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The various destinations that are located in the Northern part of the country are what we can refer to as the jewels of Malawi because there is no way you can visit the country without making a stop at any of these tourist destinations in the Northern part of the country. As a country, Malawi has three seasons that it experiences throughout the year and the only way one can enjoy their stay in the country is by getting to know these seasons because each has different activities that can be carried out. Between the months of November and April the country experiences the rainy season, between the months of May and August, the country experiences the cool dry season and from September to October, the country experiences the dry season.

Visiting the Karonga

Karonga is located in the Northern part of Malawi and is a perfect destination for all those that want to learn more about the culture that is practiced in the country. Karonga has a rich history dating back to the slave trade days when the Arabs traded off the Africans to other countries and this acted as the stop over for the slaves. The best way to learn about the Karonga culture is by visiting the Karonga museum which was set up by the leaders of the local community in Karonga. The Karonga museum has quite the history that can be seen in the different portraits that hang on the walls of the museum and these were put in order according to the evolution of human evolution till now. The portraits tell the story of all the Karonga people all the way from the bush men ways till the modern times and these were put up so that all the Karonga people get to know about their heritage.

Explore the Chintheche beach

The Chintheche beach is located on the north shores of Lake Malawi a few kilometers after the Mzuzu town. It is the most popular beach in Malawi with the white sand and palm trees all scattered in one place making a perfect get away for both the locals and tourists. You can either take your own picnic basket or buy some of the delicious local food and fish prepared at the beach and with the accommodation found at the beach that is good for both families with children and couples, you get a chance to spend time together while having fun and relaxing at the Chintheche beach. If you cannot afford to go to the Caribbean, grab a bag and head out to the Chintheche beach because the atmosphere at the beach will make you think that you are at the Caribbean.

The Vwaza Marsh wild life reserve

The Vwaza Marsh wild life plateau is also located in the Northern part of the country and it is just a few kilometers away from the Mzuzu city near the border of Malawi and Zambia. The Vwaza wild life reserve has about 300 bird species like the storks and herons and numerous animals that habitate within and all these can be seen when one visits the reserve. The reserve is best visited during the dry season especially if you enjoy game drives and if you want to go for birding, then the best time to visit the reserve is during the rainy season when the migratory birds fly into the country.

Volunteer at the Bandwe mission

The Bandwe mission is one of the earliest missions to be set up in Malawi and it is a few kilometers away from the Chintheche beach. The Bandwe mission was started by Dr. Robert Laws who came to Malawi after the famous explorer David Livingstone in a bid to help the locals that lived in the area. There were many missionaries living in the area and until there was an outbreak of Malaria and most of them died leaving the place almost empty. The Bandwe mission has a church that was built by the missionaries and there are several graves of many missionaries as well. You can visit the church as entrance is free and you get to meet some of the children that are being taken care of by the mission and while there fell free to mix leave a donation behind for the mission.

Visit the Nyika plateau National Park

The Nyika plateau National Park is one of the top tourist destinations in Northern Malawi and it is the largest National park in the country. The Nyika Park is located within the Nyika plateau and is a home to quite a number of wild life species that habitate within it and the dense vegetation that is found within the park is a field trip for all who visit it. It is a home to about 400 bird species some of which include the Starred robin, the Denham’s bustard, secretary bird and not forgetting the endemic birds of the park which are the Mountain Marsh widowbird, the Mountain yellow warbler, the wing snapping Cisticola and the Chirping Cisticola. Some of the animals that can be viewed in the Nyika park include klipspringers, buffalos, zebras, cats, jackals, porcupines, reedbucks, hyenas, elands, zebras and many more others. You can also go for hiking till you reach the peak of the plateau which will give a good elevated view of the whole plateau and Park. The best time to visit for game drives is during the dry season but for all those who can brave the rain, the Park can be visited all year round.

Drive to the Livingstonia

The Livingstonia is another mission that was set up by Dr. Law and this was constructed on the Khondowe plateau near the Nyika plateau in the year 1894. The former home of the Laws was turned into a museum for all to visit and find out more about the missionaries who came into Malawi and what they did for the locals. There are good accommodation facilities for all those that want to spend the night near the Livingstonia and they are in a walking distance. You will also meet up with the locals and interact with them and this is one of the best ways for one to learn more about the beautiful Malawian culture.

Exploring Mzuzu city

Mzuzu town in the Northern part of Malawi and it has quite a lot of tourist attractions that located within the different corners of the town and it is one of the towns in the country that has experienced a steady growth as regards to the economy. Some of the things that you will see when you visit the Mzuzu city include the coffee farms where you will get enough knowledge about how coffee is planted, harvested and processed, the Nyika plateau National Park with all the animals, birds and vegetation, the Nyika plateau and all the features found within, exploring Nkhata Bay and relaxing at the shores of Lake Malawi.

Getting to Mzuzu is not hard as you will find different modes of transport that is either use air or road transport but if you are driving to Mzuzu town, it is advisable that you use a four wheel drive especially during the rainy season because of the roads that flood during this time.

Visit Nkhata Bay

Nkhata Bay is located on the shores of Lake Malawi and it is a natural harbor and one of the few places around the Lake where you can rest while enjoying all the natural beauty that is offered by the place. Nkhata bay is a renowned fishing village and due to the low population of people on the bay, you will be able to enjoy your stay and get to meet a lot of people who live around the bay. Some of the activities that you can carry out by tourists when they visit the Nkhata Bay include fishing, taking village walks around the Bay to meet with the locals and getting to know more about the culture of the locals that they practice, taking a bike ride through the coffee and tea plantations and also going to the different crafts shops to get yourself the best souvenirs and also taking a botanical walk through the forests around the Bay. Nkhata Bay can be visited throughout the year although the best time will highly depend on the activities that you will want to carry out while there.

Go for horse riding at the Kande Horse stables

The kande horse stables are privately owned by a family but a visit to the place will mark the climax of your trip to the Northern part of Malawi. they offer horse riding experiences to all those who visit the stables and for all those that do not know how to ride, there is a trainer who will help you and all this s done at a small fee and for those who want to spend the night, there are rooms which you have to book in advance.

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