lush grasslands and woodland forests cover the rolling hills are a good habitat for warthog, reedbuck, monkeys, zebras, leopards and reedbuck among others. The roan and sable antelopes are also found in Nyika park as well. Vwasa National park is located in the northern Nyika plateau region although it is under private administration

Majete Wildlife Reserve is focused on conservation efforts in the lower Shire Valley region together with Lengwe Park and Mwabyi Wildlife reserve. Common sights in the Shire Valley parks and reserves are the Crocdiles, hippos, rhinos and elephants

Kasungu National Park and Nkhotakota wildlife reserve are found in central Malawi particularly significant for the lion and other big cats. Other animals found in Malawi include Hyenas, genet, jackals,serval, cheetahs and civet among other predators.

The lakes and rivers in Malawi are recorded with 700 different species of fish. In Lake Malawi are cichlids, lake salmon and brightly colored Mbuna, sungwa, Mlamba, Matemba, Kampango, Usipa, Mcheni and tiger fish are species from Shire river. Other species in Malawi include Cat fish and cyprinid species

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