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Zomba Plateau

Zomba plateau is located in the southern part of Malawi forming a great part of the Shire highlands. It is a forest reserve and according to the Malawian people, it is the oldest forest reserve in the whole country making it a perfect destination for botanists who want to learn more about the rare tree species that are found within the plateau. It is filled with a lot of tourist attractions where tourists get to carry our different activities and the beautiful scenery adds on to the beauty of the place.

The Zomba plateau was a top attraction to the colonialists due to its beautiful scenery and precious stones that used to be mined from here and that is why when you visit the plateau, you will still feel the presence of the colonialists through the buildings that they constructed.

The Zomba plateau is commonly known for the many tour guides who can be found as soon as you get into the plateau and these can take you around while explaining all that you will see. The tour guides are mostly help you when it comes to trekking and hiking because there are several routes for trekking but few that have been marked and it is only these guides that can help you so that you do not get lost while on a visit to the plateau.

Visit the William’s waterfall

Getting to the William’s waterfall can be done in two ways that is by walking to the waterfall or riding a bike to the waterfall. After the lon6g hike and walk to the falls, you will need to relax and wind down and this is the perfect place for you to do that. The Falls are so refreshing in that you can take a swim in the cold waters or take nice photographs especially for those that have gone for photo safaris.

Viewing the animals in Zomba plateau

The Zomba plateau is a home to many animals and due to its large nature, the animals can freely move around which makes it easy for the tourists to spot them. As you are driving through the plateau some of the animal species that you will see include baboons, leopards, antelopes and some crocodiles can be seen in the Lake Chilwa. It is also a good haven for bird species and the most common bird species that habitate within the Zomba plateau include the augur buzzard and the long crested eagle.

Climb the Chawe Mountain

The Chawe Mountain is located in the Chawe Mountain and this is one of the many attractions in the plateau. Many tourists can be seen hiking up the Mountain and while on your way up the Mountain, you get to see both the natural and manmade dams and when you get to the top of the Mountain, you will have a clear view of all what the plateau has to offer when it comes to sight-seeing.

Hiking through the Zomba plateau

The hike through the Zomba plateau is like a hike through heaven and you should not miss out on it. There are several local tour guides that will be willing to take you through on your hike at an affordable cost and since they are more knowledgeable about the place, it is best if you get one of these. And also they know more about the good routes that can be used when it comes to hiking and the best view points where you can rest from after the long hike. Just pack appropriately, drive down to the plateau and enjoy your hike to heaven in the Zomba plateau.

The most popular hike routs that is used by tourists in the Zomba plateau is the potato hike path. The potato hike route runs all the way from the Zomba town to the summit of the plateau and it passes through the Ku Chawe inn, the Ngondola village all the way to the Domasi valley but since most of the places in the plateau do not have sign posts you will need a guide to take through the potato trail till you get to the summit.

Explore the Zomba city

The Zomba city is what will welcome you as you make your way to the Zomba plateau and this is where your journey will start before you head out to explore the summit. There are a lot of things that you can do and get to see while in the city and these include shopping for souvenirs and local food stuffs from the local market, visit the different historical buildings in the city that were mostly constructed by the colonialists, explore the KAR monument and also get to relax at the botanical gardens that are located in the city although it is much better if you talk to your tour guide to take you around the city so that you do not miss out on anything that is worth seeing.

Visit the Chikala pillars

The Chikala pillars are the other tourist attractions that can be seen while on a visit to the Zomba plateau. These have a mysterious story to them as no one knows whether they were made by man or formed through nature and for all those that have a strong imagination, you can create your own story about how they were made when you visit the Chikala pillars.

Visit the Ntonya Mountain

The Ntonya Mountain is located just twenty kilometers away from the Zomba plateau and your trip will be incomplete if you do not visit this volcanic Mountain. A small fee will be paid so that you gain entrance to the Mountain with your tour guide where you will be able to walk around the crater village which was occupied by Muslim people. The total time that it will take you to complete the walk around the crater on the Mountain and get to know more about the village and those that reside in it will be five wonderful hours that you will not regret.

Take a boat trip around Lake Chilwa

Lake Chilwa is located just a few kilometers away from Zomba plateau and your trip to Zomba will also give you the opportunity of exploring this Lake. Boat rides are offered around the Lake and to the Chilwa Island where you get to meet the different locals who live on the island, enjoy some fishing with them and also get to know more about their culture. It is also a good place for birding and some of the bird species that can be seen include the lesser flamingo, egrets and a few crocodiles can also be seen floating around the Lake.

Accommodation facilities in the Zomba Plateau

The Zomba plateau is one of the many tourist destinations where tourists that visit Malawi can go for a safari and when you get there you do not need to worry about the accommodation facilities as there are several that can accommodate you irrelevant of your budget. Some of the best accommodation facilities that you can use when you visit the Zomba plateau include:


The Ku Chawe inn

The Ku Chawe inn is located at the summit of the plateau where you will find duplex rooms that are self-contained with a clear view of the whole plateau due to its location at the top. They also provide good meals to the visitors and have good room services.

The Zomba Forest lodge

The Zomba plateau is another accommodation facility that you can use when you visit the Zomba plateau. They have four beautiful rooms that are self-contained with hot running water and a provision of all the meals. In order for one to reach the Zomba Forest lodge you will have to pass through a forest which provides a good view before it opens up to the beautiful lodge.

The trout farm lodge

This is a budget accommodation facility that has single rooms that are basic but with the simple necessities that one needs. They do not normally serve food at the trout farm but they have snacks and soda plus some wild rasp berries and at least the rooms have hot running water although it becomes extremely cold at night and that is why you need to pack some warm clothes for the night and if you want to eat, you can go to the nearby inn.

The Zomba plateau is the perfect destination for all tourists that love outdoor activities and it due to the fact that they have a lot of activities that can be carried out in Zomba plateau, it is good for all people irrelevant of the ages so if you want to travel with your family the Zomba plateau is the destination for you while you are in Malawi. The Zomba plateau is found in an off-beat area in Malawi which means that for all those who would love some peace and quiet while on your safari, this is the place to be.