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Bush Baby Calls is mobile tour operator based in Maun Botswana on the edge of the famous Okavango Delta.We do tours in Moremi Game Reserve,Chobe  National Park,Makgadikgadi Pans,Nxaii Pans,Central Kalahari Game Reserve and Daytrips to Victoria Falls

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uncle gee complex office number 2

Horrific unsafe tour operator - avoid at all costs

Horrible experience – MG met us at the border between Zimbabwe and Botswana – took our money and luggage and then was supposed to pick us up at a certain time after we visited Victoria Falls. They were late in picking us up. Then we had a lovely time in Chobe National Park, which was the only positive experience with them. As soon as we started our camping safaris – one disaster after another. We rode in an open safari vehicle at high speed for 3-4h to get to the dirt road leading to Savuti. We then got to the game reserve gate 90 minutes after its closing time and then drove at night! (strictly forbidden) for another 5h to find our campsite – the guide could not find the camp – we were scared, tired, frustrated, cold and hungry. Second day, we were on a game drive and our driver went offroad and took us within 15m of a pride of lions. He stopped the engine and then the car would not start again. We were completely exposed and luckily another safari vehicle came and pulled our car out. The driver would never fill up the car’s gas tank so we were left without gas at one point in Kalahari, without water. Driver had to abandon the car and us to go in search of help – no cell phone signal. At no time we were told how long the drives would take to get from one place to the next and they notoriously underestimated the durations. We never made it in time to any of the game reserve gates. We were exposed to unsafe trip conditions on more than one occasion. Driver and his safari vehicle were subcontracted by MG and each one blamed the other for all the mishaps. Absolutely horrific.

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DANGER!! This Touroperator is a genuine swindle!



My name is Sergio. In October we were a group of 6 persons to a safari of 13 days with this company. The result an authentic disaster. The manager the incompetent one and, though stave to say it, a swindler. It took breakfasts from us, show restraint, you have dinner… and even it made us pay the entry to Chobe NP when it was included. It lodged us in some places where it gave to him the desire and not where we agree. There gave us a land cruiser with the ruined tires and we puncture again and again up to the point that we were mas of 5 hours thrown in the Kalahari without water for his incompetence. Many camps had not even water to have a shower. We remind one I bathe in one of the shops since a person was 70 years old and it did not do it. In Moremi swindles that to sleep in the middle of the bush since his guide left wire drawing us and did not find the camp.!! Incredible!! It left wire drawing us in the middle of the night without food or anything and we had to ask for housing a few ladies who had a cabin in half a park. A calamity of agency and a danger that follows this opened agency.

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