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Afromaxx Tours is a tour operator fully equipped with all safari gear’s and specialized in organizing safari in Eastern Africa.  Particularly Tanzania, Zanzibar, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda. The origin of Afromaxx goes back to the year 2004 when this boutique safari company was founded. With the establishment of Basecamp Afromaxx Safaris, meanwhile full-fledged into a cutting-edge safari operator based in Moshi Kilimanjaro Tanzania with a branch office in Entebbe Uganda; Afromaxx Tours started as part of the Basecamp Afromaxx Safaris group and has grown over the years into a well-established safari outfitter with sales office in German. Afromaxx Tours passion for Africa made our organization grow into a specialist in organizing private tours from luxury to adventure camping in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda with extension beach holidays in Zanzibar and Mauritius. We are not limited with what we offer, so if you would like to book any vacation in any other African Countries you may consider contacting Afromaxx Tour, we have representatives and affiliate reliable Tour operators who we are working with.

Physical Address

P.O.Box 1962 – Nkomo Avenue – Moshi Kilimanjaro

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