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Back2Africa Tours And Safaris

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Back2Africa Tours & Safaris is a Tourist safari and Travelers Company Operates in Tanzania. We operate all Tourist Safaris and adventures destinations in East & Southern Africa.


  • Game Drives to All East & Central Africa Parks
  • Famous Indian Ocean Coasts
  • Hiking & Trekking the roof of Africa
    “The Mount Kilimanjaro”
  • Honey Moon Trips and Luxury
  • Cultural Tourism 6. Game fishing & Scuba diving
Physical Address

P.O.Box 713 USA-River,

Arusha -Tanzania.

First Treetop Walkway in Tanzania Experience nature like never before!
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Manyara Treetop Walkway takes you on a sky-high adventure through the beautiful forest of Lake Manyara. Walk among the treetops, the experience untouched nature and wildlife from a unique perspective.

Treetop Walkway
This 400m canopy walk starts with a short board-walk that gradually rises from ground level up through the canopy of the forest. You walk over a series of suspension bridges with thick netting on the sides, and reach a height of 18m off the ground

Birds-eye view of the forest
This is Tanzania’s first Treetop Walkway and one of the longest in Africa. It offers a unique birds-eye view of the world around you. Enjoy life in the canopy amongst butterflies, monkeys and birds

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