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Trekking and hiking in Mauritius

Mauritius is best known for the glorious beaches that are located in the different parts of the Island making it a perfect destination for all those that want to relax. But the country is not only a relaxation destination and there are other things that you can do while here and these include diving, exploring the historical sites within the country, getting to know the people of Mauritius and their unique culture and also going for a trek or hike around the Island. There are different trek routes that are located within Mauritius and some of these are found in National Parks, along Mountains and many more other places.

If hiking and trekking are on top of your to do list while in Mauritius, then the following are some of the best places you can visit while on the Island in order to enjoy a hike on the Island. There is however less information about these trails and the only way for you to find out more about them is by heading to the Island and getting a one on one experience on the trails.

The Le Pouce hiking trail

The Le Pouce is the third largest Mountain in Mauritius and one of the best places for tourists to go for a trek. It was named le pouch because of the way it was formed that is it resembles a thumb which in is French for Le Pouce and the trek route that leads to the peak is both easy and difficult at the same time. It is a 4 kilometer route and take about three hours before it is completed and although some parts are easy to take on, others are hard and require a lot of patience. When you get to the top of the Le Pouce Mountain, you will be rewarded with an all-round view of the Moka region and Mountain and the capital city of Mauritius, Port Louis.

The Piton de la Petite Riviere Noire trek route

Located on the highest Mountain on the Mauritius Island, the Piton de le Petite Riviere Noire is a good hike route that every tourist who needs a challenge should take on. The trek route is 7 kilometers long and also takes about four hours to be completed but once you get to the peak, it will be worth your effort. The best time for using this hike route is during the dry season because during the wet season, the route becomes slippery making it hard for even the experienced trekkers to take it on. It is better if you go with a tour guide while using this route but you cannot get lost as there are clear signposts indicating the routes to use while on your hike.



The Trois Mamelles hike route

The Trois Mamelles just like its name suggests is a Mountain that has three peaks and it is located in the western part of the country. Also commonly referred to as the Devil Mountain due to the fact that one of its peaks that is the middle one rises to a height of 666 meters which is referred to as the devil’s number, the Trois Mamelles is a good place for hiking and trekking in Mauritius.

The hike up the Mountain is mostly done on the peak that is in the middle and the trek route can be completed within three hours depending on the pace you will be using. The trek trail here was separated into two parts and that is why you will need to go with a tour guide so that you do not get lost and get to enjoy your hike up the Mountain.

Hiking through the Black Gorges National Park

The Black Gorges National Park which is located in the south western part of Mauritius is a tour destination in the country that is best explored on foot. There are several hiking routes within the National park that can be used and all these are of different kilometers which makes it a bit more interesting as you get to enjoy some of the best trek routes within the country. one of the most commonly used trek routes in the National Park is the Maccabee forest trail that is about 10 kilometers long and it takes about two to three hours before it is completed and while on this route you will be able to get a clear view of the whole Park, the wild life that habitate within it and other exciting things that you will find in the Park while trekking through it.

The Le Morne Brabant hike route

The le Morne Brabant is found in the south western part of Mauritius and one of the best places for tourists to go for a hike. The Le Morne Brabant is a Mountain that rises to a height of 556 meters above sea level and although it is not considered to be among the highest Mountains on the Island, it is an important site that needs to be visited and not forgetting some of the best hike routs around. It was declared a UNESCO heritage site and just like many of the Mountains in the country, it was named after the tragic and sad history that surrounds it. During the colonial times especially the slave trade era, many locals who were tired of being slaves escaped into the mountain and stayed there for quite some time. When the slave trade era ended and the colonialists decided to go up the Mountain to tell them that they were now free, the locals thought that they were being attacked and instead of going back into slavery, they all jumped from the Mountain and died.

The hike route that leads to Mountain might look like an easy one but it is considered to be one of the most difficult routes in the country and it is in most cases tackled by only those that are experienced in hiking. The hike route is 7 kilometers long and takes about three to four hours before it is complete but while on this hike route you will be rewarded with some of the best views of bird species that can easily be seen along the Le Morne beach, the water and beach below and you will also take a walk through time as you are told of the story about the slaves and what they went through.

The Lion Mountain hiking trail

The Lion Mountain rises up to a bout 480meters high making it a good destination for hiking. Located in the south western part of the country, the Mountain is surrounded by many rare animals and plants and all these can easily be seen and admired as you trek up the Mountain. There are majorly two routes that are used for trekking and one of them begins at a police station that is found at the bottom of the Mountain whereas the other route begins at the church also located within the same vicinity. Both trek routes are easy to use although you will find some parts hard to climb due to the presence of rocks but with the help of a tour guide you will be able to conquer all this.

The La Nicoliere reserve hiking trail

This might not sound like a place that you would take a hike through but that is exactly the opposite as it is known to be one of the top trekking destinations within Mauritius. The reserve has a variety of animals that can be seen while trekking and not forgetting the flora that is almost endemic to the Island. It is better to go trekking during the dry season as the trek routes tend to become slippery during the wet season.

The Tamarind hike route

The Tamarind hike trail leads to one of the best water falls in Mauritius known as the Tamarind water falls. The Tamarind falls are located in the Black River region and the only way to get to these magnificent falls is by taking walk through this trail where you will be rewarded with some of the best sites around the Black River. The water fall falls for about 40 meters below and is all perfect place to take photos and also admire the forest from an elevated point of view. It is not a very difficult route to use although it is best to go with a tour guide and it is also best tackled in the morning and during the dry season and for all those that are not afraid of heights, you should also try out the trail that is directly behind the falls and feel the energy that they pour out.

Most of the hike and trek routes around the Island of Mauritius are found along the different Mountains in the country and in case you cannot access some of the above places, the moment you visit some of the Mountains on the Island you will be rewarded with the best trek and hike routes. Some of the Mountains where you go for a hike while in Mauritius include the Corps De Garde, the signal Mountain and many more others. It is however hard to tell the best time for one to go for hiking and that is why it is better for one to first ask around and find out if the places that you want to go to for a hike are accessible although in general terms, it is better to go for a hike during the winter months.


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