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Brilliant Uganda

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Brilliant Uganda is a specialist travel company; our team has decades of collective experience working and travelling throughout the region. Through our knowledge and our network of local partners, we can help you find the Uganda adventure that matches your dreams, budget and appetite for adventure.

What Being Brilliant Means

We believe that Africa is the most exciting place in the world. Its extraordinary diversity, the sheer scope of humanity, topography and natural wonders can combine in a single itinerary to amaze, inspire, and humble anyone who visits.

We aim to help travellers see Africa as it is, in its resplendent glory, chaos and wonder.

On The Cutting Edge

We’ve explored every corner of Uganda and are working constantly to push the frontier of travel in the region forward. Working with our partners, we’re always charting new territory as we try to unlock new experiences to add to our itineraries.

Physical Address

Brilliant Uganda
Hamilton House
80 Stokes Croft

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EU-Kidepo-valley uganda9.jpeg 11 months ago
lions on safari uganda.jpeg 11 months ago
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