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Jafari Blaze Safaris


Mine is a startup tour company that I started because of many reasons,  including my passion for travel, having a degree in tourism management and to create job opportunities especially for young ladies like me who often lose opportunities simply because they are seen as sexual targets and not as professionals. We are a Kenya based travel agency that is aiming to diversify the tourism industry in our country before expanding into the greater African region. The main aim of the company is to promote the less known destinations, the unbeaten road tracks, because I believe that there is so much more to the country than just Wildlife and the Beaches. This is not because I despise the above named products, NO, I just believe that sustainability would best be achieved if we, tour operators, would focus on diversity of the industry and not just look at profiting from the products we sell.

giraffes-olerai-conservancy-masaimara.jpeg 1 year ago
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