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Cheap Holidays In Mauritius

Mauritius is a top destination for many tourists and its strategic location along the Indian Ocean make it more interesting as everyone wants to at least get a good feel of the Island which is located not far away from the famous Madagascar Island. There are many tourist destinations that are located in the country but it is mostly famous for its relaxing beaches and many honeymooners can be seen lounging around the Island in their desired tour destinations.

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As many tourists get to know about Mauritius and put it on their list as the next country to visit, many of the services that are provided that is transport, food, accommodation rise due to the increase of tourists which makes visiting the country a little bit expensive. But there are several ways in which you can travel to the country without spending so much on all the mentioned above services and that is what the article is going to look at today. You can definitely save on a lot while in Mauritius starting with the list below.

Cheap Accommodation Mauritius

save on accommodation,

even though there are many accommodation facilities on the Island, most of them are mid-range and luxurious hotels and it is better if you look out for budget friendly accommodation facilities so that you stick to your budget and avoid spending more than what you have.

Cheap Transport Mauritius

Save on transportation,

it is expensive for one to fly into Mauritius especially if you have booked a round trip with the airlines and if you cannot afford it, then it is cheaper to get flights from the neighboring Islands.

Once you get into the country, travelling becomes easy and this is because of the small nature of the Mauritius Island. Transport within the country is cheap and you will be able to travel cheaply for as long as you bargain a bit about the fare of the taxis. It is however cheap if you hire out a car and self-drive yourself around the Island.

Cheap Food In Mauritius

Save on food,

instead of eating out in restaurants that always have expensive food, it is better if you get your food from the many food trucks and shacks that are normally found along the beaches. Their food is cheap and yet they sell all kinds from Mauritian local special foods to fast foods.

When to visit Mauritius cheaply

The best time for all tourists to visit Mauritius is during the winter season which is experienced from the month of May to October. The weather is extremely good during this period and although it is the best time, it is not the peak season and the crowds are less meaning most of the prices on everything will be low. The peak season comes in between November and April and there will be large crowds and not forgetting a hike in the prices during the peak season.

Travelling to Mauritius can be cheap for all those travelling on a fixed budget and this is because most of the tourist attractions that are found in Mauritius do not require an entrance fee which makes it easy for all tourists travelling on a budget to go out and have fun at the numerous tourist destinations located on the Island. Below are some of the destinations that you can be visited even when you have a low budget but want to explore what the Island has to offer.

Explore the Chamarel

Start your exploration of the Mauritius Island with a trek to the Chamarel water falls. These are believed to have been formed thousands of years ago and are part of what will make your trip to the Island memorable. Near the waterfalls you will find the seven colored grounds which are also worth visiting and to see both sites it will cost you only seven dollars which is cheap compared to other entrance fees. Both spots are worth the visit and after taking as many photographs as you want of the seven colored grounds, you can then trek up and see the magnificent falls from a different point of view.

Take a trip to the Mauritius National botanical Garden

The Mauritius National Botanical Garden is located near the capital city of Mauritius Port Louis. It is a home to some of the unique and rare endemic flora of the Island. It was opened up by a French governor about 300 years ago and it was originally opened as a leisure Park where one could enjoy the nature that the Island has to offer and it is now a conservation place where you can enjoy all the beautiful bird species and tree species all in one place.

Visit the Rochester falls

The Rochester falls are one of the best falls that you can visit while on a budgeted trip to the Mauritius Island. Due to the constant erosion and corrosion of the rocks, they are now square shaped which makes the water fall down on box like rocks and since the falls are not all that deep, one can easily swim from there and also enjoy a picnic after the long swim. Entrance to the Rochester falls is free and all you need is a 4×4 vehicle to get you to the falls and trek up the short distance to get a clear view of the falls.

Explore the many Islands in Mauritius

Even though Mauritius is an island itself, there are several mini Islands that are located within it and these can easily be visited and most of these Islands can easily be reached using a ferry. You just need to pay a small fee for the ferry for a to and fro journey on the different Islands where you will get to see untouched beauty in form of Flora and fauna and not forgetting the beaches.

Take a trip to the Le Morne Mountain

The Le Morne Mountain in Mauritius is one of the top destinations in the country but this does not mean that it is an expensive place for you to visit especially if you are on a limited budget. It was declared a UNESCO heritage after the tragic history that is attached to it. When the slaves escaped from the colonialists, they hid in the Mountain and fed off food from the nearby farms but when the slavery ended and the colonialists went up to tell them that they were finally free after the abolition of slave trade on the Island in the year 1835, many of the slaves thought they were being attacked and they jumped off the Mountain to their deaths. The Mountain is a symbol of freedom to the Mauritians and there is a trek route that leads to the top of the Mountain and although there are marked posts showing which route you should take in order for you to take it is much better if you go with a tour guide.

The hike route takes about three hours before it is complete and while on your hike, you will have a view of the underground water fall and although it will not be that impressive, it is still quite a sight for tourists who visit the Mauritius Island.

Explore Port Louis

Port Louis is the capital city of Mauritia and a one stop center for all tourists who visit the country. The Port is mostly filled with French colonial constructions that showcase the rich history of the Island. Many of the tourist attractions that are found in Port Louis offer a free entrance to all their visitors and all those who want to learn more about Mauritius’s history then the capital city is the best place for you to be. You can also go shopping in the central market that is found within the capital and here you will find almost everything that you need and at a cheap price.

Take a trip to the beaches in Mauritius

Your trip to the Mauritius Island cannot be complete if you do not go out to some of the many beaches that are located in the different parts of the Island. All the beautiful beaches that are located in Mauritius are worth visiting and you get to relax without paying a single coin for as long as you have carried your picnic and although some are congested, there are others that are not and hence you should not miss out on the beach life while on a trip to Mauritius.

Go hiking in Mauritius

Hiking in Mauritius is mostly done around the several Mountain ranges that are found on the Island which makes it easy for tourists to easily access them. The hike routs are clearly marked but you need to note that most of them are for all those that have at least prior knowledge about hiking but if you are not then you will need a tour guide who is well versed with the route to lead you on the different hike routs that are found in the country.

Go for the festivals

Mauritius is a multi- cultural country filled with different people from different walks of life and religion and all this leads to the many festivals that are held within the country. The Hindus and Muslims have their own festivals that they carry out and the same goes for the Christians but the religious festivals are not the only ones that are carried out in the country that is there are also cultural and political festivals that are carried out within the country and they are all free of charge for as long as you adhere to the rules and regulations that they put up. Pack a bag and go enjoy some of these festivals and also learn more about the cultural practices that are carried out on the Mauritius Island.

In most cases if it is your first time to visit the Island and you have a limited budget but would like to explore the Island to the maximum, you will need to get clear information on where you are going from the website and also ask around for what you can do in order to enjoy your holiday trip to the Island of Mauritius cheaply.