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Ancestor Travel & Tours


Ancestor travel & Tours more than just harmonies and Adventures Company we are attending to the environmental conservation, wildlife, social and cultural heritage of our destinations. Well known for excellent safaris with unique character and hospitality, adventure with guides who have the outlook of the destination.

Ancestor is a past human being that lived many years ago such as Zinjathropus, this represent the name of our company.

Ancestor travel & Tours travel licensed company in Tanzania based in East African. We organize safaris trips to East Africa and beyond. The company is owned by indigenous Tanzanians who are well organized, focused and dynamic professionals with a deep understanding in the tourism and hospitality sector.

Ancestor Travel & Tours Company started its operation as a full registered Tour Company in the year 2012 with a wide experience in tourism within Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda.

We offer excellent personalized service tailored to meet your specific interests. We have experienced staff and well trained driver guides who will go to great lengths to show you the marvels of Tanzania´s exuberant flora, fauna, panoramic landscapes, verdant mountains, rumbling volcanoes, enchanting cultural heritage, historical monuments and our prodigious variety of wildlife in its natural habitat.

Ancestor Travel & Tours will take good care of you from the moment you arrive in Arusha / Dar es Salaam till your departure.

Ancestor Travel & Tours

Care of the land, Care of the wildlife, Care of the people

Ancestor Travel & Tours is dedicated to these three principles which encapsulate the vision we have for Africa. We believe that our continent’s heritage of wild places, the wildlife living there and the neighboring communities are amongst Africa’s most precious resources. We also believe that the wisest utilization of our wild places is through the development of sustainable ecotourism with reciprocal benefits – both for our guests and for the rural communities living in and alongside our rich wildlife heritage.

Drivers /guides and Cooks

All our staffs are fluent in English and Swahili; they speak additional languages, like French, Spanish and Italian, and All crew are friendly and courteous.

They have an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of wildlife spotting, identification and behavior.

Our cooks are trained at the Catering Center; we offer any special diet on request

Be our guest and let us take you on a safari adventure of your lifetime

Why Ancestor travelers

No other travel & tours company comes close to our level of quality control, commitments and excellent services we offer to our clients.

We do not compete with others; rather we add value on what others are offering in this industry

We have highly trained guides, logistics specialists, office staff, reservations managers and drivers who have abundant knowledge of birds, wildlife, African culture, and traditions.

Our company is dedicated to the sustainability of the natural environment and well being of the people.

We have excellently maintained fleet of safari vehicle that includes Minibuses and land cruiser.

The hotel / lodges we book for our clients are careful selected to meet our commitment and standard of services.

No matter whom you are or what you want, we will add our travel expertise to your dreams to create an unforgettable African adventure expedition, a relaxing break – or both. So whether you are a solo traveler, a group of friends in search of adventure, a teacher wanting a real education for your class, a family seeking wider horizons or a couple in search of soul and romance, Call us to discuss your needs

We offer wide range of tailor made SAFARIS
Accommodated lodge safaris, luxury tented camp safaris, Adventure Camping safaris in 2 man tent, a combination of lodge and camping safaris. All tours are lead by accomplished Ancestor travel & Tours guide.

Choose from three to five star quality accommodation and experience Africa in style. Spend your days exploring in a safari vehicle and return to enjoy all the comforts offered by world-class hotels with en-suite bathrooms, mouth-watering cuisine, swimming pools and laundry services.
Luxury Tented Camps
Quite literally 5-star treatment in the heart of the bush with everything laid on from private bathrooms with hot showers, gourmet meals to swimming pools and luxurious lounges.

Adventure Camping
“Rough-it” and camp under the stars as you feel the wild pulse of Africa seduce your soul. All meals are prepared by a cook giving you time to truly unwind.

Fly-in Safaris
Take to the air and avoid long driving distances; enjoy magnificent aerial views of the Great Rift Valley with its rivers, lakes and mountains. Most of Tanzania’s National Parks and Game Reserves have well-maintained airstrips in the immediate vicinity of tourist lodges, and several private aviation companies offer daily scheduled flights as well as charters.

Specialized Tours
These embrace botanical, biological and ornithological tours as well as visits to the Chimpanzees of Mahale National Park, Katavi and Gombe Stream.

Sportive Trips
why stick to the usual ways of getting around when you can do something completely different and experience the world from the back of a camel or the seat of a canoe. Sunny Safaris invites you to see Tanzania from a new perspective

Walking, Hiking and Trekking Safaris
A guided walk gives you the opportunity to stretch your legs whilst experiencing the sights, sounds and smells of nature – take a breath of fresh air and a close up look at the flora and fauna.

Depending on your level of fitness we can guide you up mountain peaks* for challenging treks, lead you through the fairyland of the Usambara Mountains or, day hikes to fascinating destinations such as coffee farms and the Ngorongoro Crater Highlands.

*Mountain peaks include the famous Kilimanjaro, the smaller sister Mt. Meru the still-active volcano of Oldonyo L’engai.
Mountain Biking
Feel the thrill of quad biking over tough terrain in the foothills of Mt. Meru – an unforgettable experience of freedom. For the more energetic the same trail offers superb mountain biking combining along scenic trails.

Balloon Safari
Soar silently over the Serengeti Plains or the vast Selous Game Reserve and see with an eagle eye as you head into the sun-rise. After this breathtaking experience savour a Champagne English breakfast cooked by a chef over the balloon’s burner.

Canoe Safari
The Momella Lakes have secret shores accessible only by canoe. Explore these hidden places as you glide across the shallow waters.

Boat Safari
Take a boat ride among the Crocodiles and Hippos of the Rufiji River, which bisects the Selous Game Reserves from North to South.

Camel Safari
Saddle-up Bedouin-style and head into the Savannah on your mobile Rock of ages accompanied by your Maasai guide through the Maasai steppe.

The Gymkhana Club of Arusha Town boasts one of the best golf courses in Africa and a smaller course is open for visitor players at Ngurdoto Lodge near Arusha National Park. NB: Clubs are available for hire.
Culture & Historical Tours
Due to its colorful and ancient past Tanzania has many cultural and historic attractions that never fail to impress. A cultural walk in Mto Wa Mbu (Mosquito Village) near Lake Manyara takes you to the waterfall on the Great Rift Valley Wall and/or foothills of Mt. Meru Village close to Arusha Town.

Visit a Maasai Manyatta and meet these proud herdsman/warriors in their traditional way of living. A unique lifestyle not to be missed.

The Hunter gatherer Hadzabe tribe in Lake Eyasi, and the Datoga people of Mangola live in a simple, traditional manner which has remained unchanged over centuries.

Historical Sites
Rock Paintings go back over two millennia and extend over an area of approximately 2336 sq kms. The most extensive sites are to be found at Kondoa Irangi. Many of the paintings reflect the spirituality of Stone Age man.

Oldupai Gorge
the ‘Cradle of Mankind’ has yielded abundant fossil material dating back at least two million years. It was here (1959) that Mary and Louis Leakey discovered the remains of Nutcracker Man. Nearby, in Laitoli, (1979) Mary Leakey discovered the footprints of hominids which are estimated to be over three million years old. On leaving the interesting museum, your driver guide will show you the

Mysterious shifting sands.


Geological Tours
Tanzania is rich in precious gems, not least of which is the exquisite blue Tanzanite which is found nowhere else in the world. Another treasure is the Tanzanian Ruby – a glowing red stone of rare appeal. A visit to Mererani Tanzanite Mines and Longido Ruby Mines won’t fail to fascinate.

Leisure Beach Holidays
Tanzania is not only about game viewing and hikes; it offers also incredible beaches, luxurious beach resorts and a fascinating history with eclectic architecture dating as far back as the original Arab settlers. Sunny Safaris encourage you to take some time to acquaint yourself with Tanzania’s marvels.

The aroma of cloves and other spices hangs in the air of this exquisite island which is still predominantly Islamic and has a wonderful market atmosphere. Paradise on Earth, the beaches are sun-drenched and the reefs ensure a profusion of marine life.

‘Al Jazeera Al Khadra’ – the Green Island, together with Mafia and Zanzibar forms the Spice Islands archipelago. Not opened to foreigners until the mid-1980, Pemba is close to the occult and a centre for traditional medicine. The Ngezi forest is home to the Pemba Flying Fox, the biggest fruit bat in the world.

A former hub of the Arabic slave-trade this historic town is located on the shores of the Indian Ocean, at the mouth of the Pangani River (sets the barrier between the two, salt and sweet water). It remains an important centre of commerce as it is a significant producer of sisal, maize, and bananas.

Saadani National Park is the only park where the Bush meets the beach. Located along the coast line of the Indian Ocean, the park contains a unique combination of terrestrial wildlife and marine, flora and fauna. Hence, it is one of the few parks in Africa where Big game has been strolling on the beach.

Contact Ancestor Travel & Tours to arrange your personalized dream safari in Tanzania.

Physical Address

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