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Best Time To Visit Mauritius

When to visit the Island of Mauritius

The Island of Mauritius is located on the South western part of the Indian Ocean is becoming a top destination for many tourists who want to relax as they enjoy some of the top tourist destinations in the country. The country is an all year round destination due to the weather conditions that are experienced in the country. Mauritius also experiences two seasons that is the winter season and the summer season and these two seasons all have the different activities that you can carry out when you visit the country.

The best time to visit the Island of Mauritius is highly determined by the activities that you would like to carry out while in the country and that is why it is advisable that you first confirm whether it is safe for you to travel to the country at your desired time. Each season has its advantages and disadvantages and so before you visit the country you should first put into consideration the factors that affect both the seasons and then decide when you should visit Mauritius.

The winter season in Mauritius

The Island of Mauritius as earlier on noted has two seasons that is the summer season and the winter season and the winter season is experienced in the months of July to September. It is a good time for all tourists who want a peaceful holiday with less interference from other tourists and all those that are on a limited budget as everything during this period is a bit low and you can actually get a chance to bargain with most of the service providers.

During the winter season in Mauritius, the country receives less rainfall which is mostly experienced in the evening hours and when it rains it is always less and not heavy and during this period, there are few cyclones so tourists can get to enjoy touring the Island without the worry of cyclones.

Activities that you can carry out during the winter season in Mauritius

The winter season on the Island of Mauritius is when the Island has a low humidity rate and most of the activities that are carried out during this time are mostly inland activities although if you are brave enough, you can still venture out and do other activities.

There are not so many activities that you carry out during the winter season but some of these are quad biking and hiking although you can also go to the beaches and enjoy some sun bathing on some of the beaches that are located in the different parts of the country. It is also the best time for you to visit all the outdoor tourist attraction sites as few people will venture out in the cold to see them.

The good thing about visiting Mauritius during the winter season is that there are a few tourists during this period and the prices on most of the services are low that is accommodation, transport and you also get to visit some of the famous places on the Island without bumping into a lot of people.

The summer season in Mauritius

The summer season in Mauritius is experienced between the months of October and April and it is the best season for all those that want to visit the different beaches and do most of the outdoor activities. The weather experienced during this season is a bit hot and you should prepare both mentally and physically for it before heading out to the different tourist destinations in the country.


Activities that can be carried out during the summer season

Some of the best activities that can be carried out during this period include diving, snorkeling, hiking and trekking, enjoying the beaches on the island, fishing which is mostly carried out in the months of October to April and all the other outdoor activities that you can get your hands on.

When to visit Mauritius according to months

After looking at the two seasons that are experienced in Mauritius, it is also much safer to know the weather that has been experienced in the different months on the Island so that you plan accordingly as to when to visit Mauritius.


January experiences both the sunny and rainy season and once in a while there are also cyclones experienced within the month. It is considered to be one of the wettest months and you will also experience a few thunderstorms once in a while. Most of the outdoor activities cannot be carried out in January although some days are sunny allowing tourists to get out and go enjoy some beach time with their family and friends.


February is considered to be one of the hottest months on the Island and you will need to put on some light clothes, sun block so that you avoid being sun baked while touring the Island and then July comes in with some of the cooler weather. The rains are received during this period are not heavy and they do not last for long.



March also has almost the same temperatures as February. One of the most anticipated activities during February is the Holi festival where the Indians who make up the largest part of the Island get into the streets to celebrate the day of color with different vibrant colors. There might a few showers of rain experienced but the experience will be worth it.


This month marks the end of Mauritius summer season and it is considered to be the best month for tourists who would love to go to the beach. There are a few times that the month receives rainfall but it is also the beginning of the dry season.


May is considered to be the start of the winter season but you will barely feel the winter season during this month. The sun is still up in May and the temperatures are neither too hot nor too cold as they oscillate in between.


The wind currents start to get strong within this month and the temperatures drastically cool down. There are also some cyclones that are experienced on the island in June although they have taken sometime without happening. There are few tourists during this time and you will be able to get some of the best packages cheaply.


July is a winter month on the Island and compared to other countries that experience the winter, it is not too cold in Mauritius. It is considered to be the coolest month throughout the year and the northern part of Mauritius is the best place for you to be throughout the year.


August comes in with the school holidays and within this month the temperatures are a cool due to the cyclones that normally affect the island in the prior months. Most of the people will be putting on coats almost throughout the month but it is still not a bad month for you to visit the Island.



September receives one of the hottest hours in the year and despite the heat, it is still a good time for tourists to go out and visit the Island. It is a dry month which means that most of the outdoor activities like trekking, hiking, going to the beaches and exploring the different national parks on the island.

Mauritius in October

October is considered to be the best month for tourists to visit the Island as it falls in the winter season. There are many tourists during this period as it is also the same time as to when the schools are on holiday but note the temperatures are high in October and the prices of all the services are always high.


The rains start coming in at the end of this month but the temperatures still remain a bit high. It is still a good time for you to go to the different beaches with your family as you also get to enjoy the cool weather setting in at the end of November.


The month of December marks the beginning of the rainy season in Mauritius and this is mostly experienced in the summer season. The rains are not all that heavy but they help cool down the hot temperatures. December is also a busy season as the Christmas season approaches and tourists are advised to book early so that they get the best services. Between the months of December to march, the country is known to experience cyclones and although they have taken a long time without happening, most tour guides still think it is not a good time for tourists to visit for just in case the cyclones start happening again.