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Exploring Chamarel, Mauritius

Chamarel is found along the western coast of the Island of Mauritius. It is one of the top tourist destinations in the country due to the various attractions that are found in the Chamarel region and the exciting activities that you can carry out while here. There are a few questions that are asked so that they get to know what to expect when they get to Chamarel and some of these questions have been listed below with a summary of answers so that you are ready for whatever you will find at Chamarel.

chamarel falls mauritius

There are several activities that you will be able to carry out while in Chamarel and some of these include camping, animal and bird viewing, trekking and hiking, a photo safari, exploring the Chamarel waterfalls and the land of seven colors among others.

Chamarel Camping Adventure

Chamarel is surrounded by a lucrative forest which offers some of the best camping sites in Mauritius. The Tree Lodge and the Lakaz Chamarel are also some of the accommodation facilities that offer camping services. You will however need to find out what you need exactly for your camping experience to be lit.

Chamarel Safety

Chamarel is safe as there is enough security in the area but just like any other part of the Island, you should not travel with your valuables in order to be on a safe side. You will however need to go with a tour guide so that you ensure that everything is indeed okay.

Birds and wildlife in Chamarel

Yes you will be able to see them although most of them are found in the Black river Gorges National park which is located in close vicinity of Chamarel. A few birds can also be seen lounging next to the waterfalls and you will be glad to know that most of the wildlife that you will see are endemic to the Island of Mauritius.

Getting to Chamarel

There are several ways in which you can get to Chamarel and its all up to you too choose  which type of transport means you will use to get there. The popularly used means to get to Chamarel include the following:

By road,

you can either hire a car and self-drive to Chamarel or you can as well use a bus or any means of road transportation hired out by your tour operator that is taxis, buses or any other that you are comfortable with. There is a bus that takes tourists to Chamarel from Brabant so you can also catch this one so that you get to Chamarel on time.

Using a train,

the train rail system in Mauritius is not all that developed like the other transport means but there is however a train that goes to Chamarel although its major stop is before you actually get to Chamarel and this means that you will have to hire a taxi to take you for the rest of the journey.

 Tourist attractions in Chamarel

The different tourist attractions that are worth exploring plus the activities that you can carry out while there include the following:

Land of seven colors in Chamarel

The Land of seven colors got its name due to the different colors that are found in the soil and some of these colors include red, blue, green, yellow and others and it is best seen in the morning when the sun is just rising as this is the right time to actually see all the colors in the soil. There is no way you can visit Mauritius and fail to go to this wonder of nature and experience paradise in Chamarel. Before you get to the soils, you will need to get test tubes that you will use to collect the soil as a souvenir. Getting there is easy as you will have to use a 4×4 wheel car and trek for the rest of the way until you get to the real place and do not forget the camera to crown off your trip to Chamarel.

Black River Gorges National Park

The Black River Gorges National Park is found near Chamarel and it is the largest National Park in the country. It has a lot endemic tree species and a few endemic wild life that makes it a paradise to visit.  Some of the activities that you can carry out while here include:

  • A photo safari

    , the unique flora that is found in the Park is worth exploring and you do not want to go back without at least taking as much photos as you can as a good memory of your trip.

  • Trekking and hiking,

    this activity will take you to the different parts of the National Park that is the waterfalls and you will also get to see and explore the whole Park from a different angle.

  • Go for birding,

    birding excursions in the park are mostly done in the morning and these are carried out almost every day. You will need to carry your birding equipment as you will get to see some of the rare bird species in the National Park.

  • Camping,

    you will also have a chance to enjoy some camping while exploring the Black River Gorges National Park and you should be ready for a night out in the wild which means that you should prepare appropriately.

Chamarel waterfalls

The Chamarel waterfalls are a top tourist attraction that is found in Chamarel and should be visited by every tourist who goes to Mauritius


The waterfalls are considered to be one of the beautiful waterfalls in the country and they fall for about 83 meters. The falls are at their fine glory during the rainy season but they can still be visited at any time of the year for as long as you have a tour guide leading you. You will have to trek to the waterfalls form the land of seven colors and since the hike route is a bit hard to tackle, you should put on appropriate clothes and shoes and do not forget to take lots of water with you and a camera.

Alexander waterfalls

The Alexander waterfalls are located within the black gorges National Park and one of the many waterfalls within the country. They are a 500 feet waterfall and the one best way that you can get to them is by trekking to the falls and once you get there, you will have a clear view of the whole Black River Gorges National Park and the unique tree species surrounding the waterfalls.

Rhumerie De Chamarel

The Rhumerie De Chamarel is a distillery where you get a good taste of the Rum that is produced in the country. It is not only a favorite for everyone who wants to have a taste of the Rum but also those that want to know how it is made. The distillery makes about nine different types of Rum and these can be tasted after the tour. The tour around the Rhumerie goes for about 450 Mauritius Rupees and during the peak season, you will have to wait in order to be shown around since most of the guides in the distillery do not use English.

Curious Corner of Chamarel

The curious corner of Chamarel is the perfect place for you to take your children while on a tour to Mauritius. It is filled with illusions that will keep the children busy as you enjoy a Rum tasting experience just nearby.

The different tourist attractions that are found in Chamarel will keep you on your toes and you are ensured of having a fun trip while in the country. There is no best time for you to explore all the above because Mauritius is an all year round destination but it will be better if you talk to your tour guide or go to the website to find out the best time to go to Chamarel.

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