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Professionals of trekking and adventure travel in Morocco, we are a structure on a human scale, which allows us much more flexibility in the realization of your projects “a la carte”. Very present in the field, we choose the best hikes and the best treks, always focusing on the quality of the landscapes, itineraries and the character of the accommodations.

Since 1992, you have given us your trust by accompanying us on the hiking trails and we thank you for it, we offer you hikes in the rest of the world… whether in Morocco to Nepal, through Kilimanjaro, Madeira, Crete, Everest …

Passionate about our mountains and Sahara: The Atlas Mountains, we put at your Service … all the activities and pleasures of the mountains and the desert.

Hiking, Saharan trek or camels, equestrian, V.T.T circuits exploring the high Atlas and its Berber villages, the Saghro, the Siroua, the gorges of Dadés and Todhra … skiing, rafting, climbing, canyoning, circuits in 4 WD (Land Rover or Toyota land Cruiser) and combined circuits for all those who wish to taste these pleasures in a time-record, not to Forget the imperial cities Tour and the reception of special groups (seminars and incentives), receptions and evenings in Caïdales tents and nomadic tents can handle over 1000 pers . We also organise excursions from Marrakech for those who prefer the comfort of hotels in this beautiful and mysterious city .

Come and discover new horizons with us …

Physical Address

111 , Saada , Ain Mezouar , Marrakech

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