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Places To Visit in Mauritius

Tourists always imagine that Mauritius is only filled with beaches especially due to its location on the Indian Ocean but that is not the case. This majestic Island is filled with a lot of tourist attractions that are all littered all over the country and it becomes hard to choose exactly what where one should go first as every place is unique depending on what is done there and the interest of the tourist.  Below is guide to some of the places that you should visit if you plan on visiting the Island of Mauritia.

mauritius places to visit

The Chamarel colored earth

Chamarel colored earth is located in the south western part of Mauritia is found in the village of Chamarel and a tourist attraction that every tourist should visit while on the Island. The different colors that you will find here are blue, yellow, red, purple, brown, violet and green which will be seen all mixed or running into each other. Before you get to the Chamarel colored earth, you will drive through a road that is filled with pineapple and sugarcanes on both sides creating a wonderful scene and once there, you can scoop up some of the colored soils in your test tubes. These test tubes are sold so that you have a chance to take back a souvenir from the colored earth.

China town

Mauritius is a multi-cultural country and one of the groups that live in the country are the Chinese who live in china town. China town is located in the capital city of Mauritius that is Port Louis and this is the perfect place for tourists to learn more about the Chinese culture, participate in their festivals, do some shopping and also get to taste the local Chinese dishes.

The Black Gorges National park

The Black Gorges National park is located in the southern part of the Island and the largest National Park in the country. The Park is surrounded by a dense vegetation that has over 400 plant species, bird species and a home to the famous Chamarel and the Alexander waterfalls and some of the greatest trek routes in Mauritius.

The National History Museum

The National History museum in Mauritius is located in the former French guard house in the former capital city of Mauritius Mahebourg. A visit to the museum will show you the rich history of the Island from the French and British colonial times, the Dodo bird which is now extinct but was endemic to the country and other artefacts that were used to fight the enemies of the Island during the colonial times.

The Le Morne beach

The Le Morne Beach surrounds the majestic Le Morne Brabant Mountain and the two are some of the best tourist attractions that every tourist should visit while in Mauritius. The Mountain was declared as a UNESCO heritage due to its tragic history about the slaves that jumped to their deaths when the soldiers came to tell them that they were free. A hike up the Mountain to the peak will give you a clear view of the whole area after your hike you can relax at the beach with a picnic.

The Grand Bay

The Grand Bay is located in the Northern Part of Mauritius and a known stop center for tourists who visit the Island. It is a good place to carry out some shopping, enjoy a fun time at the beaches that are found in the area and also get to enjoy some water sports like skiing, swimming and kite surfing among others. There are two beaches in Grand Bay that is the La Cuvette beach and the Grand Bay beach, for all those that want a quiet and private time while at the beach then your choice should be the La cuvette since it is not as crowded as the Grand Bay beach.

The waterfalls in Mauritia

Mauritius is filled with many waterfalls all located in its different corners. The waterfalls are the perfect place for a romantic getaway and all tourists who have a keen interest in photography and enjoy all outdoor activities.

Rochester waterfalls

These are located in the southern part of the Island. Due to erosion all throughout these years, the rocks turned to rectangular blocks which make the water look like it is flowing on blocks. Since it is not all that dep, tourists can get to swim in the cold water after the hike to see the falls up close.

Chamarel waterfalls

these are considered to be some of the most visited falls in Mauritia with a drop of about 83 meters and this is because the falls are surrounded by a dense vegetation with different tee species creating a beautiful scenery for all those that love photography. The waterfalls are best viewed if you walk through the Black gorges National Park or if you hike from the seven colored earth.

beaches in Mauritius

Mauritius is well known for her numerous beaches that are located in the different parts of the island. And since they are not found in the same place, this means that you will have to visit the different points of Mauritius to enjoy beach life and believe me your trip to Mauritius will not be complete if you do not visit on any of the beaches in Mauritius and some of the best beaches here include:

Pointe D’Ensy

this is located in the southern part of the Island and it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Mauritius. It is extremely hard to get to the beach due to the bad roads leading to it but once you get there, the serenity that is provided by the beach will be enough to reduce on your stress.

Saint-Felix beach

this is the perfect beach for tourists with children to visit. It is extremely safe for children and a large space for you and your family to enjoy your day at the beach.

Gris-Gris beach

this is also located in the southern part of the country and a good place for one to relax from but due to the high temperatures that are experienced in the area, you will need to protect yourself from the sun and the heat.

Trou d’Argent Beach

the Trou d’Argent beach located in the Rodrigues Island is one of the beaches that you should explore while in Mauritius. It is a quiet beach and a very good place for one to relax while enjoying a picnic and a view of some of the aqua life around the Island.

Festivals in Mauritius

Considered to be the best way to learn about the cultural and religious life of all the people of Mauritius. These festivals are organized all throughout the year and tourists can join in the celebrations irrelevant of the religious sect or group of people organizing them although you will have to follow the rules that are set up especially when it comes to the religious festivals.

Cavadee festival

this is celebrated by the Indians in either January or February and it is the most participated in festival in Mauritius. A Cavadee is a wooden arch that the Indians carry on your backs while walking barefoot to the top of the Cavadee Mountain. Many of the people also participating in the Cavadee festival get different parts of their bodies pierced before participating in the festival.

Ganesh Chaturthi festival

this is a festival that is celebrated by the Hindus in either the month of August or September as the date keeps on changing due to the Hindu calendar. Idols of the Lord Ganesha are placed on the different River banks and others immersed in the water in worship of Ganesha.

Eid-el-Fitr festival

this is celebrated by the Muslims in Mauritius and it is always celebrated according to the Muslim calendar. It is a day of sharing and prayers and congratulating each other after the month of Ramadhan.

Diwali festival

this is a festival of light that is celebrated by the Hindus in either October or November according to their calendar. Every Hindu house puts their lights up in the evening and they are always gold to show triumph over darkness as this is the day that the dark demon Ravana was defeated by the Lord Ram.

All souls day

this is celebrated on 2nd November and it is celebrated by all Christians in Mauritius. This is the day that all Christians gather to pray for all the souls of their departed relatives and friends and many can be seen carrying flowers to the graves of the dead.

Holi festival

this is a festival celebrated by the Hindu community in Mauritius and it is all about color. The Hindus put color on their bodies and serve different types of sweets to their family and friends and it is considered to be a day of peace and happiness.

Chinese festivals

the most participated in festival is the Chinese New Year festival which is held every year. The Chinese who live in china Town in the capital city of Mauritius Port Louis can be seen putting on the color red and it is also used in decorations and this is because it is the theme color of the day and you will also see them lighting fire crackers as they usher in their New Year.

Mountains in Mauritius

Mauritius is a home to numerous mountains that are found in the different parts of the country and these include the Le Morne Mountain, the Corps de Garde Mountain, the Black river peak, the Trou aux Cerfs, the Rempart Mountain among others. Most of the Mountains that are found in Mauritius are a home to hike routes that can be used by tourist.

Note that the above are not the only places and activities that you should visit and try out while in Mauritius as there are others worth visiting but these should not miss out on your list of places to visit while on a trip to Mauritia.

Beautiful untouched nature is rarely seen due to the increased urbanozation across the world but when it comes to the small Islets and Islands that are found within Mauritius,then you will get the real feel of untouched nature that has seen less or no urbanization to it. The Islands within Mauritius are located in the different parts of the country and whereas some are easy to get to, others are extremely hard but this is all worth it as the rewards you get when you are on the Island are worth it.

St Brandon and Agalega Island

The St Brandon and Agalega islands are also known as the Virgin Islands and this is due to the fact that they are sparsely populated as compared to other Islands in Mauritius. They are extremely hard to get to and the ferry that does to the Agalega Island does this only twice a year and therefore if you want to visit the Island, you will have to time the ferry. There is however a private trip that can be taken to the St Brandon Island and it might cost you about 800,000 MURs that is Mauritian currency to go and spend a few days on the Island.

Both islands have untouched beauty that has not been tampered with by people that is both the flora and fauna and some of the activities that can be carried out on both islands include swimming, fishing, snorkeling and watching other aqua mammals among other things.

Ile Aux Aigrettes Nature Reserve

The Ile Aux Aigrettes is one of the Islands that is located in the south eastern art of the island of Mauritius. It is a home to the Ile Aux aigrettes nature reserve which can easily be got to by using a boat or one of the many cruises that take tourists around the island. The nature reserve is a home to a lot of flora and fauna which are endemic to the Island which you can get to see while there, take a swim and enjoy a picnic and other fun activities that can be carried out at the Ile Aux Aigrettes Island.

Ile du Phare, Mauritius

The Ile du Phare was the first islet to be discovered in Mauritius and this was in the year 1598 by the Dutch explorers. It is located next to the Ile aux Vacoas in the southern part of the Island of Mauritius and a known home to the Islets National park, one of the few National parks in Mauritius. Walk along the beach and find enjoy the peace and quiet that is provided by the lagoon, explore the National park and get to see the numerous flora and fauna that is in the Park and other activities that are carried out on the Island.

le Morne Brabant Island

The Le Morne Brabant Island is located in the southwestern part of Mauritius and one of the many islands in the country and it was named after the Le Morne Mountain that is found there. The Le Morne Mountain that rises to a height of over 556 meters above sea level is the main tourist attraction on the Island although you will also get to enjoy lounging on the beach that is located just below the gigantic Mountain.

The beaches that are found on the Le Morne Brabant are divided into two that is the Northern part and the southern part. The southern part is majorly visited by all those that love sports and some of the sports that you can engage in while here include kite surfing, skiing and snorkeling among others and the Northern part is visited by those that love relaxing along the beach and swimming.

The Island of Serpents

The Island of serpents is located in the Northern part of Mauritius and it was named the Serpent Island due to the huge number of snakes that used to habitate on the Island. Even though at the moment it is hard to find any snake about the Island since they have become extinct but the name still stuck and you will be glad to know that it is a one stop center for divers due to the good diving spots found here.

The Ilot Sancho Island

This is the perfect Island for all tourists who want to get away from all civilization and try out the wild side and it is an Island that has no food or water and you will need to ack a picnic for yourself if you intend to survive on the Ilot Sancho.

The Rodrigues Island

The Rodrigues Island is one of the many Islands that tourists can explore while on a trip to Mauritius. Even though it is a small Island, it has a lot to offer to all who get a chance to visit it and some of these include wind surfing, kite surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving , aqau animal watching, fishing and many more others. It is an Island that everyone can visit that is old and young people.

The Gunner’s Quoin Island

This little Islet is located in the Northern part of the Island of Mauritius and although the island is not open to the public it still a good place for tourists to check it out. There are several activities that are carried out on the Island like Snorkeling, diving and many other water activities.

The Ilot Gabriel

The Gabriel Island is located in the northern part of the country and it is an Island that is referred to as the one in all package Island. The island is all welcoming to individuals, honeymooners, family gatherings and offers activities that everyone can get involved in and not forgetting all those that want to be involved in just relaxing and enjoying the nature around the Island.

The Ile D’Ambre Island

The D’Ambre which is best known for the many lagoons that are found on the Island is considered to be one of the largest Islands in Mauritius. The Island does not have any inhabitants but there are a few structures that have been set up and these can be visited tourists on top of engaging in the different activities while on the island like kayaking, snorkeling, having a relaxed day at the beach and many more others.

The Ile Ronde Island

This is also located in the Northern part of the country filled with a lot of flora and that is why it was declared a nature reserve. Unlike other Island that are found in Mauritius, this one is a home to a lot of reptiles like the round Island gecko.

The Ile aux Flamants

The Ile aux Flamants Island is one of the many islands in Mauritius that you can visit. It is a protected area filled with palm trees that every tourist who wants to get away from all the drama in the city and it is also a known destination for most of the Catamaran cruises.

The Le Souffleur Island

The Le Souffleur Island is located in the southern part of Mauritius and it is believed to be one of the first Islands to be forms in the country. There is so much that one can do while on the island and it is all best described and experienced when one gets there and the only thing that you should go well knowing about the Island is that it will provide you with all the peace that you need if you want to relax but the best part is that you get to experience a blow hole first hand while on the Island.

The Ile Plate

For all tourists that love adventure and nature then the Plate Island in Mauritius is the right place for you to be. Diving, snorkeling, and watching the many sharks that can be found on the Island are some of the few activities that you can engage in while on the island of Mauritius and for all those that love nature, you can still walk around the Island as you admire all the untouched beauty.

The Ile des Deux Cocos Island

This is located in the south eastern part of Mauritius next to the Blue Bay Marine Park. It is almost secluded from the rest of the island and that is why it is a perfect place for all those that want some privacy while relaxing during your holiday in Mauritius.

Although not much has been written about the Islands have been mentioned in this article, more information about them is best got when you visit the Island of Mauritius and get to visit all the mini Islands that are located in Mauritius that is those that have been mentioned and others that have not and while you are it you can also explore the rest of the Island.