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Top Mauritius Resort Hotels

If you have ever planned to go on a romantic holiday, Mauritius is the place where the complete island makes a huge vacation resort in exotic beaches, warm sea waters and undeniably good hotels and accommodation. The tropical island from the far eastern coastline of Africa inside the Indian Ocean is typically a holiday heaven. With all this beauty around you, don’t just choose any

Mauritius hotel


Mauritius accommodation

; look out for excellence in service, elegant rooms and dinning that suits your

Mauritius holiday budget.

There are very many accommodation options on Mauritius holidays that range from Luxury Mauritius hotels, four star hotels, beach resorts and spas, villas, self catering apartments and so much more.

Top Mauritius resorts


The Shangri-Le Touessrok Resort

The Shangri-Le Touessrok resort is located at the coast of Mauritius and it being a five star hotel, it is a good resort for tourists to try out while on a visit to Mauritius. The beauty about using this resort is the fact that it has its own two mini Islands that you get to enjoy and these are the Ile aux Cerfs and the Ilot Mangenie which is used by only the guests at the resort. It has its own spa, activities like surfing, trekking, skiing, several restaurants where you can have some of the best meals on the island and their luxurious private rooms.

The Oberoi Mauritius resort

The Oberoi Mauritius is one of the top resorts that is found on a 20 acre piece of land. Overlooking the ocean, the private rooms here are self-contained and each have a private pavilion where you can get to view some of the Ocean while still enjoying your privacy. The rooms have their private bathrooms and when you move out of your room, you will be greeted with a well-kept garden that surrounds the resort, enjoy some of the water games and the local food that is prepared at the resort.

The One & only saint Geran resort

The one & only Geran resort is located in the North eastern part of the country and one of the top resorts in Mauritia. It is located in a secret place where one can have their privacy and also get to enjoy some of the best sports around this well hidden treasure. They have a tropical garden that surrounds the resort keeping it secluded from the noise and not forgetting the private self-contained rooms each with a terrace and private balcony. The major sports that are carried out around here are water sports that is snorkeling, swimming, boat racing, fishing and many more others. You will also be able to taste some of the best local Mauritian dishes that are prepared on the resort.

The Four seasons Resort Mauritia

The Four seasons Resort Mauritius is located at Anahita and one of the top resorts on the Island. It has some of the best rooms on the Island as each accommodation facility comes with its own terrace, a private bathroom, room service and free Wi-Fi. It is also surrounded by luxurious gardens which provide the peace and tranquility that all tourists need while on vacation. They also offer food to the tourists that is both local and international and you can also get to see the Bambou Mountain that is not very far away from the resort.


The Constance Le Prince Maurice resort

The Constance Le Prince Maurice resort sits on a 60 hectares in the North eastern part of Mauritius. It has a natural fish reserve, self-contained rooms that offer all the privacy that you need and a private garden from where you can rest after a long day. It was constructed in such a way that it blocks all the heavy winds that might cause damage and you will also get a chance to enjoy a botanical around the garden.

The Lux Le Morne resort

The Lux Le Morne resort is located near the Le Morne Mountain in the south western part of the country. It is a five star hotel with private self-contained rooms and villas, restaurant where some of the best food both local and international are served, a pool where you can relax from and its location next to the UNESCO heritage site which is the Le Morne Mountain and the Le Morne beach makes it a perfect spot for tourists to have a luxurious stay while in Mauritia.

The Shanti Maurice resort

The Shanti Maurice resort has a great view of the Ocean and is filled with over 60 rooms that were constructed so that all guests at the resort have their privacy while having some of the best vies from both the Ocean and the surrounding areas. It is surrounded with sugarcane fields that add on to the beauty of the resort and while here you can also trek through the fields but after asking for permission from the owners and only if you are with a tour guide. They have a spa where you can relax from and also get to taste the food that is prepared at the different restaurants that are found within the resort.

The Constance Belle Mare Plage resort

This resort is located on the edges of a beach which adds to its beauty and as one of the best top luxury resorts in Mauritius, it offers tourists some of the best services in form of good spacious rooms overlooking the beach, the food, the spa and you will also get a chance to go for some water spots like water skiing, surfing and watching some of the best aqua life while in the warm comforts in their rooms.

The Royal Palm Hotel

The Royal Palm hotel is located in the north western part of Mauritia along the coast and one of the best luxury hotels for tourists who visit the Island. There are several activities that can be carried out while at the hotel especially water sports and on top of that you get the best rooms, services, food and also get to spend a day lounging at the beach that is filled with palm trees.

The LUX Grand Gaube

If you ever want to realize your dream of a dream get away on an island then the LUX Grand Gaube is the best resort for you to go to while in Mauritius. Located in the northern part of the country, it offers tourists a chance to get the real life experience of an Island that is from music, dancing, the food, and the activities like snorkeling and swimming to enjoying a cool night at the bars located at the resort. And since it is located near a fishing village, you will also get a chance to learn how to fish from the locals and after a long day get to rest in one of their comfortable rooms.



The St Regis Mauritius resort

Located in the south western part of the Island, the St Regis Mauritius resort is a five star resort that is part of the top resorts that are found in Mauritius. The resort has over 172 rooms that are well designed and self-contained with a great view of the Ocean, lagoon and the white sand beach that is near the resort and you can also go trekking up the le Morne Mountain that is also in close proximity of the resort.

Most of the resorts that have been mentioned in the article are luxurious resorts but besides the money you will spend while there, they are all worth visiting and you will not regret the money that you will have spent while here. It is however advisable that you ask your tour operator about them and find out more about their rated from their individual websites as the rates keep on changing depending on the dollar.