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Our company: DMC Algeria Tour is a receptive agency in Algeria
We also have an office in Europe 13 001 Marseille -France.

Algeria, New destination !

This new destination in the Mediterranean will surprise you!
Algeria is a country still authentic and spared mass tourism.
You will discover antique sites and exceptional Roman cities as
– Djamila, classified by UNESCO as World Heritage
– Tipaza classified by UNESCO as World Heritage
– or Timgad classified by UNESCO as World Heritage.

You will visit Incredible Cities;
– Ghardaïa classified by UNESCO as World Heritage
– Constantine, a city on a Rock !!
– Algiers the white and the Cathedral of Our Lady of Africa
– Annaba and the Basilica of St. Augustine
– Oran the Spaniard.
– El Oued

You will be surprised by the diversity of the deserts of Algeria:
– The Hoggar with the refuge of Charles de Foucault
– The Tassili and the world’s largest open-air museum !! Classified by Unesco World Heritage.

You will admire landscapes still unknown:
– The Oasis de la Saoura,
– The Ksours (castles of petrified sands),
– the balcony of Ghouffi (Grand Canyon of Africa)

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.
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Physical Address

Algérie = Centre commercial Al Qods B2-66 Cheraga Alger

France = 10, rue de la République, 13 001 Marseille

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