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Augustine Tours Rwanda Ltd

logo-Augustine Tours .png
logo-Augustine Tours .png
Lake Tanganyika- Hippos -Augustine Tours.jpg
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Kibuye-Lake Kivu .jpg
Kibuye- Lake Kivu .jpg
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Karera waterfalls- Burundi-Augustine Tours .jpg
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Crocodile-Bujumbura zoo.jpg
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Tour operator based in Rwanda with its sister companies Augustine Tours-Burundi (premier tour company in Burundi since 2010) and Augustine Tours-Europe based in Germany. The company offers Tours,Travels, Hotels, Car Rentals & Cruises to  East Africa namely Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.Go on our webpage for more info and contacts depending on your location.

Physical Address


  • Bvld Patrice Lumumba, 2344 Bujumbura, Burundi
  • KG 173 ST ,2133 Kigali Rwanda


  • Augustine Tours-Europe
    Untere Ohlingerstr.36a
    21335 Lüneburg
Africa private travel with Augustine Tours.jpg 1 month ago
Kibuye-Lake Kivu .jpg 1 month ago
Kibuye- Lake Kivu .jpg 1 month ago
Burundi Bujumbura airport -Augustine Tours.jpg.jpg 1 month ago
Burundi nature-Augustine Tours.jpg.jpg 1 month ago
Bujumbura zoo-Augustine Tours.pg.jpg 1 month ago
Burundi drummers-Augustine Tours.jpg 1 month ago
Burundi tour -drummers -Augustine Tours.jpg 1 month ago
Karera waterfalls- Burundi-Augustine Tours .jpg 1 month ago
Hippos-Rusizi National Park.jpg 1 month ago
Crocodile- Bujumbura zoo2.jpg 1 month ago
Crocodile-Bujumbura zoo.jpg 1 month ago
Chimps -Bujumbura zoo.jpg 1 month ago
logo-Augustine Tours .png 1 month ago
Lake Tanganyika- Hippos -Augustine Tours.jpg 1 month ago
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