Mali has a wide spectrum of tourist attractions it offers to its visitors. The tourist attractions vary from the large Saharan Desert which has become a must-visit fro almost all visitors entering the country, the mud made mali landscape photovillages and the Niger delta among many others. Listed below are some of the most liked tourist destinations worth visiting in Mali.

Timbuktu or Tombouctou

This city is located at the southern rim of the the Sahara approximately 13 kilometers north from river Niger. Its is renowned because it served as a post along the caravan route in the trans-Saharan. It was a hub of expansion of the Islam faith through West Africa and magnificent about this place are the three grand mosques of Sidi Yahia, Djingareyber and Sankore that are worth Timbuktu serves as a UNESCO Heritage site and is a place worth touring.


Djenne is one among the oldest cities in Africa’s sub-Sahara and is located on one of the islands of the Niger delta. Long ago it served as a center for traders who moved their goods between the desert and Guinea. Djenne holds the biggest mud-brick constructed mosque in the whole world. The ‘sand-castle’ resembling mosque has three gigantic towers with wooden poles projecting outwards. The Grand market is held weekly on Monday with a variety of merchandise available for sell plus the attractively painted houses that color up the entire area.

Sailing on River Niger

mali landscape photoTaking a boat trip on river Niger is one of the most liked and well involved in activity in Mali. It does not focus on cruising on luxurious ships, rather having an adventure tour that will reward you with wonderful sights of Mali’s important cities. It involves camping by the banks of the river and also watching the breath taking sunset while on water.




Museums in Mali

Taking a tour through the various museums in Mali will give you a glimpse of the impressive history of the country. Mali’s rich culture, heritage and past is well kept in its museums but among all the National Museum of Mali is the largest and yet the most prominent of all. It houses about 6000 objects among which are 150 accessories plus instruments, audio cassettes; 274 in total and several video recordings which can be viewed on the website.




National parks in Mali

Because of the rich abundance of wildlife and flora within the country, Mali has several protected areas demarcated as National Parks and game reserves in which its natural wealth is well sheltered. The oldest National park in the country was established in the 1950,s and it is known as Boucle de Baoule. Other national parks include Kouroufing and Wongo as well as the impressive Bafing Chimmali landscape photopanzee Sanctuary.


Bamako serves as the capital city of Mali which a very fast growing population. It is the administrative and commercial center of the country with several attractions to well cater for all its visitors. It is located along river Niger and prides in its botanical gardens, museums, national library and zoos that attract hundreds and hundreds of tourists annually. The main attractions in this city are the ancient caves in which are rock paints that were done many years ago. Furthermore, Bamako has a splendid and very lively nightlife that is not worth missing while on your visit in this country.

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