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Eastern Travel and Tour

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Eastern Travel has now  transferred its company for the second generation with 42 years in experience. All this is with hard working, understanding our clients and giving quality service. Time has changed every decay the service will change accordingly and its now time not only to take but to give back to nature and the community. We believe we have to work hard by conservation and community work this is our moto now. Our main focus is now Eco tour and Social tour. We are successful when our clients come and see how we work with the wild life and the community. We are sure we putting our mark now when we give this company to the third generation by protecting our planet and giving the best service our clients deserve.

Physical Address

Churchel Road

Kidane Beyene Building (Ground floor)

P.o.Box 1136

Addis Ababa


Etta logo.jpg 5 years ago
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