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Family holidays in Mauritius


Best time for a family trip to the Mauritius Island

Between the months of June to September, the Island experiences strong winds, a very cool weather and if you are to travel within these months it is advisable that you carry some warm clothes and avoid the areas that have the strong winds. Between the months of October to November and April to May, the temperatures are extremely favorable that is not so hot and not so cold making it the perfect time for a family trip to the Island.

After looking at the weather it should be noted that the activities that you intend to carry out as a family while in Mauritius contribute a large percentage as to when you should visit the Island because very season has different activities that are carried out.

No one can tell you the exact amount of time you need to spend in Mauritius as a family in order to explore all the tourist attractions but you can plan your trip by first looking at the different places that are favorable for you and your children and then consult with your tour operator on how to maximize your trip to the Island. Here is a list of the places within the Island that are favorable for a family trip.

Places to visit and things to do as a family while in Mauritius

Below is a list of a few places that you can visit and that are conducive for a family tour to the Mauritius Island. This is to help you plan your trip properly so that you know where to go first when you get to Mauritius.

A trip to the Mauritius National Botanical garden

Located next to the capital city of Mauritius that is Port Louis, the Botanical garden is a top destination for family safaris within Mauritius. It was opened up as a leisure garden by a French colonialist before it was turned into a National garden. It is filled with tree species that have been collected from the different parts of the country some of them endemic which makes it a good place for families to take a botanical nature walk through the gardens and after enjoy some quiet time while picnicking.

Enjoy a walk through Chamarel

Chamarel is located within the Black Gorges region and a top family tourist destination in Mauritius. The Chamarel region has a few things that you can check out that is the Chamarel waterfalls and the land of seven colors.

  • The land of seven colors

The land of seven colors is found in the western part of the country and a top tourist attraction that you should check out with your family. The soil found here is rich in different minerals and there are several colors that are found here and some of these include blue, yellow, red, purple, brown, violet and green. Before you head out to the Chamarel land of seven colors, you should first get test tubes so that you can scoop some of the soil as a souvenir.

  • The Chamarel waterfalls

The Chamarel waterfalls are what you can call an enchanted part of Mauritius that every tourist who visits Mauritius. You get to hike up the waterfalls and enjoy some fresh air and also enjoy a picnic after the long trek and do not forget to carry a camera so that you take as many photos as you can.

Go for a horse ride with your family

This is considered to be one of the best ways of exploring the whole country and with the many horse riding destinations that are located within Mauritius, you will not fail to go riding around and it does not matter whether you have a lot of experience in riding or just a learner. Either way you will be able to enjoy this activity with your family. Some of the horse riding destinations that you can try out with your family include the following:

  • The domaine de L’Etoile,

    this mostly has ponies and is a good place for children who want to learn how to ride. There are tour guides who will help in training the children how to ride and even those that are good at riding are always monitored so as to void accidents.

  • The Riambel beach,

    this is located at the southern part of the island and one of the places where you get to enjoy some horse riding with your family. First all getting to the ranch is magical as you the road is covered with sugarcane farms on both sides.

  • The Belle Mare beach,

    this is also a good place for tourist who want to go out for riding as a family. It is found in the eastern part of the country and has enough horses and a pony that can be ridden by both the parents and their children.

These are not the only places where you can go for horse riding with your family in Mauritius but it is better to first find out the requirements that are needed in order to participate in the horse riding excursion and after that enjoy a picnic with your family.

Explore the beaches on the Island

Mauritius is known to be an international destination for the beaches and beaches are one of the places where you get to relax and enjoy the aqua life with your family. The country is filled with numerous beaches both large and small in the different parts of the country and can easily be got to with the good transportation system on the Island. Grab some sun screen, a picnic basket and all you will need to have a fun time at the beach and hit the road to one of those many beaches in the country.

  • The Saint-Felix beach,

    this is a perfect place for tourists that have children with them while on your tour. It has a large space that can easily accommodate a family without stepping on each other’s toes.

  • The Trou d’Argent beach,

    this is found on the Rodrigues Island and a beach that should be on your bucket list when you visit Mauritius with your family.

  • The pointe D’Ensy beach,

    this is one of the most beautiful beaches and it is found in the southern part of the Island. The roads leading to the beach might not be good but the serenity at the beach will make up for it.


Waterfalls in Mauritius

Mauritius is all about beauty and with it comes some of the best natures around the world. There are several waterfalls that are scattered all over the Island and these can explored at any time of the day but as you head out to the numerous waterfalls, make sure that you carry a camera so that you get to capture all these beautiful memories that come with exploring the waterfalls. Some of the waterfalls that you can check out include the Rochester waterfalls, the Chamarel waterfall, the underwater waterfalls, the Eureka waterfall and many more others.

Accommodation for family trips in Mauritius

It is almost like every accommodation facility in Mauritius is perfect for a family holiday and all you need to do is find out which one suites your standards and your budget. The accommodation facilities are scattered all over the country in the different tourist destinations but note that you will need to book early enough so that you don’t miss out on the best deals especially during the peak season. Some of the family friendly accommodation facilities in Mauritius that you can try out include the following:

The residence,

this is located along the eastern coast of the Island and considered to have some of the best packages for families. It was constructed during the colonial times and some of the activities that you can engage in include kayaking, snorkeling, family picnics on the beach, join the sega dance which is mostly done in the evenings and also join the locals for a fishing expedition.

The Oberoi resort,

this is located in the North western part of Mauritius and a good family resort. There are also several activities that you and your family can engage in while here and not forgetting the good local cuisines that are provided at the restaurant that is located at the resort.