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is a beautiful country from north western Africa bordered by Senegal, Mali and Algeria. The country sit in vast Sahara desert beauty and the ocean coast which serve as the main attractions for Mauritania tourism. The Senegal river valley takes a narrow belt in the south and popular for intense agricultural activity and the desert is shaped by rising sand dunes-ergs, rocky outcrops and rugged landscape.

Mauritania tours

The desert in




area has been set aside as UNESCO world heritage site with endless Erg sand dunes and thousands of birds. Take a camel ride through the rocky desert and small tabular mountains. Mauritania ‘s dual jewels of ecotourism such as the coastal wildlife sanctuary called

Banc d’Arguin

, and its cultural/historical sites, such as Chinguetti, the 7th holiest city of Islam attract several foreign tourist every year into Mauritania .


i, Ouadane, Oualata and Tichitt are ancient cities that welcomed caravans crossing North Africa and, collectively, are registered on UNESCO’s world heritage list as one site.

Take a

trip to Nouakchott

the capital of Mauritania and the Nouadhibou on the north east side to one of the largest fishing villages in Mauritania. Buy yourself some fresh food supplies and sea food from any of the markets on the beach town. Souvenirs, local Fabrics and gift items can be bought at Marche Capital or Marche Sixieme in Nouakchott, or at tourist shops in the Adrar but you’ve to trust your bargaining power for the best deals and offers. Kaedi town is famous for its tie-dying.

Travel and flights to Mauritania

Mauritania has three international airports, Nouakchott International Airport serving the capital, Nouadhibou International Airport serving the northern port town of Nouadhibou and Atar International Airport service the central city of Atar.

There are

charter flights to Mauritania

from Paris France to Atar with Air Francegerie, Air Al or Mauritanian Airways. Other departures are from Dakar, Algiers, Abidjan and Nouadhibou. Charter flights are often available and offer

cheap flights to Mauritania.

The main intercontinental

flights into Mauritania

connect via France on

Air France


Mauritania Airways

from Paris. Local and regional flights to and from Mauritania operate with

Mauritania Airways

providing services to Abidjan, Bamako and Dakar.

Tunis Air

operates a service from Tunis,

Royal Air Moroc

from Casablanca,

Air Senegal

from Dakar and

Air Algérie

from Algiers.

Presently there are number of ways to grab 

cheap flights to Mauritania

with less difficulty. One of such type of options is to check online for the cheapest flights and ticket reservations.  Your air ticket to Mauritania depends on the time or duration of your trip. To examine most reasonable flights to Mauritania, most affordable Mauritania tour packages, bargains, and consequently cheap flight ticket from national and international airlines.

Make your booking of your

flight tickets to Mauritania

via the internet and obtain several valid airline tickets. These kinds of travel websites deliver you trustworthy assistance in identifying which flights and tickets to have bearing in mind the reviews and recommendations from recent travellers.  This saves you money that you can add to extend your Mauritania holiday or honeymoon.

There are other ways to travel into

Mauritania for holiday

, say from Morocco, Mali or Senegal on road using 4WD vehicle, bus or bush taxi. The road from Morocco is well maintained with bus services from Dakhla to Nouakchott. Remember to pack your travel documents, valid passport and visa which are required to cross the borders into Mauritania.

Hotel and accommodation is available in Nouakchott, Macao and Langakwi, Agoda Accommodation can be booked together with your Mauritania tours and flights through a travel agent online