Port Louis Mauritius

Port Louis is the capital of Mauritius located in the Indian Ocean North West coast. As Mauritius’s biggest city and main port, the city is a vibrant commercial centre with many administrative units of Mauritius since it was established in 1735.

Historically, the Port was a major stop for merchant ships of early traders like Arabs and Portuguese on their route to the Cape of Good Hope further southwards -Present day Cape Town South Africa. The city cover approximately 6.3sq km with more than 100,000 inhabitants. The backdrop of the capital city is the Moka mountain range that surrounds it from all angles.

Tourist Attractions in Port Louis

Mauritius Airport

The main airport in Mauritius Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport is located in Port Louis city centre. It is the very first Mauritius Holiday sight you’ll join. Air Mauritius is the national carrier and will handle all international flights to Mauritius as well as domestic flights to other small islets in Mauritius. There are many Mauritius Hotels located a few kilometres from the Airport and others on the outskirts of the port town.

The central market
the central market place popularly referred to as the Port Louis Bazaar is a popular destination for tourists in the Mauritius. Here you’ll find anything from the fresh fruits and vegetables, souvenirs, clothing, art pieces, hand made crafts and almost anything you need on your Mauritius Holiday.

Caudan Waterfront is one of the tourist highlights in Port Louis. In the amusement centre you will find numerous shops, restaurants, a five-star-hotel and a casino. Thus Caudan Waterfront invites for shopping, dining or a promenade. At the dock the visitor can take a look at the splendid yachts or even go on a harbour cruise from here.

Port Louis Museums

Port Louis is home to about 4 museums. In the year 2001 the Blue Penny Museum also called was opened in Caudan Waterfront, Mauritius Stamp Museum showcasing a wide range of Mauritius relics like Old Post Office Stamps, postboxes, postmarks and franking machines.

The Museum of Natural History is to be found in a pretty yellow colonial villa next to the park Jardin de la Compagnie built in 1831. The main exhibition item is the dodo, the heraldic animal of Mauritius which was eradicated in the 17th century by the early Dutch settlers. His skeleton can be visited in the museum. This museum gives you an insight into the major birds, butterfly species and sea shells from all over the island.

Champs de Mars

Is a horse racing track in Mauritius, the oldest south of the hemisphere. The track holds annual Horse riding competitions in May and November.  It is also home to the Mauritius Turf Club one of the oldest racing clubs in the world. Catch up with a few horse riding fanatics on practice on Saturdays

All around the street Rue Dr. Sun Yat Sen the visitor will find the centre of Chinese life in Mauritius. Small shops and boutiques which offer typical Chinese goods, e.g. traditional cures, await the visitor. Asian scriptures, pictures and restaurants diffuse a touch of Asia in Port Louis.

Government House
The Government House is the most important building in Mauritius built by Mahé de Labourdonnais in 1740. A statue of the British Queen Victoria reminds of the Mauritian history in the court and some huge flamboyant trees offer some lovely resting palces.

St Louis-Cathedral
This cathedral one of the island’s oldest buildings in Port Louis built in1752 by the early French colonialists. Nearly all Port Louis tourists visit this catholic cathedral for prays and appreciate the work to renew this historic site in 1933.

Municipal Theatre
The neoclassical building captivates with its architecture. The glorious times, when balls, concerts and performances took place here every night are over. Today you can visit a theatre performance if you like. Other sights you can not miss in Port Louis include the Port Louis temples, Canne Moosa building, the canal satellite, the Mauritius Central Bank building and so much more.

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