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Food Tours In Mauritius

Mauritius is a multi-cultural country that is filled with people from different walks of life and the food goes into the same direction. The country is filled with Hindus, Arabs, Chinese and many more other ethnic groups and all these have their favorite delicacies that they like to prepare and all these can be tasted during the food tour in Mauritius. This is where the big question comes in, “what do we understand by Mauritian food?” and this can easily be answered by saying Mauritian food is a mixture of French, Indian, Chinese, Arabic and creoles food all on one platter and who wouldn’t want to have a taste of all these?

Mauritius dishes are a delicacy that every tourist should lay their hands on and it does not matter whether the food is sold on the streets or in the numerous restaurants that are scattered all over the Island. Every country has dishes that they pride in as being some of their best and that is why while you are on a spree to taste your buds with the different dishes in Mauritius, you should try out the dishes that have been listed below if you want to try out what is considered heavenly food.

  • The Mine Frites

The mine Frites is a street food that is popularly sold in Port Louis to be exact China town. The Mine Frites are noodles fried in soy sauce with chili and onions.  Every chef or vendor adds their own ingredients making it a try worthy dish for tourists.

  • The Dholl Puri

This is the best dish for all those that are vegans. It is best prepared in Rose hill although it can be found on the various streets of the Island and a popular street food that involves ground yellow peas, pickles and chutney all stuffed in a thin fried bread.

  • The Dimsums

These are either vegetables or meat wrapped in dough and they are of Chinese origin. They are mostly served with chutney and can easily be got at the different restaurants scattered all over the Island.

  • Coconut Chutney

The coconut chutney is one of the famous spicy Mauritian food that needs to be tasted by everyone who visits the Island especially those that love spicy food.

  • The Mithai

The Mithai are an Indian dish that is prepared especially for those that love sweets. They are popular around the Island and can easily be got, so if you have a sweet tooth, make sure you do not miss a chance of getting the Mithai.

  • Sugar

Also considered to be one of the dishes you ought to taste while on a food trip to Mauritius, sugar is a delicacy many and it can be tasted in different forms and not forgetting that tasting sugar is for free.

  • The Alouda

This is a drink that is taken and enjoyed by almost all Mauritians across the Island. It is milk that is added with agar-agar, vanilla, basil seeds and these are all blended together. It comes in two different colors that is pink and green.




  • Mauritian sea food

The location of the Island makes it a perfect place for tourists to taste all kinds of sea foods. All these can either be got at the beaches, streets and restaurants scattered all over the Island of Mauritius.

These are not the only dishes that are prepared in Mauritius but this is to just keep your taste buds up as you prepare for the food trip on the Island. Ordering food around the Island is easy if you have a tour guide with you but if you are on a self-food trip within the Island, then below are some tips on food so that you can order with ease.

  • Herbs especially wild ones are known as Brede
  • Coriander is known as cot oh me lee
  • Turmeric is known as saffron
  • Tomatoes are known as pommes d’amour
  • Bread is known as dee pen
  • Hot sauce is known as sauce piment and if you do not want hot spicy food, then ask for Pah.

Food tours in Mahebourg

Mahebourg is the former capital city of Mauritius and is a top destination for all those that want t taste some of the best dishes that are prepared in the country. Walking through the city of Mahebourg is the best way for one to get a taste of at least almost everything that is either prepared along the streets or in restaurants. You will have a tour guide with you all throughout your food trip in Mahebourg and the trip normally takes half day before it is completed.

The food tours around Mahebourg are carried out both in French and English, you get to have snacks, breakfast and lunch and you will also have a chance to visit some of the major tourist attractions in the city while tasting the local Mauritius dishes like the Mahebourg waterfront and many more others.

The food tours around Mahebourg are one way for tourists to learn more about the culture of Mauritians. The tour starts late morning either at 10:00am or 11:00am and goes on for about three and half hours. Below are some points that you should have in mind before going on a food tour to Mahebourg.

  • Children are only allowed if they have an adult with them.
  • Boling is done earlier and confirmation of the food trip will be done at least two days before the set date of the trip.
  • A food trip can be done all throughout the year irrelevant of the weather.
  • They also cater for the physically disabled with wheel chairs.

Food tours in Port Louis

The food tours in Port Louis are mostly done in the central market although this is not the only place that they can be carried out from. Port Louis is the capital city of Mauritius and there are several restaurants from where you can go for a food trip but the best place to get cheap and tasty food for your tour is the streets.

All you need to do is dress up appropriately because the food trip will not be cancelled even when the weather is terrible and the trip will start from a place filled with food and that is the central Market, you will then head out to the Caudan waterfront before hitting the streets to taste some of the most refreshing dishes that are prepared in Mauritia. It is hard to find vegan food on the streets as most of the Mauritian food contains meat and therefore if you do not love meat, then this food trip around Port Louis is not for you.

Food tours to China town

Take a food trip down to china town where you will get to taste some of the best dishes that the Chinese prepare at an incredibly affordable rate. Remember that you will need a tour guide with you as you head out to Port Louis for the food trip so that they can explain the type of food that you will be tasting. The food trip to China will take about three hours and while here you will get to taste food from the different vendors and the different restaurants. All adults can go for the food trip but children can only be allowed if they are accompanied by an adult. Just get ready to mingle with the Chinese locals while you hurdle for the prices of their local dishes. Join the team and let the Chinese dishes fill your stomach and enhance your taste buds on a food trip to Mauritius.

A food trip to Grand Bay

The Grand Bay is located in the Northern part of Mauritius and a go to place for a food tour. The food trip to Grand bay will be filled with a lot of dishes as you will go from one restaurant to another getting a taste of all the dishes that are prepared in the country that is Indian dishes, Chinese dishes, Arabian dishes among other things.

Children are allowed on this excursion but only if they have supervision of their parents or any adult. And you should also first find out the type of foods that you are going to taste in case you have allergies and if you are vegan, it is best that you do not try out this food trip.

The whole Island is filled with a lot of dishes that are all just waiting to be tasted by tourists who visit the country. The main dish that is prepared on the Island is rice and it is considered to be the staple food on the Island that it can be eaten for breakfast, lunch and supper. This article is just to guide on where to go for your food tours and what to expect when you get there and although not everything has been mentioned here, you at least have something to look forward to as you prepare for your food tour around the Island.