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Balo African Safaris


Balo African Safari is an independent tour operator with its in Arusha Tanzania. We organize tailor-made tours and safaris for individuals as well as private groups. Our clients typically include couples, families, and groups of friends. Tanzania is often readily associated with safaris, and quite justifiably so, as the Serengeti National Park and the Ngorongoro Crater are hosts to some of the world’s most spectacular wildlife. But apart from safaris, we also offer various excursions to several tribes, as well as holidays of a lifetime to the sun-soaked beaches of Zanzibar. All options are open, in every imaginable combination. The secret of Balo African Safaris success lies in our personal service and approach. We will help you plan and organize the entire tour package of your choice, carefully considering aspects such as group composition, accommodation style, available budget, and traveling schedule. Based on the outcome of these considerations, we will work with you to optimize your itinerary and set up the arrangements down to the finest detail.

Physical Address

Along New East Africa Road

Njiro, Arusha


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