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Why Visit Mauritius?

Mauritius is a spectacular island country situated away from the southeast coast of Africa within the Indian Ocean. The country is made up of Mauritius and Rodrigues Island in addition to the external islands which together form a section of the magnificent Mascarene Islands. It is made up of majestic mountains, pristine white sand beaches, UNESCO World Heritage Sites as well as many more tourist sites that you will be able to see when you visit the country. We have highlighted for you a few ideas of the activities you can take part in while in Mauritius that will ensure that your holiday will be truly unforgettable.


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Why take a holiday in Mauritius?

Mauritius, a gleaming crystal in the aqua blue waters of the great Indian Ocean, will captivate you. The difference in colours, tastes plus cultures makes this island extremely alluring that the backdrop is set for a memorable holiday.

in this country, you have the chance to experience unmatched luxury: a degree of refinement which is simply better than that being offered in other africa holiday destinations. you will understand the genuine meaning of ‘beauty’ – a realization that will persuade you to come back to the shores of Mauritius over and again

What to see on a holiday in Mauritius?

Port Louis

The Caudan Waterfront incorporates a good selection of shops plus restaurants, and you will get a true feeling of the local artisans’ knowledge of making jewellery along with handicrafts. Shopping here is amazing; you may choose souvenirs from the tourist-only shops that are duty-free, acquiring great deals on a variety of products. You will get designer brands which you recognize, in addition to special holiday souvenirs such as recycled glass, embroidery, cut stones, basketwork and pottery that is all hand made by the local people. Carry home the Mauritius flavor through buying a couple of local dried chilies, fruit jellies, or even hand-cut plus mixed vanilla tea.

mauritius holidays photoNorth Coast

Grand Baie is where to visit for a fantastic evening out; the town has a number of great bars, clubs plus restaurants. Triolet village is home to Mauritius’ biggest Hindu temple Maheswarnath. It was constructed in 1819. Outside Baie aux Tortues town are the remains of the ancient Balaclava estate. Moving north along the coast you will find the most well-known attraction of Mauritius – the Pamplemousses Botanic Gardens, well known for its huge beautiful Amazon water lilies.

West Coast

The Casela Bird Park is situated in the Rivière Noire district. It covers an area of 25 hectares and is home to over 140 species of birds from five different continents. You will as well see fish ponds, exotic flowers, tortoises, deer as well as monkeys, across the park. For history lovers, the western coast has the remains of 3 of the best Martello Towers on the planet. A number of Mauritius finest holiday dive destinations are available just off-shore at Flic en Flac.

East Coast

In 1804, French colonists Founded Mahebourg town on the spectacular Grand Port Bay and this is among the leading fishing towns in Mauritius. Flacq village is the leading gathering place for the local residents on the east coast and it has the biggest open-air market on the island. A family holiday would not be complete minus visiting the Leisure Village Waterpark found at Belle Mare; in addition Ile aux Cerfs is a water lover’s paradise – the prettiest beach on this island which is also located here.

Which Holiday Company or Tour Operator?

mauritius holidays photoMauritius has various holiday companies . Fortunately, the largest percentage of these tour companies coordinate trips to the various tourist destinations within Mauritius hence offering tourists a chance to go to the various tourist attractions around Mauritius. Even So greatly recommend that whatever tour company you want to use, be certain that it’s actually register with the associations of tour operators in the Mauritius.

Where to Stay on a Mauritius Holiday?

There is a range of accommodation to select from in Mauritius – including small to medium-sized hotels as well as lovely villas to the high end resorts. Each of these is very welcoming, and offers outstanding qualities of services.

Mauritius has 12 main hotel groups and these include: One&Only Resorts, Accor, Constance Hotels, Veranda Resorts & Heritage Resorts, Apavou Hotels, Sun Resorts, Attitude Resorts, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Beachcomber, Lux* Island Resorts, Club Med as well as Indigo Hotels & Resorts.

The natural attraction of this country as well as the tax incentives provided by the Government have likewise attracted various highly regarded international hotel chains including Le Meridien, Centara Hotels & Resorts, Four Seasons, Sofitel, Hilton, Oberoi, Intercontinental as well as Maritim.

Additional accommodation includes: Coin de Mire, Maritim, Heritage Awali Golf & Spa Resort, Tamassa – An All Inclusive Resort, Veranda Pointe aux Biches, Heritage Le Telfair Golf and Spa Resort, Jalsa Beach Hotel & Spa, Emeraude Beach Hotel, Sands Resort & Spa and Le Meridien Ile Maurice

When to Go on a Holiday in Mauritius?

Mauritius relishes a somewhat moderate climate. Despite the fact that temperatures are somewhat reasonable all year round with irregular rainfall, the best time to go to this island are from the month of April to June as well as from September to December.

The weather in Mauritius is warm throughout the year. From November to May usually the temperatures during the day are in the high 20s as well as the low 30s. For the remainder of the year the temperatures are around 24°C. Mauritius experiences a monsoon season, but it is not as strong as in other countries. From January up to March the country receives some rainfall however the showers are generally short and heavier inland compared to the coast areas.

How much does a Mauritius Holiday cost?

Enjoy a day time Visit to the crocodile and giant tortoise Park and Nature Reserve with entrance charges 9 euro per adult, 7 euro per child (age 3-12 yrs and babies for free. The meals go between 18 – 28 euros.

Are the people of Mauritius Friendly?

mauritius holidays photoCertainly, the men and women of Mauritius are really warm and friendly. English is their official language; however you will also hear a lot of French, Urdu Creole plus Hindi, in addition to a number of various local languages. There is a remarkable mixture of cultures in this country that creates an amazing culinary experience. Test the real Creole, Indian Chinese plus European delicacies – as well as fresh local seafood as some of the highlight on your dining adventures on a Mauritius holiday.

What is the Weather like in Mauritius?

Mauritius relishes a somewhat moderate climate. Despite the fact that temperatures are somewhat reasonable all year round with irregular rainfall, the best time to go to this island are from the month of April to June as well as from September to December.

Since Mauritius is situated in the southern hemisphere, its summer plus winter months are the reverse to Europe’s seasons.

Summer Season starts in November to April

The weather is generally hot and humid throughout these months, with the highest temperatures being experiences in December, January as well as February.

There is plenty of Rainfall, particularly on the central plateau. in the months of February plus March is when the highest amount of rainfall is received.

Daylight hours usually start from 5.30am up to 7.00pm.

This is the most ideal time to go scuba diving and deep-sea fishing particularly from December up to March.

The cyclonic season runs from November up to April. Usually, the cyclones find a way of avoiding Mauritius due to the small size of this island. But, in case they come near enough, the terrible weather could affect the vegetation as well as a couple of wooden buildings. Please be assured that beach resorts have been built in a way that they can withstand the intense cyclonic winds.

Winter Season starts in May to October

mauritius holidays photoThe temperatures are cooler in this season, and existing winds often blow over this island from east to south-east.

The minimum temperatures are experienced in August (at 20°C along the coast). the Daylight hours usually begin at 6.45am up to 5.45pm.

This is the most ideal season for those surfing (from June up to August).

The central plateau, which is approximately 600m above sea level, experiences its average daytime temperature between 20°C in the month of August and 26°C in the month of February.

Along the coast, the temperatures are somewhat higher by about 3 to 5 degrees.

The northern as well as the western areas of the island are generally warmer and drier compared to the eastern plus the southern regions.

Despite Mauritius being a very small island, it is renowned as the Indian Ocean’s paradise, with magnificent attractions to be enjoyed on this island. Its wide strips of white sand beaches and the wonderful sunshine have made it a favorite destination to many travelers. Detailed below is a list of some of the prominent attractions that can be enjoyed in Mauritius.

Things to do in Mauritius

  1. Visit Port Louis

Port Louis is the biggest city in Mauritius as well as the capital city and should top the list of places you must visit. There are numerous activities to get involved in while here that you would need more than one day to fully explore all of it. If you are looking for something to do while in Mauritius, you can go to the breathtaking central market or bazaar. While here, you will see a number of arts, spices, souvenirs, crafts, locally grown vegetables, local products as well as exotic foods. Port Louis is also famous for its low priced clothes. A few of the locally made or imported items from China or India will definitely give you your money’s worth. The owners of the shops here, the locals purchase their own items for example teas as well as curry. The theatre scene in Port Louis is amazing and while there, you could indulge and have a great time. Choosing to spend a day in Port Louis will be very memorable since it is among the great places to visit in Mauritius because of its uniquely beautiful traditions as well as cultures.If you would like to visit Port Louis, you can reserve a full-day guided trip of the place, and this we really encourage.

  1. Check out the Dutch ruins and the Balaclava ruins

For the history enthusiasts, a few of the Island ruins should obviously be a part of your Mauritius trip.  Initially an ancient estate; the foundation of the Balaclava ruins were established by Mahe de Laboudonnais. The initial sea walls that guarded the estate can still be seen today. It is adjacent to the Baie aux Tortues, a name gotten from the numerous tortoise that were within the area.One of the places to go to while in Mauritius are the Dutch ruins. The original Dutch fortifications were these Dutch ruins. This site still has an ongoing excavation which is captivating to look at. The location of these ruins is at the Vieux Grand Port, Mauritius’ oldest settlements.

  1. Try Deep Sea Fishing

Deep sea fishing is among the most popular activities to take part in while in Mauritius.

There are a number of types of big fish in the surrounding sea for example sharks, blue and black marlin, yellow tuna and different types of barracuda among others. The Marlin World Cup takes place off the Mauritius Island annually from February to March. There are numerous world records for fishing for instance Bonito, becune, Marko shark, blue shark as well as white tuna. A number of other catches try to compare with the record ones. Almost all the hotels are equipped with fishing boats for rent so that you can have an unforgettable experience. Travelling to Mauritius involves all water sports but make sure to include deep sea fishing.

  1. Check Out Aapravasi Ghat And Le Morne Cultural Landscape

These two were declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites are a must see while you are in Mauritius. Aapravasi and Le Morne Cultural Landscape are two stunning places that you have to visit while in Mauritius. Aapravasi Ghat used to be a landing site for contracted slaves majorly from India in the 19th century after the eradication of poverty of slavery in 1834. It is a captivating part of the country’s history. The Le Morne Mountain and Aapravasi Ghat are fascinating sites which is one of the reasons you should visit them when you travel to Mauritius.

  1. Head To Caudan Waterfront

The Caudan Waterfront is a great rendez vous spot for the natives as well as lovers. It has an excellent shopping area. While here you will also be entertained by street performers, a beautiful landscape, a diversity of food as well as numerous shops. There are a number of historical buildings you can tour on the waterfront such as the Mauritius Natural History Museum, the Blue Penny Museum as well as the Stamp Museum. The museums should be top priority on your itinerary of places to visit in order to learn about the past of this beautiful country. The Blue Penny Museum has a number of unique stamps like the penny orange and the blue penny which date back to 1847 and are a few of the most rare stamps around the globe. Caudan Waterfront is comprised of restaurants and shops which make for an excellent place to take a stroll during the day and absorb the beautiful culture.

  1. Travel to the Black River Gorges National Park

Another amazing activity to do while in Mauritius is touring the Black River Gorges. Established in 1994, this phenomenal national park that covers 6,574 hectares was built to safe guard the surviving native forest of Mauritius. You will be able to see a conservation area, breathtaking landscapes that have native plants, rare species of birds and rare orchids at the Black River Gorges National Park. Go travel with a Get Your Guide book to come across several rare wildlife species at a close range and enjoy the amazing scenic views.

  1. Check Out China Town

While you are visiting Port Louis, you can pass by another popular Mauritius gem, China Town. There are a number of restaurants and shops with their rare culture as well as flavor that is unique to this place. Pharmacies in this place are equipped with both traditional Chinese medicine and modern medicine that you may want to give a shot. There are numerous vendors as well as shops that sell local food stuff including fish balls in addition to chow mein.

  1. See the sights of Domaine du Chasseurhas and Domaine des Grand Bois

For an additional unique idea on what you can do while in Mauritius, Domaine du Chasseurhas and Domaine des Grand Bois are some of the sites you may wish to consider. You can pass your day at this magnificent place that is covered with luxuriant vegetation. You may come across many endangered bird species such as the kestrel. The Anse Jonchee hills are where you can find them. Make sure you luxuriate in the amazing scenic sea views as you indulge in a tasty sea food delicacy or venison together with a drink from a local diner.

  1. Experience Local Culture In Mahebourg

Your trip to Mauritius will be incomplete without travelling to the slightly primitive south section of the island. Most of this section does not have a beach therefore it is not as popular as the rest of the island and hence is underdeveloped. This has left it as the unprogressive part of Mauritius however it is an excellent spot to get a great insight in to the authentic Mauritian life. It has beautiful scenery and a few of the most untamed landscapes in Mauritia alongside the coastal road from Souillac to Le Morne. You will also get a glimpse of the Mauritian charm called Ile aux Aigrettes, the spectacular Lion Mountain as well as the town of Mahebourg on the roadside while you travel that you might want to tour. Since it is among the major fishing areas of the nation, Mahebourg is situated in the southern part of Mauritia on the beautiful Grand Port Bay.  It is truly among the places you should visit while in Mauritius in order to appreciate the true Mauritians with little external influence. The Market of Mahebourg is a spectacular experience and you will come across numerous items including local art and crafts, fresh fish, tropical fruits and vegetables, teas, spices among others. Here you can take part in a few of the native traditions and customs. Mahebourg is among the Mauritius attractions that is a must-see, have a fun day walking around the market and then have a delicious lunch of the local Creole lunch.

  1. Spend A Day At Casela Wildlife Park And Yemen Reserve

Another very popular sight in Mauritius is the Casela Wildlife Park. This natural reserve has recorded over 140 bird species from the different continents. It also inhabits fish ponds, monkeys, deer, lions, tortoises, tigers among others. Another nature reserve you can visit is Yemen Reserve. It is not as big as other reserves on this island however you will enjoy it. You will get the opportunity to get near the animals such as the deer plus other animals in addition to the diversity of plants on the island. It has breathtaking view of the open sea.

  1. Have A Good Time At The Beach In Flic En Flac

An alternative must see place on your to do  list while in Maritius is the Flic en Flac. It is situated on the Island’s west coast and is well-endowed with a few of the most breathtaking beaches that have made Mauritius popular. The distance from the hotels to the beach is within walking distance and it offers all the comfort required to turn it into a place that you wish to spend your days of resting at. Luxuriate in a soothing spa and have a sip of some of the popular Green island rum or local iced Phoenix beer from a few of the bars outside after spending the whole day playing within the ocean.

  1. Explore Ile Aux Aigrettes

As you are touring the southern section of Mauritius, one of the important areas to tour is Ile Aux Aigrettes. This small island is comprised of calcified coral reef slightly covered with soil and sand. It is popular worldwide because the plants in this area are unique to this place and cannot be found anywhere else in the world. It was announced as a nature reserve in 1965. There you will get a chance to see a few of the most unique birds internationally including the pink pigeon as well as the kestrel. Some of the animals that can be found here include the green Gecko Phelsuma plus the Aldabra giant tortoise. The Mauritius Wildlife Fund has designated the whole of Mauritius Island as a world renowned standard for the preservation of threatened animal species as well as natural resources. If you would like to splurge a little bit on yourself, you can look at the amazing elegant relaxation tour at Ile Aux Aigrettes that covers drinks activities as well as your lunch.

  1. Head To Grand Bay

If you would love to have a truly entertainingday, the locals will recommend you pay the Grand Bay a visit. Here you will come across magnificent restaurants, bars in addition to great places for shopping.The La Cuvette beach is an excellent spot to unwind and make the most of your trip. This is a top tourist destination and you will come across a number of magnificent Mauritius charms.

  1. Relax at Souillac in Savanne

Souillac is another good idea of an area to visit while in Mauritius. This seaside resort is tiny and is situated off the rough coast of the district of Savanne. The perfect way to know more about the resort is on a two wheeler. From here, you will be able to get familiar with the locals and also enjoy the views. This place is popular for its garden that has a view of the sea from the village’s southern end. It is after its founder Dr. Charles Telfair that it was named. Generally, Mauritius is among the most remarkable nations you could ever see. It does not matter what you are interested in, it will be there whilst you are enjoying the best vacation there is.

  1. Scuba Dive In Blue Bay Marine Park

Blue Bay is among the most famous areas to visit in Mauritius for travelers. Its pristine beautiful beaches coupled with its spectacular waters make it the perfect destination for you to enjoy your vacation and spend most of your time. The Blue Bay Marine Park is situated on the south eastern part of Mauritius and is strategically located close to numerous hotels as well as the airport. You can easily walk from the Blue Bay Marine Park to these places.It is a stunning place to surf, scuba dive, sail, snorkel as well as any other water sports you might be interested in or just enjoy a beautiful day under the sun with a cold drink. This would be a great way to kick back and unwind.

There are more than 50 distinct types of corals, a few species are very unique, in a rare network of reefs that prevent the waves from the ocean from reaching the bay. There are numerous different fish types in the less deep waters that will provide you with an unforgettable diving or snorkeling experience. If you are not good at diving but still want to try it out, you can start with a beginner’s dive at Grand Bay. Above the marine park is ‘Ile Deux Cocos’, a small island inside the lagoon that is also a must see while you are around this place.

  1. Tour the Martello Towers

The Martello towers should also be added to your list of what you can do while in Mauritius. The Martello towers are the place where an old time rivalry took place between the ancient colonial powers plus mankind’s ingenuity. It signifies the discontinuation of slavery and the start of immigration of Indians. This site is genuinely symbolic and is among the most significant activities to take part in while in Mauritius.

  1. Visit Champs De Mars

Champs de Mars is a very famous tourist destination in Mauritius for both the international and local people. It is among the oldest horse racing tracks in the whole world and in the southern region it is the oldest. You should also make sure to pass by the Pample-mousses which are among the greatest botanical gardens in the world. You will enjoy a beautiful day sightseeing as well as eating the amazing Creole food.

  1. Enjoy The Breathtaking Landscape Of Chamarel

Visiting the chamarel is an additional wonderful thing you can do while in Mauritius. This place has a few stunning colored soils which you should not miss out on seeing. It displays the mountainous landscape of multiple and contrasting color shades, which colors are believed to have resulted from the volcanic ash erosion such as the yellows, reds, greens and blues. The Chamarel waterfalls that arise from the moors are close by and they show a lot of native flora. Following your excursions of the area during the afternoon, the Chamarel village should be your next stop over. Here, you can take part in enjoying the local dishes as you look at the setting of the sun across Le Morne and above the Indian Ocean on the Southern side of the Island. The perfect way to spot the Chamarel is through participating in this grand full-day trip that practically has the area’s highlights.

  1. Go to the Triolet village and visit the Triolet Shivala

Missing a tour to the Triolet Shivala would make your trip to Mauritius incomplete. Situated in Triolet, this Hindu temple is the nation’s longest village.  Constructed in 1819, this Hindu temple is the largest one in the country and is dedicated to gods Ganesha, Vishnu, Brahma, Krishna, Murugan and Shiva. Touring this temple is among the things you can do while in Mauritius that will draw you closer to this country’s traditions and culture.

  1. Head out to the Flacq village and catch a glimpse of the Market Flacq

As you get well accustomed with your Mauritius trip, you surely would want to pass by the Flacq village. Flacq is situated on the East side of the country and has turned out to be among the significant villages of the region. For a number of residents within the area, this place is a meeting spot. The country’s biggest outdoor market is the Flacq Market. One of the amazing activities you would not want to miss out on doing while in Mauritius is visiting this incredibly colorful market.

Frequently asked questions on Mauritius

There is a possibility that you will ask many questions that you need answers to about your upcoming trip to Mauritius, the beautiful ‘sun kissed island’ for your next trip in Africa. Below check out a few of the questions asked most frequently about Mauritius that will enable you better understand the destination and even prepare appropriately.

Where exactly is Mauritius located?

Mauritius is about 2,400 kilometers along the Africa’s Southeastern coast and is an island found in the Indian Ocean.

How do I access Mauritius?

There are flights that go directly to Mauritius from the United Kingdom. There are round the clock flights to Mauritius operated by Air Mauritius and British Airways. The flight duration from the United Kingdom directly to Mauritius is twelve hours. Flights that are not direct can be found in different airlines.

Is a visa a requirement for Mauritius?

Whether you need a visa or not will depend on the citizenship of your passport. Visas can be obtained by applying for them back in your home country through the Mauritius embassy prior to your travel, while some citizens for instance British citizens are able to get visas once they arrive in Mauritius. The validity of this visa usually lasts three months. it is also highly recommended that your passport should be valid for at least six (6) months from your intended date of departure from Mauritius. The passport booklet should also have at least two blank leaflets in it. We highly recommend that you consult with the Mauritius Embassy back in your home country to get more detailed information regarding the specific visa requirements for your country.

What currency is used in Mauritius?

(MUR) Mauritian Rupee is the currency used.

Is it possible for me while on the Island to change currency?

On the island, it is usually not that hard to change US dollars, euros, and local sterling for Mauritian Rupee. You can also make cash withdrawals from the ATMs there.

While on Mauritius, can i be able to make use of my credit card?

Many of the hotels and a number of restaurants can allow you to make purchases while using credit cards. Although having cash with you is a better idea for tipping of staff.

What is the language used on Mauritius?

In Mauritius, the formal language used is English however French and Creole are spoken on a wide scale as well. for that reason, holidaymakers will have easy communication with the local people as well as the persons they will be in contact with through their safari.

At what age is it legal to drink alcohol?

For one to take alcohol in Mauritius, you need to be eighteen years and above.

Can one access Wi-Fi on this island?

Majority of the hotels, bars and restaurants offer Wi-Fi connections.

Will I be able to access my phone?

It is recommendable to buy a SIM card that is pre-paid while on your tour to steer clear of an obnoxious bill because the roaming charges on Mauritius are quite high.

Can I have my laundry done in Mauritius?

Yes, laundry services are offered by most of the hotels and resorts in Mauritius, however the service is offered at a small charge. for that reason, we recommend that you consult with the hotel reception or concierge to know the cost of this service beforehand.

Is Mauritius Safe ?

The crime status on Mauritius is low and therefore it is safe to travel there. Nonetheless, petty crime just like any place is also visible on this island so we advise you to be vigilant of bag snatchers and pick-pocketers plus you should also act in a sensible way. Avoid exposing your valuable items such as phones, camera and laptops so as not to attract attention of wrong doers. Also do not move with so much cash on you or expensive jewelry especially when moving to the busy town centers; keep them locked up in your safe box in the hotel.

Does the Island have plenty of sights to see and activities to do?

This island is a sanctuary for amazing things that you can see and activities you can do. Apart from leisurely passing time on the beaches of white-sand, you could have also fun snorkeling and doing alternative water sports, shop from souvenir shops and boutiques, eat from restaurants of good quality, roaming the historic sites for example the Government House and the Fort Adelaide plus this is just for the beginners.

What electricity Voltage does Mauritius use?

The power supply in Mauritius runs on a 230 Volts while the sockets use the 3-pin British standard plugs. We highly recommend that anyone visiting Mauritius packs an adopter. Many hotels and resorts claim to provide them, however we advise that you carry your own to be on a safe side.

What electronics can I pack when visiting Mauritius?

You can carry most of the electrical gadgets into Mauritius such as Laptops or Tablet, Cell Phone, Electronics Chargers, Camera, Electric Toothbrush and above all a travel Adapter.

What vaccines do I need when visiting Mauritius?

Mauritius is considered a malaria free destination, and there are no formal vaccines required this island country however we highly advise that you visit your physician back home and share with them your travel plans so that they can recommend on any recommended vaccines or medication you may need. a tetanus shot is recommended prior to your travel.

Is tap water safe to drink in Mauritius?

Tap water is considered safe to drink here, however if you can get bottled drinking water, it is better recommended during your stay on this island country.

Can I drive a car while in Namibia?

Only persons who are above twenty one (21) years old and with a valid national driving license can be accepted to drive. Self drive safaris in fact will give you a very unique perspective of the country and they are a cheaper way to get around considering the fact that the price of fuel in the island country is generally low. So for someone interested in some more adventure, this will surely be a good way to go. None the less please take time and read through the different traffic rules and regulations to follow while on road.

Where to stay in Mauritius?

When planning a holiday one of the very fundamental aspects that requires a lot of attention is finding the right place to stay. Fortunately, Mauritius offers a wide variety of accommodation facilities ranging from the very affordable budget facilities, the mid-range facilities and then the luxury facilities available for persons willing to pay some extra cash. The coastal regions are crowded with different hotels and resorts so where you stay will basically depend on your safari budget.

When is the Best time of the year to visit Mauritius?

You can tour Mauritius throughout the year because of its moderate tropical climate. Nevertheless, the tourist season ranges from October up to April because this is the time the weather is usually humid, wet and hot. The drier and cooler months with a low season are from May up to September.

How is Mauritius weather?

Mauritius is situated southwestern in the Indian Ocean and it experiences a tropical climate which is considerably affected the south-east trade winds. It is generally warm and pleasurable all year round with the temperatures of the water in the Indian Ocean being conducive for swimming.

So when you are thinking of when to visit the country, it will greatly depend on the activities you are planning to engage since Mauritius is considered to be an all year round holiday destination.

In the month of February Mauritius experiences the warmest weather while the coastal areas experience the warmest weather in July. Generally the northern and western parts of the island country are drier and warmer as compared to the southern and eastern part.

The summer in Mauritius (peak tourist season)

from the month of October to April, its considered summer time in Mauritius and it is the best time to enjoy a beach holiday as a couple, group of friends or even as a family. At this time of the year, the days are hot and longer and the breeze from the ocean is very pleasant and refreshing offering the perfect swimming conditions. There is a very large number of holidaymakers who visit the island country during summer especially to enjoy the beaches and it’s for this reason that it is regarded as the peak tourist season. This results in a high demand on accommodation which results in higher accommodation prices. Tourists planning to visit the island country are highly recommended to book their accommodation at least six (6) months earlier.

Some of the activities to enjoy during the summer season in Mauritius include: swimming, enjoying the island beaches, scuba diving, wind surfing, parasailing, kayaking, water skiing and diver propulsion vehicle. From December to March, divers get the clearest waters and anglers will get the best fishing opportunities from October to April.

The Cyclone Season

As the year progresses towards the end of the month of December up to March, its referred to as the cyclone season and we should inform you that over the past couple of years, Mauritius has been hit by large cyclones during this season.

The winter season in Mauritius (off Peak Season)

From July to September, Mauritius is experiencing cooler temperatures for most of the days and you will realize that you actually do not need the air conditioner. The rains are mainly received in the evening or experienced as a short rain shower in the day. this is considered as the off peak season with less tourists visiting the country which puts several accommodation  facilities out of business leading to a number of them offering special discounts. Taxi fares as well as commodity prices at the shops can all be bargained with.  Fortunately, there aren’t any cyclones hitting the island country during this season.

Some of the fascinating activities you can engage in during the winter season are mainly the inland activities such as: quad biking, sightseeing, hiking, wildlife viewing, birding and trekking. Because the morning and afternoons are sunny, it surely is not all bad news for holidaymakers. Surfers for instance are recommended to enjoy the beaches from June to August as the waves are very good especially along Mauritius’ western coast in Le Morne and Tamarin.

What to pack on a safari in Mauritius?

anyone who has been to Mauritius will surely tell you that the island country is very beautiful with pristine beaches and white sand, in fact, you will not need to pack so much for your holiday but would want to ensure that your suitcase has everything that you will need. We highly advise all holidaymakers visiting the country to park light and use a sizeable duffel bag.

The most appropriate Clothing, shoes and additional gear

Being an island country, you will surely have to carry a number of beach clothing; however do not forget to carry some formal clothes especially for the dinners since most of the hotels and resorts have a particular dress code they follow. It is a good practice to always consult with your hotel during the time of reservation to know what special requirements they have in terms of dress code.

There are a number of textile industries as well as boutiques so in case you need to buy some additional clothing such as beach wear, polo shirts, dresses, shorts, pullovers, shirts, trousers and t-shirts, you will find the readily available.

below is the clothing packing list









Dress Shirts


Casual Shirts




cotton Gloves

enough Underwear including bras and socks.





Small Umbrella

Strong Hiking Boots with ankle support / comfortable Sneakers

A small Bag to carry your personal belonging that you would want to take with you during the day

Leisure Shoes such as flip flops or sandals to wear while back at the hotel

A wallet or Purses or money belt

Toiletries such as Toothbrush, Dental Floss, Soap, Shampoo, Toothpaste, Deodorant, Conditioner, Facial Cleanser, Hair Brush, Moisturizer, Shaving Supplies, Contact Solution, Makeup and Makeup Remover plus additional Feminine-Hygiene Products for the ladies, Styling Tools, Contact Lenses, Nail Clippers, Tweezers, Face Lotion, Hand Sanitizer

A personal first aid kid including your Medical Supplies (with a copy of the prescription from the doctor) other items to include in your kit include: Band-Aids, pain tablets, eye drops, sunscreen with a high SPF factor; heartburn relief; hand sanitizer; chapstick; itching spray to cater for bug bites and an antiseptic cream.

Outdoor equipment such as snorkeling wear so that you are sure of the quality and also able to save on charges of hiring such equipment.

I should point out that in case you need some medication while in Mauritius there are a number of pharmacies across most of the large cities so you can inform your tour guide or the hotel staff so that they offer you directions.

Photo Equipment:  in order to carry with you all your good memories on your holiday in Mauritius, we recommend that you bring a camera with you and if you can bring one that can captures photos underwater, then the better. It’s highly recommended that you bring several SD cards or films plus any other form of storage to enable you take as many photos as you want. Do not forget to take your camera charger or extra batteries to avoid any disappointments.