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Entugga Safaris


Entugga Safari is a registered tour company in the republic of Uganda and specializes in conducting African Safaris both in Uganda and Rwanda. We have been in existence now for 5 solid years making us have enough experience. Our main goal is to be one of the best companies in 10 years a goal that we have partly archived. We value our customers and understand how important a holiday can be to anyone and since we know this we give every customer special attention and cater for their needs . We have a professional touch that makes all our clients appreciate our services and this we derive from our vision statement ” standing tall in Jungle”  Entugga specialize in 3 major areas

1 -Game Tours: These include visiting animals in national parks,and game reserves mostly done on the beautiful Savannah of Uganda

2 –Primate watching: This includes the Gorillas,Chimpanzees,Monkeys and

3 –Nature walks ,culture,flora and fauna tours: These include trekking the mountains, visiting indigenous tribes like the Batwa and also visiting several forests to watch birds ,plants and flowers.

Entugga Safaris has professional experienced guides that know every corner of the country and are very kind.

Physical Address

Kisasi, Kulambiro Rd, Kampala, Uganda

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