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ETT Ethio Travel and Tours

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4.14 (7 reviews)

Oh Wow where do I start? ETT is an Ethiopian owned company and was the very first operator to do tours to the Danakil Depression  15 Years ago Danakil en Erta Ale Volcano was only reachable by helicopter. Today we have 4×4 vehicles taking you all over the salt pans and sulphur lakes through the Danakil Depression. You walk up the volcano cause not reachable by car. Or you can go up on a camel. With ETT there is always a choice.  We cover the Land of Ethiopia From Danakil Depression to the Omo Valley where you can visit the tribes and the tribal way of living. We take you to the Arc of Covenant and the Tigray Rock Churches. ETT takes you up the Simien and Bale Mountains and through the valleys of this land.

We have our own well trained tour guides and drivers. We are the proud owners of a fleet of 4×4″s. 27 of them. All models, shapes and sizes.

ETT will rock you out of your comfort zone and show you the  spectacular lands and valleys of Ethiopia

Come and enjoy the journey through  this amazing piece of land!!!



Physical Address

5th Floor, Nega City Mall, Marshall Tito Street, 100 meter from Radisson Blu Hotel

Addis Ababa


Trip was mind-blowing

We booked this only a few days before we wanted to leave. The tour included areas of Danakil and Omo Valley was excellently paced with more rest days nearer the end when you want to slow down. The travel and accommodation bookings all worked fine and smoothly. All went really well, I had a wonderful time and the service from your local people could not have been any better. Many thanks again for all your help.

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Day trip to Debre Libanos Monasteries and Blue Nile Gorge

The day trip to Debre Libanos Monastery was so amazing and wonderful, the arrangement was so
perfect and the place was so beautiful, the view was so amazing. The guide take me to a lodge which
has a great view of the Blue Nile gorge and we have a lunch there enjoying this view.

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It was a magical trip with first rate service

It was a magical trip with first rate service. My guides were responsive and communicated the entire time even when they weren’t with me.The historical knowledge of my guides and their willingness to share their personal stories was amazing. Also, the food was amazing. They took us to all of their local favorite places that they loved and helped us order. I feel like we had a true insider’s view of the cities we visited.

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The trip was absolutely incredible!

The trip was absolutely incredible. So well planned to minimize travel time and maximize experiences. I cannot say enough amazing things about our travel planner from this tour company. She arranged for us everything and we drive to every tribes we wanted to visit and it was so amazing.

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I dealt with an agent who came across very polite and charming named Sunlite. Once they received the funds she disappeared from the picture and never once helped with anything. This tour scams tourist by offering lower prices and once they take your money and don’t provide services they promise, even if you raise a complaint your mocked. Please do yourself a favor and go with another tour

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A friend & I had an amazing day with our guide. Her knowledge is very good and the sites especially Museums and Cathedrals were excellent. The guide kept us moving nicely so we saw more than we had hoped. I would recommend her highly for a thorough, interesting fun tour

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4 day tour

For those wishing to go on this tour EET are quite reasonable in price and provide a moderate service, guide Aki is one of the best very knowledgeable and speaks fluent English, security is tight tick on that, ETT has morden 4x4s transportation tick,

Don’t expect kfc/ macdonalds  this is camping though it’s descent for such remote places,

Ethiopian flights will give domestic discount not sure if it makes a difference, I flew with discounted lufhtansa and booked domestic to Mek’ele on my arrival, don’t take the bus, also ring EET for airport transfers they will do that cheaper than airport taxes, simca results are free from EET offices.

Don’t stuff yourself full on the Tour as toilets are rare.

Drones are not legal in Ethi but it’s a 50:50 risk being confiscated.

Loose light material and slip on shoes/closed shoes hat are recommended.

Overall trip was excellent.

Photos are not uploading for some reason,


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