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The Gabon, country situated in Central Africa, in the big pond of Congo, is a haven of peace. It is covered in more than 75 % of forest and is set in the sea by 800km of beaches which spread purity and wild beauty. Thirteen national parks created by the deceased President Omar Bongo Ondimba are as much an instrument of economic diversification as places of escape.

Elephant on the beach, the hippopotamuses surfing on waves, at sea, the ballet of humpback whales, the biggest concentrations of mandrills, the tracks of the man dating more than 400 000 years, the first site to the world for the laying of the tortoises lute, gorillas been used to the human presence, rocky domes overhanging the forest …We can say that the national parks of the Gabon are quite unique places in term of wealth of natural treasures. The landscapes offered by these sites are extraordinary. They shelter numerous animal and vegetable species. And, the mixture of experience makes them magic.

The scientists consider that the Gabonese forest is one of the richest in number of species by unit area of all tropical Africa with more than 6000 plants. The fauna counts not less than 130 species of mammals among which 19 primate species where as the population of elephant is estimated at 60 000 individuals, one of the most important and stable of Africa. The avifauna counts more 650 species of birds.

GABON’S EDEN, aims at the promotion of «the Gabon Destination» and to make it discover to the lovers of nature and the ecotourism, to the adventurers and to all those who adore the meetings with the other peoples.

GABON’S EDEN turns to the ecotourism and the long-term bearable integrated tourism on the ecological, viable plan on the economic and fair plan on the redundancy plan by the profit of the local populations. For it we lean on hotel partners, restaurant owners carriers, guides and operators of the activities of leisure activities capable of offering to the visitors of the Gabon the quality services.

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