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This landlocked country is what one would like to call a paradise for all those that want to visit Africa with ease. Malawi just like any other African country majorly has two seasons that is the wet and dry season. The dry season runs through the months of April and May and the dry season runs through the months of December until end of March. The peak season for tourists is in the months of July to August due to the presence of a good weather pattern during these months that is neither dry nor wet.  In most cases the only way you can tell when to visit Malawi majorly depends on the activities and places that you want to visit while on a safari to Malawi and that is why we are going to look at which months are good and those that should be avoided due to the bad weather.

When exactly should one visit Malawi?

Visiting Malawi is always good at any time of the year but when you decide to take a trip to this wonderful landlocked country, then you need to know that every season has its perks and activities that can be carried out. Which means that whatever you want to see or do will be the best guide to when you should visit the country. And you do not need to worry about whether you will have fun because you definitely will be mesmerized irrelevant of the time you want to visit.

The Wet season

Sometimes the rains can get too heavy but this does not mean that you cannot enjoy your stay in Malawi. There are several activities that you can carry out during the wet season and these include:

  • Birding

Malawi has a lot of birding spots that can be found in the different parks in Malawi. For all those who love birding, the rainy season is the best time for you or immediately after the rainy season. This season ushers in the migratory birds that join in with other endemic species in the country. You might get rained on one or two times but it is worth it as you get to see the wonders that nature has to offer.


The dry season

The dry season is the perfect time for one to visit the country since there are a lot of activities that one can do when they visit the country. Some of the different activities that can be carried out during the dry season include:

  • Wildlife viewing

Wild life irrelevant of which National Park you visit is best done during the dry season. This sis because during the dry season, many animals can be seen moving around the Parks in search of water and food unlike during the rainy season where they keep to their habitats and it is also easy to get to the various destinations because the roads then are easily accessible.

  • Trekking and hiking

Trekking and hiking is also best done during the dry season because then the routes that were marked for such activities are always clear and it is always advisable for one to always visit during this season if they are to go for hiking and trekking.

January to March

Festivals are what normally rule the month of January in Malawi and these keep on till the month of March. January in Malawi is chaos as you will be able to experience both the hot weather and heavy rainfall at the same time. Do not be surprised to be feeling the heat in the morning and extremely cold a few hours later. This is not a peak season meaning everything will be cheap so for all those that have a low budget, this is the best time for you to be visiting the country.

January to March also has more arties for the Malawian people as they celebrate the New Year. It is also the best time for all birders to visit due to the large number of bird species that can be seen in the different parts of the country and what better way to begin the year other than spending it in Malawi.

April to June

April marks the end of the rainy season and one of the best times to experience the greenery of the country. During this time there are still a number of birds lounging on the banks of water bodies and in their different habitats and with the temperature ranging between 26 degrees it has one of the best climates to experience while on the African continent.

May is also a good month especially after the rainy season and a good time for all who want to go wild life viewing in the country. Many animals can be seen moving around the parks, birds are always still around by this time and it is the right time for one to relax.

June receives a temperature of 23 degrees Celsius and one of the best times to go hiking and trekking through the different destinations in Malawi and also the best time for one to go for a drive safari across the country. This is also a good time for one to head out to the beaches and also do some fishing at the various water bodies in the country.

July to September

These months experience a temperature of about 27 degrees Celsius and it is one of the best months for one to visit the country. It is the best time for all nature lovers since they can be able to access the different tourist destinations in the country. Some of the activities that can be carried during this season include:

  • Attending the yearly run that normally takes place in September. The run is commonly known as the Cape Maclear Triathlon and it is attended by most athletes in the country and a large number of people and you can also join in and participate in the run especially if you are into exercise and if you are not, you can still spectate.
  • September is the month when most of the musical festivals are organized including the largest festival on the African continent known as the Lake of stars. This is the best time to get to know more about the culture of the people of Malawi.

If you love fresh farm produce then this is also the best time for you to go shopping for all those who love fresh fruits and vegetables and fruits because they will be in plenty during this season. This is also the peak season for tourists in Malawi and that is why you need to book earlier in order to get all the good services and if you are not a fan of crowds, you should really avoid this season and get ready to spend big because everything will be hiked from accommodation prices to food.

October to December

The months of October and November are considered to be the hottest months in Malawi and while visiting during these you must pack appropriately so that you do not end up boiling under the hot sun. The temperatures during these months runs between 30 and 35 degrees Celsius. The best activities that are normally carried out during the months of October and November are snorkeling, trekking and diving. You can visit the numerous water bodies where you can easily cool down.

The end of November and the whole of December is the beginning of the rainy season and therefore you get the chance to see the first batch of migratory birds coming into the country. The rains during November are not that heavy and you can still enjoy your stay in the country but when it comes to December, they are heavy rains which cut off some destinations due to bad roads and flooding and therefore if you can brave the rains, you can go birding during these months and pack appropriately. It is also the best time to visit especially for those that do not love large crowds.

A summary of the seasons for tourists in Malawi

The peak season for Malawi when it comes to tourists is between the months of July to beginning of October.

If you want to experience good weather, the best time to visit is between April and August

July to October is the best time for one to visit Malawi

The lowest season for tourists in Malawi is from November to mid-May.

There are several safari companies that can take you to the different tourist destinations and now that you are aware of the different activities that you can carry out when you visit and when to visit so it will be extremely easy for you to know when to book your favorite agent before coming down to Malawi.

Note that these are not the only activities that you can carry out during these months and the only way you can find out more is by visiting the country.

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