Why Visit Mauritius?

Mauritius is packed with spectacular scenery and Mark Twain said that you get the thought that Mauritius was initially made in heaven, and the heaven was copied from Mauritius.

For anyone who loves water, a holiday in Mauritius offers a wonderful array of water sports. You will enjoy windsurfing, snorkeling, diving, deep sea fishing and sailing through the numerous offshore reefs of the island. In case you rather not get wet, you can decide to tour these reefs in a semi-submersible boat – Grand Baie Reef you shouldn’t miss. On the land, take a game on one of the Indian Ocean’s most amazing golf courses, with beautiful ocean views.

mauritius holidays

Why take a holiday in Mauritius?

Mauritius, a gleaming crystal in the aqua blue waters of the great Indian Ocean, will captivate you. The difference in colours, tastes plus cultures makes this island extremely alluring that the backdrop is set for a memorable holiday.

in this country, you have the chance to experience unmatched luxury: a degree of refinement which is simply better than that being offered in other africa holiday destinations. you will understand the genuine meaning of ‘beauty’ – a realization that will persuade you to come back to the shores of Mauritius over and again

What to see on a holiday in Mauritius?

Port Louis

The Caudan Waterfront incorporates a good selection of shops plus restaurants, and you will get a true feeling of the local artisans’ knowledge of making jewellery along with handicrafts. Shopping here is amazing; you may choose souvenirs from the tourist-only shops that are duty-free, acquiring great deals on a variety of products. You will get designer brands which you recognize, in addition to special holiday souvenirs such as recycled glass, embroidery, cut stones, basketwork and pottery that is all hand made by the local people. Carry home the Mauritius flavor through buying a couple of local dried chilies, fruit jellies, or even hand-cut plus mixed vanilla tea.

mauritius holidays photoNorth Coast

Grand Baie is where to visit for a fantastic evening out; the town has a number of great bars, clubs plus restaurants. Triolet village is home to Mauritius’ biggest Hindu temple Maheswarnath. It was constructed in 1819. Outside Baie aux Tortues town are the remains of the ancient Balaclava estate. Moving north along the coast you will find the most well-known attraction of Mauritius – the Pamplemousses Botanic Gardens, well known for its huge beautiful Amazon water lilies.

West Coast

The Casela Bird Park is situated in the Rivière Noire district. It covers an area of 25 hectares and is home to over 140 species of birds from five different continents. You will as well see fish ponds, exotic flowers, tortoises, deer as well as monkeys, across the park. For history lovers, the western coast has the remains of 3 of the best Martello Towers on the planet. A number of Mauritius finest holiday dive destinations are available just off-shore at Flic en Flac.

East Coast

In 1804, French colonists Founded Mahebourg town on the spectacular Grand Port Bay and this is among the leading fishing towns in Mauritius. Flacq village is the leading gathering place for the local residents on the east coast and it has the biggest open-air market on the island. A family holiday would not be complete minus visiting the Leisure Village Waterpark found at Belle Mare; in addition Ile aux Cerfs is a water lover’s paradise – the prettiest beach on this island which is also located here.



Which Holiday Company or Tour Operator?

mauritius holidays photoMauritius has various holiday companies . Fortunately, the largest percentage of these tour companies coordinate trips to the various tourist destinations within Mauritius hence offering tourists a chance to go to the various tourist attractions around Mauritius. Even So greatly recommend that whatever tour company you want to use, be certain that it’s actually register with the associations of tour operators in the Mauritius.

Where to Stay on a Mauritius Holiday?

There is a range of accommodation to select from in Mauritius – including small to medium-sized hotels as well as lovely villas to the high end resorts. Each of these is very welcoming, and offers outstanding qualities of services.

Mauritius has 12 main hotel groups and these include: One&Only Resorts, Accor, Constance Hotels, Veranda Resorts & Heritage Resorts, Apavou Hotels, Sun Resorts, Attitude Resorts, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Beachcomber, Lux* Island Resorts, Club Med as well as Indigo Hotels & Resorts.

The natural attraction of this country as well as the tax incentives provided by the Government have likewise attracted various highly regarded international hotel chains including Le Meridien, Centara Hotels & Resorts, Four Seasons, Sofitel, Hilton, Oberoi, Intercontinental as well as Maritim.

Additional accommodation includes: Coin de Mire, Maritim, Heritage Awali Golf & Spa Resort, Tamassa – An All Inclusive Resort, Veranda Pointe aux Biches, Heritage Le Telfair Golf and Spa Resort, Jalsa Beach Hotel & Spa, Emeraude Beach Hotel, Sands Resort & Spa and Le Meridien Ile Maurice


When to Go on a Holiday in Mauritius?

Mauritius relishes a somewhat moderate climate. Despite the fact that temperatures are somewhat reasonable all year round with irregular rainfall, the best time to go to this island are from the month of April to June as well as from September to December.

The weather in Mauritius is warm throughout the year. From November to May usually the temperatures during the day are in the high 20s as well as the low 30s. For the remainder of the year the temperatures are around 24°C. Mauritius experiences a monsoon season, but it is not as strong as in other countries. From January up to March the country receives some rainfall however the showers are generally short and heavier inland compared to the coast areas.

How much does a Mauritius Holiday cost?

Enjoy a day time Visit to the crocodile and giant tortoise Park and Nature Reserve with entrance charges 9 euro per adult, 7 euro per child (age 3-12 yrs and babies for free. The meals go between 18 – 28 euros.


Are the people of Mauritius Friendly?

mauritius holidays photoCertainly, the men and women of Mauritius are really warm and friendly. English is their official language; however you will also hear a lot of French, Urdu Creole plus Hindi, in addition to a number of various local languages. There is a remarkable mixture of cultures in this country that creates an amazing culinary experience. Test the real Creole, Indian Chinese plus European delicacies – as well as fresh local seafood as some of the highlight on your dining adventures on a Mauritius holiday.

What is the Weather like in Mauritius?

Mauritius relishes a somewhat moderate climate. Despite the fact that temperatures are somewhat reasonable all year round with irregular rainfall, the best time to go to this island are from the month of April to June as well as from September to December.

Since Mauritius is situated in the southern hemisphere, its summer plus winter months are the reverse to Europe’s seasons.

Summer Season starts in November to April

The weather is generally hot and humid throughout these months, with the highest temperatures being experiences in December, January as well as February.

There is plenty of Rainfall, particularly on the central plateau. in the months of February plus March is when the highest amount of rainfall is received.

Daylight hours usually start from 5.30am up to 7.00pm.

This is the most ideal time to go scuba diving and deep-sea fishing particularly from December up to March.

The cyclonic season runs from November up to April. Usually, the cyclones find a way of avoiding Mauritius due to the small size of this island. But, in case they come near enough, the terrible weather could affect the vegetation as well as a couple of wooden buildings. Please be assured that beach resorts have been built in a way that they can withstand the intense cyclonic winds.

Winter Season starts in May to October

mauritius holidays photoThe temperatures are cooler in this season, and existing winds often blow over this island from east to south-east.

The minimum temperatures are experienced in August (at 20°C along the coast). the Daylight hours usually begin at 6.45am up to 5.45pm.

This is the most ideal season for those surfing (from June up to August).

The central plateau, which is approximately 600m above sea level, experiences its average daytime temperature between 20°C in the month of August and 26°C in the month of February.

Along the coast, the temperatures are somewhat higher by about 3 to 5 degrees.

The northern as well as the western areas of the island are generally warmer and drier compared to the eastern plus the southern regions.

Despite Mauritius being a very small island, it is renowned as the Indian Ocean’s paradise, with magnificent attractions to be enjoyed on this island. Its wide strips of white sand beaches and the wonderful sunshine have made it a favorite destination to many travelers. Detailed below is a list of some of the prominent attractions that can be enjoyed in Mauritius.

The Mauritius Botanical Gardens

Commonly referred to as the Pamplemonsses Garden, the Mauritius Botanical Garden is one of the prominent attractions in the country and are situated adjacent to the Port Louis. They are the oldest gardens in the entire southern hemisphere dating back from 1767 on an expanse of 37 hectares. They are popular because of their huge water lilies, over 85 species of palms typical of Africa, Central America and Asia and the spice gardens. It is a wonderful place worth touring.

Ile aux Cerfs Island

Also interpreted as the ‘deer island’ in English. This island is found in the Flacq district adjacent to the eastern coast, and is famous for its attractive lagoons, sandy beaches and the diversity of activities together with comfy facilities it has to offer. Visiting the Ile aux Cerfs Island will guarantee you a full day of relaxing, having fun and taking part of various water sports among which are swimming plus snorkeling.

Grand Bassin

Also refered to as the Ganga Talao is a beautiful lake located in an isolated mountain locality within Savanne district in the center of Mauritius. The 600 meter high above sea level Bassin is a Holy Lake for the Hindu Faith in the country. It is believed that these waters can communicate with the waters of the Ganges of India. Several pilgrims flock in this place on the Siva’s Great Night to perform a number of rituals. There is also a beautiful temple dedicated to the Shiva Lord, Hanuman plus Lakshim.

Thmauritius holidays photoe seven colored Earth and the Waterfalls in Chamarel Park

the seven colored earth is not only a geological site but also a favorite tourist destination to many. These sand dunes have different seven colors among which are: brown, violet, blue, yellow, green, and the most predominant ones are purple plus red. Furthermore, in the park you will view the impressive waterfalls and the green neighboring flora cover.

Trou aux Cerf

This extinct volcano is 605 meters high and is situated in Curepipe. The crater is 85 meters deep and 300 meters wide. It has a small lake within its center and having and aerial view of the crater gives a very spectacular sight. It is more than 600000 years ago since the volcano was active.

Euroka Creole House

This unique Euroka House was constructed in 1830 in the middle of very beautiful gardens neighbored by Moka River waterfalls plus the Moka ranges. It is considered to be one of the biggest houses on the entire island with a total of 109 windows plus doors. In 1986 the Euroka house opened its doors to the public as a museum with music, house ware of Indian plus Chinese origin, ancient devices such as a colonial shower, and several antique maps plus art.
Mauritius is the dream tropical holiday gateway for everyone that loves holiday vacations around the serene turquoise sea waters. Mauritius is comprised of several tropical islands in the Indian Ocean, south west. There are several interesting places to visit on your Mauritius holiday such as white sand beaches, beautiful coral reefs and gardens, national park, water falls, museums, and everything interest.

Mauritius Tours and attractions

Make the most of your Mauritius Tours by first doing your homework online, search for what you want to visit on your holiday, get a detailed travel guide and tour operator who’ll break down your every interest and tailor a suitable holiday Mauritius travel and tour plan. Begin your holiday in Port Louis the capital city of Mauritius. The old sea port built in the 18th century is worth visiting; several old buildings in French architecture, scenic mountain horizon, municipal theatre, old churches and several other tourist sights.

Demaine Les Pailles Nature Park is found in the outskirts of the city centre and is toured on horses, using the 4WD or hike into the beautiful rugged landscape behind an expert guide. Make it a point to stop by the old sugar mill, distillery, the spice garden and water spring, all near the park. Casella Birds’ park in southwest Mauritius is a habitat for more than 150 birds such as the endemic pink pigeon-only seen in Mauritius, ostriches giant tortoises, tigers, kangaroos and other game sights. Le Val Nature Park is another tourist site popular with crocodiles, shrimps and eels in watercress ponds. Other sights include monkeys in the riverine forest and several birds.

Also visit Black River Gorge National Park, the largest park in Mauritius famous for its spectacular waterfalls, rain forests and hiking trails into the highlands. The park is home to 6 Mauritius endemic birds and more than 150 birds in total, several monkeys play about in the lush forest.

Moka River has spectacular water falls that stream from the Moka mountain ranges. Visit Eureka Creole museum located near the river bank and enjoy the quiet ambiance of this house stocked with items used back in the colonial times. Other beautiful water falls include Rochester falls on the south coast, 293m high Tamarin falls and Charamel waterfalls set in weathered volcanic rocks in southern Mauritius.

Pamplemoussess Botanical garden is a place that you can’t miss while on holidays in Mauritius. The former private garden is now a research centre with several palm trees, spices, fish ponds, medicinal plants and relaxing sights of water lilies floating on the fish ponds.

Other interesting places worth visiting include the glass gallery, south east of Port Louis that recycles broken glass to make beautiful souvenirs and unique crafts, old sugar estates in St. Aubin, Mahebourg Museum, Grand Basin Lake, Kart Loisir park and other places. The coast is brimming with beautiful lagoons and pristine beaches where you’ll enjoy diving, sun bathing, swimming and go fishing.

Mauritius Holiday travel

Mauritius weather is never a worry to halt for holiday Mauritius tour. November to April is the dry season with warm temperatures of up to 30ºC, May to September are winter months with minimum of 17ºC in the night and early morning while afternoon are 24ºC. The best time to visit is December to March if you are looking at diving. Surfing is best in June to August when the tide is high. Enjoy sights of the dolphins, migrant sharks and other big fishes during October to April. September to November is however warm all through the day and good for city and inland tours of parks and other places.

International arrivals are handled at Sir Seewoosagur Mauritius International Airport in Port Loius. Regular flights to Europe, Africa and America are available from Air Mauritius, air france, air Seychelles and other regional fliers and aircrafts. There are cabs and taxis to transfer guests to any place.

Mauritius hotels and accommodation is available from luxury 5-five star hotels, standard-elegant hotels and budget options. Examples include Mauritius Hilton hotels, Le meridian hotels, Sun Hotels and resorts, Mauritius Veranda Hotels. Budget options include Blue lagoon beach hotel, villas Mont Choisy, hotel Mont Choisy and others. Excellent and tropical dining is offered in all hotels besides unequaled hotel service. Holidays in Mauritius are heavenly tropical paradise vacations.

Whether you are visiting Mauritius on business, honeymoon or tours, Mauritius holiday and travel packages are very important. Mauritius travel discounts are these days better but know where you should look; they usually will save you a great deal of money that you may even be capable of extending your trip for a little more days. Visualize having the capability to stay longer and relish the beauty and the hospitality of the area, just because you took a little time to uncover the cheapest price.
These stunning Islands of Mauritius are paradise on earth and conjures the images of pristine beaches with azure sea water and the magnificent backdrop of mountain ranges. Mauritius Islands are dotted with excellent attractions and provide tourists, beach lovers and the holiday makers to enjoy memorable time along the sun-kissed golden in a delightful and memorable way. Some of the excellent Mauritius tour package attractions and sights include

Port Louis is the capital city of Mauritius and is one of the most famous cities to explore as you visit to this wonderful city in this country. This amazing city is located on the west coast towards the north of the country. This city is very famous for its port as it was built by the French in the year 1735 which helped the French ships moved around the Cape of Good Hope. This city is dotted with many other attractions like Central Market, Blue Penny Museum, Royal Botanical Gardens and the beach among other attractions. Truly speaking all these attractions will truly leave you spell bound on your visit to Port Lois the capital city of Mauritius.Port Louis is also home to Mauritius International Airport located south east of the city centre and handles all Mauritius flights from Africa and other international destinations.

Grand Bay is one of the many striking beaches in the countryside. It is actually the most picturesque beaches to explore on your tour to Mauritius. This beach is very renowned for the deep sea fishing and sailing. Truly visitors folk to this country and enjoy their most memorable vacation on the beach. The beach resorts and the lip smacking sea foods are truly incredible.

Mauritius Botanical Garden also known as Pamplemousse is one of the important tourist attraction that is visited by thousands and hundreds of tourists from all over the world. It is a spectacular garden covering an area of 37 hectares with lots of beautiful flowers and endemic plants.

Ile aux Cerfs Island also known in English as a Deer Island is famous for its sandy beaches, beautiful lagoons and the opportunity that is provides to indulge is various leisure activities. It is one of the major attractions of tourists who come for Mauritius tours. Today you will find no many deers but this beautiful Island is now famous for its beautiful beaches, some of which are finest in the world.

Mauritius is also blessed with scenic waterfalls that include the famous Chamarel Waterfalls, Alexandra Waterfalls, Tamarind Waterfalls, Rochester Waterfalls, Exil Waterfalls, Chamouze Waterfalls. All these attractions have truly enhanced by the beauty of Mauritius and have helped in the inflow of tourists from all the nook and corner of the world. Come and enjoy your holidays in this beautiful country of South East Asia and take back home memorable memories to cherish and relish in forever.

Chamarel Park is an interesting place to visit on your day tours. Something truly unique about this park is the unique clay of 7 various shades. Here you can also get to enjoy the view of the lovely waterfalls, exotic flora and fauna and more of all some of the waterfalls in this park are finest in Mauritius. The crocodile Parks is another safari attraction to adventure on an evening walk.

Mauritius tour also offer wonderful opportunity for visitors to experience beauty of the spectacular islands that include Rodrigues, Tromelin, Aqalega Islands, Round Island, Ile aux Cerfs, Chaqos Archipelago and then Seychelles with which it share the relaxing ambiance. These enticing attractions are one of its kinds and are the featured attractions visitors and tourists can enjoy on their Holiday in Mauritius. Apart from leisure vacation or family holidays, Mauritius is also famous among newly wedded couples. Once you are in Mauritius, you’ll definitely forget about all about the troubled world and stress from the bustling cities elsewhere.

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